Skin-Refreshing Hacks for Hot Summer Days

From a crystal gua sha tool that fends off puffiness to fruit-infused sheet masks that tighten pores and bring down your body temperature, this is your survival kit.

Doing anything that requires movement on a hot summer day can be a challenge — whether it’s an early-morning workout or exploring steep, twisty streets on foot during your vacation. Either way, you’re drenched in sweat and in need of an instant refresh. When sitting in a portable cryotherapy chamber isn’t an option (yet!), consider this assortment of skin-chilling products and body-calming hacks the next best thing.

Medicate Your Bath:

Fill your tub with warm water and pour in a quarter cup of Milk + Honey’s Sore Muscle Soak — the blend of potent herbs (arnica, eucalyptus, rosemary) relaxes stressed-out muscles and injects energy back into weary limbs. But don’t hop in when the water is hot (that would only make you sweat more). Instead, let this brew steep for a few minutes, and when the water is cool (about 5 minutes), then sink in.


Don’t Suffocate Your Pores:

Slathering on a thick deodorant on hot skin is actually not a great idea. Not only will it just slide right off, but you don’t want to block your pores from releasing sweat — this is how your body cools off. A better option: Spritz on a spray like Honestly pHresh’s floral-infused mixture, which balances your body odor without forming an occlusive layer or destroying healthy (good) bacteria on your skin.


Sheet Mask on the Go:

If you can store your sheet masks in the fridge or a cooler bag, do it. The icy sensation will help minimize puffiness and inflammation while also bringing down your internal body temperature. Our favorite picks: Kokostar’s new Slice Sheet Masks and Tropical Eye Patch set includes fruit-spiked options to replenish parched skin quickly while Lapcos aloe-spiked sheet instantly cools redness.


Tone Your Skin with the Right Tool:

Skin Gym’s Gua Sha crystal beauty tool is designed to glide over specific points of your face to stimulate your lymphatic system — this helps flush unwanted toxins, banish puffiness and lift your skin. Give this workout some time for the effects to set in and you’ll look radiant, not red and blotchy.      

Help Your Body Recover:

When you’re totally wiped out, blend a little of Moon Juice’s Ashwagandha into your smoothie or juice. You’ll get an instant hit of the energizing herb to bring your tired body back to life. Bonus: it also reduces irritability — always a good thing during a heat wave, no?    


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I can’t get enough of sheet masks! They’re so convenient, especially for plane rides ❤️

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