Wellness Must-Haves for Your Next Trip

If you’re leaving town, there are a few things you should be sure to pack to make sure your skin is prepped and ready for the seasonal change upon us.

If you’re getting out of the heat…

…and opting for a cooler climate, your number one concern should be hydration. Your skin has gotten used to the heat and humidity that comes with summer and is likely pretty well-hydrated at this point. But plunging into colder temperatures so quickly can send seriously mixed signals to your skin.

As such, be sure to tote a facial moisturizer that’s a bit thicker than what you’ve been using all summer to temper the transition. If you’re prone to redness and dryness, you may even want to fish out that face oil you reserve for winter just in case.

If you’re heading to the beach…

…sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! Bring one for your face, one for your body, and one for your lips. (Three’s a charm, right?) Though it may seem like overkill to pack three SPFs in your beach bag, recognize that the skin on your torso is very different than that on your face and you should protect it accordingly. You may also want to bring some after-sun care just in case you miss a few spots or, you know, fall asleep at high noon.

And of course, stock up on cleansing balm for when you finally retreat from the sand and surf. Yeah, the saltwater will do wonders for your natural waves but you really want to make sure you’re thoroughly removing all the sunscreen, sweat, salt and sand from your pores at the end of the day so your skin can breathe and recover. Double cleansing for the win!

If you’re taking in the glory of Mother Nature…

…ie camping or hiking, you probably want a couple of products that 1) can pull double or triple duty so you can lighten your pack and 2) don’t leave any trash behind so, no cleansing cloths, etc. Since you’ll definitely be wearing sunscreen out in the wild (duh), you’ll want to make sure you remove it at the end of the day and a cleansing oil can help you with that, which can also be applied again after cleansing as a moisturizer. You may also want to pack a hydrating mist or toner for an extra shot of moisture throughout the day since you’re likely not drinking quite as much water as you’re used to since you’ll have to purify and carry (and stop to pee in the woods) whatever you consume.

Whatever you do, enjoy it! See you in the pumpkin patch when you’re back.


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Definitely going to hit up the beach sometime this weekend! Anything to soak up the last of summer before it ends. Thanks for the pointers! ❤️

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

5 years ago

Love this post and pic <3

5 years ago

Good travel tips for my next adventure, Patagonia! It’s going to be a grueling flight but will keep these in mind when planning! Thanks @freepeople ❤️