Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of September 17-23

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August 23–September 22

Mars in your productivity corner feuds with erratic Uranus this week, triggering feelings of restlessness and causing you to veer off-track. Don’t be too rigid; give yourself an out when you need a brief escape from work. A sun-Mercury meetup in Virgo allows you to think through what’s best for you and express your point of view. Your communication skills are stellar now, so chime in! Both of those planets head into your worth zone next, shifting your attention from who you are to what you need and what you have. You might become preoccupied for a while dealing with finances and possessions and getting your priorities in order. When your ruling planet scuffles with Saturn late in the week, you may get discouraged thinking you don’t have what it takes to get what you want. Whether you’re seeking fun, romance or some other personal pleasure, you’re bound to view your prospects in a negative light. Fortunately, Merc hooks up with Mars hours later, coaxing you to assess what you do have going for you, then get to work solving the problem. Taking action will help you to see manageable challenges, not roadblocks. In other words, you’ve got this!



September 23–October 22

When Mars provokes Uranus this week, a sexual attraction could ignite and perhaps catch you by surprise. But given the combustible nature of this planetary combo, there’s also a chance that you’ll pursue what — or whom — you want and not get the response you’re after. This doesn’t have to be a negative; leave room for surprises! Mercury and the sun are both moving into Libra, marking the beginning of your birthday season and filling you with vitality, ideas and a silver tongue. You’re able to express yourself with tons of energy and personality and it’s totally natural to put yourself first for the next few weeks rather than being all about relationships. Focus on setting your intentions for the coming year and making the right choices for yourself. Mercury’s run-in with Saturn hints that insecurity could keep you from speaking your piece, and your family or roomies might judge what you have to say. If possible, look for constructive criticism that you can use and lessons from the past that will sharpen current ideas. Merc syncs with Mars soon after that, inspiring you to overcome hesitation and express yourself boldly, especially if it will help you get what you want. Happy solar return!


October 23 – November 21

This week’s Mars-Uranus skirmish might prompt a sudden outburst if you’re holding in anger. Actions tend to be rather compulsive when Mars is hiding out at the base of your chart, triggering unconscious patterns. A relationship could be disrupted now, particularly if you need to break free. If you get into a conflict, you may not be able to slow down the action, but even recognizing your emotions and motives after the fact can help you regroup. Mercury and the sun slip into your subliminal corner one after the other, dialing down your energy and turning your focus inward. Your solar year is winding down, and it’s appropriate to spend time alone reflecting on the past with total honesty and acceptance. Acknowledge the bad with the good, then let it go. When Mercury goes up against Saturn, you’re liable to judge these thoughts. You can use this sobering energy for serious, private study and introspection, but don’t get down on yourself. Merc’s vibe with Mars nudges you to instead think in terms of how you can get out of old grooves and move forward. Tune into your emotions and use your intuition to guide you toward productive action.



November 22–December 21

When Mars and Uranus disagree this week, your concept of how to proceed might clash with ever-changing circumstances, and no matter how enthused you are about your ideas and plans, you’ll still need to adapt to whatever reality you’re faced with. However, if you’re looking to spark a revolution among colleagues, your assertiveness could drive change in the workplace. This is also a good transit for pushing yourself to make changes that impact your job, health or daily routine. With Mercury and the sun segueing into your humanity house, much of your attention shifts to friendships, the groups you belong to and the various roles you play in others’ lives. This makes it a good month for teamwork, socializing and professional networking. And since Mercury is the communication planet and this house also rules technology, it’s an opportune time to spread the word through social media. Mercury’s dust-up with Saturn can spell a stalemate over funds, possessions, values or priorities, and someone could say something that makes you feel less than. Fortunately, Merc vibes with Mars hours later, empowering you to speak up in no uncertain terms. Group brainstorming or a convo with a friend can fire you up to accomplish what you set out to do.



December 22–January 19

If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll need to guard against impulse buys this week, since just-do-it Mars in your worth zone is sparring with rebellious Uranus in your joy sector, tempting you to snatch up anything you see that you think will bring you pleasure. This is quick energy, and you can ride out the urge, waiting for it to pass, if you’re determined to exercise caution. There’s also a possibility that you’ll quickly put your resources to good use and instigate spontaneous fun, so that’s a clear upside! With Mercury and the sun climbing to the peak of your chart, your mind will be on your goals and career for a while, and you’re poised to shine in a public or professional setting. This is the Capricorn area of a chart, and your natural ambition is apt to kick in, fueling you to achieve your aims and make big plans. When Merc clashes with Saturn in Cap, you might stop yourself from speaking with authority. But this can be a useful transit for disciplined planning, where you slow down and think everything through thoroughly. Plus a Mercury-Mars confab hours later will help you identify your assets and use them to your advantage.



January 20–February 18

With Mars traveling through Aquarius, you’re ready to jump into action. But this mobilizing planet’s spat with Uranus suggests whatever you do could bring up unexpected emotions — and you can’t predict how your family or people you live with will respond. You can channel this somewhat volatile energy into making much needed changes that affect your living situation, though. Try to stay flexible and you may be able to further your own interests and liberate yourself from a situation you feel stuck in. As Mercury and the sun glide into your exploration corner, your lens widens and you begin to see the big picture. You’d rather broaden your mind through travel and other stimulating experiences than narrow your focus to one person or thing. Exposing yourself to more of what the world has to offer will help you grow. Mercury’s brush with Saturn is likely to give you pause as doubts, regrets or melancholy creep in. Visions of the future can be overshadowed by thoughts of the past. Luckily, Merc meshes with Mars a little later, boosting your spirits and lighting the way forward. The planets want you to voice your opinion, take positive action and advance a progressive agenda.



February 19–March 20

You may need to press pause and edit yourself early in the week when rash Mars in your subliminal corner needles loose-cannon Uranus in your thinking-and-talking house. You’re liable to say something or do something you haven’t thought through if you don’t keep a close eye on your unconscious urges. If you can stay on top of the temptation to shoot from the hip, you can avoid words and actions that come back to bite you. Next, Mercury and the sun dive into your sharing-and-depth zone, prompting you to zero in on a relationship, emotional matter or passion project and give it your full attention. You’ll draw energy from closeness and be able to delve into an investigation or confide in individuals you trust. Mercury’s quarrel with Saturn reminds you to be selective in that regard, as you might feel judged by some people. But if you’re trying to get to the bottom of a weighty issue, constructive feedback could help you fine-tune your thought process. Merc joins forces with Mars hours later, which can bring a breakthrough, so keep digging into whatever is occupying your mind. If you’re engrossed in mental work, it’s best to find a low-key setting that allows you to concentrate.



March 21-April 19

Your ruling planet gets into a tiff with Uranus in your worth zone early in the week, suggesting fluctuating self-esteem, funds or resources will have an effect on teamwork. You might also be chasing after a fresh goal and waver in your pursuit if your confidence dips and you’re not sure you have what it takes. Collaborations with others can bring about change, so don’t give up. Mercury and the sun are crossing your one-on-one angle, highlighting your connections with other individuals and encouraging dialogue. You can derive energy from your relationships in the coming weeks and discover things about yourself through your bonds — making it preferable to put aside your autonomy and reach out, consult people, partner up, engage. Mercury’s quibble with Saturn implies a conversation between equals can run into problems if one person asserts their authority over the other. Plus you might not be able to agree on goals in a relationship and may feel like you’re at an impasse. But Merc syncs with Mars soon after, putting you back on a productive path involving communication and cooperation. Bounce ideas off each other and join forces, perhaps by working together to tackle an intellectual challenge.



April 20–May 20

Your ambition is in overdrive and you’re motivated to achieve your goals, but when Mars runs headlong into Uranus in Taurus, things could get a little more complicated. You need to embrace the spirit of revolution that’s been in the air since May and recognize that what you do now may force you to change. You might have a conflict with authority figures, especially if one tries to boss you around. You’re in a rebellious mood lately and not inclined to answer to anyone. After Mercury and the sun zip into your efficiency corner, you’ll have even more energy and focus to dedicate to the tasks at hand. This can be a very productive period; you’re determined to work hard and get tons done! Your thoughts are on point, and you’re able to get organized and direct your efforts judiciously. Since Merc is sparring with Saturn, you could experience a mental block if you’re not convinced that what you’re doing is adding up to mean something. A lack of faith can take the wind out of your sails, but Mercury’s harmony with Mars blends attention to detail and critical thinking with drive and persistence. You see what needs to be done and you’re willing to do it.



May 21–June 20

A conflict between Mars and Uranus early in the week could put you in danger of taking a risk stemming from an unconscious urge to upset the apple cart. You’re eager to go out on a limb but may not be aware of your reasons. The more you strive to understand yourself, the better equipped you’ll be to act wisely and generate invigorating changes that don’t cause undesired disruption. Once Mercury and the sun arrive in your fulfillment house, you’ll get fired up to express your individuality and enjoy life. You want the freedom to be yourself and to do as you please, and having a good time is high on your priority list. Fun, romance, creativity, humor and leisurely pursuits like hobbies take precedence now. Your ruler’s dustup with Saturn implies that as eager as you are to express your feelings and personality, you still might not get the reaction you want from a particular individual. But you could get useful feedback from a partner or trusted friend if you’re discussing a creative project or piece of writing. A Mercury-Mars encounter might allude to a publishing success or a fun idea for an exciting adventure. Your risk assessment should be better with this combo!



June 21–July 22

A Mars-Uranus clash could throw a wrench in your relationships early in the week. You might be torn between going all in with one person or playing the field. Or sexual sparks that come out of nowhere might change a friendship. Maneuvering for control will lead people to revolt, so ease up and give others space to go their own way. If it’s time to break free from something you’re involved in — or someone you’re involved with — this transit can be the catalyst. With Mercury and the sun dipping down to the base of your chart, your thoughts may drift to the past and you may want to duck into your Crab shell and relax rather than be out and about in the world. You’re focused on home and family and need familiar surroundings and people so you can feel grounded. Don’t hesitate to carve out alone time to unwind and contemplate your private emotions. Mercury-Saturn tension can discourage you from sharing your feelings, especially if you fear someone’s judgment. But Mercury-Mars harmony nudges you to strengthen your bond with someone by sharing your innermost thoughts. You can’t achieve true intimacy and feel understood without taking a chance.



July 23–August 22

As Mars squares off with Uranus this week, you might provoke an unintended reaction from higher-ups or partner with someone and get surprising results. Future plans may need to change, and hashing things out with another individual will make that happen, though it won’t feel easy. Maybe it’s time to get things out in the open and find out if you’re heading in the same direction. Mercury and the sun are skipping into your thinking-and-talking corner, revving up your brain and breathing life into your everyday encounters. Turn your attention to your communication style, default mindset, local community and siblings — and try to understand how they affect you. This is a great time for learning, taking short trips, connecting with people and expressing yourself. Since Mercury runs into trouble with Saturn, though, you might hit a stumbling block in your thought process if something doesn’t seem doable. Your thoughts are coming quickly, but you could stop short, deciding it’s just too hard. Realism should refine your thinking, not burst your bubble! Soon after, Merc jibes with Mars, encouraging you to recruit a partner to help you act on these ideas. You could also engage in a super productive convo now, so don’t back down from a challenging topic.


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So, basically I shouldn’t give up this week. Thanks for the horoscopes!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

2 years ago

Great! Thanks :)

Ella Bromhead
2 years ago

Love this!!!