Elvie Offers A Futuristic Upgrade to The French Girl’s Pelvic Training Routine

Until recently, consumer tech often just meant making a pink accessory or turning something into jewelry…” Now, personal training can finally be personal.

The new wave of below-the-belt self-care, from Lady Suite’s botanical oil to the bevy of proudly PG-13 treats, just added a hi-tech, health conscious addition. At the start there were naysayers that didn’t think women would talk openly about the pelvic floor, but now we’ve been featured in glossy magazines from Vogue to Marie Claire,” says Elvie co-founder Tania Boler as she shares the inspiration behind the brand’s Personal Trainer, a futuristic pod that can strengthen muscles via Bluetooth connectivity.

The French Secret Is Out.

After discovering that French women attend pelvic rehab classes to recover after giving birth, Tania wondered why other countries treated the subject as a taboo, even though one in three women experience problems like lower back pain and bladder control issues. “Giving real-time biofeedback is shown to be the most reliable way to encourage commitment and improve outcomes of pelvic floor muscle training, but this technology existed almost exclusively in hospitals,” notes Tania. Avoiding such inconvenient appointments became a crucial hack that skyrocketed the brand’s success.

The World’s Smallest Pelvic Trainer.

To put the power into women’s hands, Elvie’s team created the Personal Trainer so that, when inserted, the pebble-shaped device can connect to an app to tell you exactly how your exercises are going, in real time. “The idea was to use a connected tech device to create a discreet yet fun (and simple) way to do your pelvic floor exercises at home… or anywhere,” says Tania. Specially designed workouts can be performed for just five minutes a few times a week to see improved strength and control. It’s no surprise that forward-thinking, wellness-minded babes like Gwyneth Paltrow are quickly becoming proud owners of the low-key accessory while conversations regarding modern personal care continue to advance — according to Tania, “womanhood is to be celebrated.”

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4 years ago

Great post as always!