Cutie Pai

The organic skincare brand’s founder, Sarah Brown, discusses her love of Camellia and why rosehip oil is such an extraordinarily powerful product…

Your mantra:

‘Pai’ means ‘good’ or ‘goodness’ in Maori — my Mum’s from New Zealand so it’s a little tribute to her. 

The word perfectly sums up our core principles.

We are far from perfect (of course!) but do always strive to be a ‘good’ and responsible business. That spans everything from sourcing sustainable organic ingredients to having our customers in our hearts at all times, to serving our local community.

Tell us about your relationship with rosehip oil. How did the love affair begin?

It’s my desert island product. I would never want to be without it.

It all started with our Chamomile & Rosehip Calming Day Cream. We learned of a customer who was applying it to serious scarring, incurred from a road accident. After using it for one month, she was told she no longer needed a skin graft — it was a miracle!

knew it was the rosehip oil at work, as it has extraordinary remedial powers. We decided we had to bottle it!

Not all rosehip oils are created equal. Ours is very unique in terms of its purity and concentration (you can tell the quality of rosehip by its depth of orange colour).

“I always say it sings on the skin… but it really does.”

What benefits might I experience from rosehip oil?

It’s especially good for sensitive skin, because the formula is so simple so there is very little to react to.

Our Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil has a very high concentration of omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9, which fuel skin repair and regeneration. It can help with a multitude of skin conditions including blemishes, scarring, dull skin, even sunburn. It’s a skin saviour in a small package!

Your top 5 tips for applying/incorporating into a daily routine?

Pat 2-3 drops into slightly damp skin in the evening after cleansing.

It’s best used overnight. You’ll wake in the morning with glowing skin.

Blend 1-2 drops with a couple of pumps of your regular day cream as a skin booster.

While counterintuitive, rosehip oil is great for spot prone skin and healing up persistent blemishes or acne scars you just can’t shift.

It’s great as an after-sun (mix in with your body cream or moisturizer) or for tackling longer term sun damage.

Pai incorporates several other botanicals into your products. Can you mention a few of your favorites?

Chamomile is one of my favorites but not in essential oil form. We use a much more concentrated extract which contains more of its calming compounds — namely matricine and chamazulene.

Echium is another firm favourite. It has unique concentrations of GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid and Stearidonic Acid) which makes it great for mature skin that is particularly sensitive. Don’t forget, inflammation in the skin prematurely ages it.

Song that best exemplifies your brand:

“Wings” by Byrdie, because we like to think we help people find a confidence they’ve been lacking following years of unhappy skin. The second line even talks about “illuminating skin”…but that’s just a happy coincidence.

The most beautiful flower garden you’ve ever seen – where is it?

The camellias in Chiswick House Grounds. They hold a Camellia festival every year and have some of the oldest camellia plants in the world.

It’s a flower that springs forth in February and is an unexpected ray of happiness in the midst of winter, because the blooms are so breathtakingly beautiful. It’s a flower that is close to my heart, as our Camellia & Rose Cleanser is one of our best-sellers and a product I’ve used daily, without fail, for almost a decade.

Anything currently in the works?

For Christmas we’ve designed four limited edition gift sets, based on the element signs — Earth, Water, Air and Fire. They all contain our much-loved hero Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil along with a few limited edition surprises like our Christmas Neroli and Ginger scented candle.


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2 years ago

Would love to try it, I’m all about organic skincare products thanks for sharing :)


Would love to try their Christmas gift sets! I love their brand name too.

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

2 years ago

Love this post!

2 years ago

Minha pele precisa ser regenerada, este produto é excelente gostaria de experimentar. Após alguns dias de uso deixarei meu depoimento.