Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of September 9-16

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August 23–September 22

From mid-May until late June, Mars was charging ahead in your efficiency corner, giving your productivity a sizeable boost. But while he backpedaled there June 26–August 12, you no doubt felt much less capable of attacking tasks like a well-oiled machine. Now that he’s returning to that part of your chart, you have a shot at finishing what you started back in the spring. Get projects back on track and channel your drive into accomplishing as much as you can. Burn off any excess energy by exercising, so you don’t stress yourself out. The sun and Mercury are livening up Virgo and clicking with Jupiter and Pluto, which means your ability to express yourself and make a strong impression is off the charts. You’re in a positive frame of mind and can make exciting choices that are right for you. Jupiter and Pluto are also collaborating with each other — as they did in January and April — reminding you that keeping an open mind will multiply your chances of living a deeply fulfilling life. New people, fresh ideas and a different mindset will foment romance, creativity and personal pleasure, so be sure you’re not narrowing your possibilities too much. A powerful experience is at hand, and this is not the time to hold yourself back. A Venus-Uranus faceoff encourages you to live in the moment and accept that the future is unknowable. For example, a flirtation might have a plot twist now and the outcome is up in the air. Merc in Virgo has its own faceoff with Neptune, and one-on-one communication is apt to become hazy as a result. You may think someone’s being vague and you can’t pin them down; tune into the vibe you’re getting from them and ignore the smokescreen.



September 23–October 22

Mars returns to your fulfillment house this week, the same part of your chart he was zooming through from mid-May until late June, when he did a U-turn and proceeded to backtrack for the next two months. You were all fired up to go after what you want, and then the train went off the rails. Now you can resume the pursuit of your heart’s desires with fresh zeal, and a love affair, creative venture or hobby may get off the ground for real this time. The sun and Mercury are still hiding out in your spirit corner, and they’re dovetailing with Jupiter and Pluto at the moment, facilitating reflection, release and closure that makes you feel better about yourself and shifts your mood. Jupiter and Pluto are in cahoots, as they were in January and April, coaxing you to work from home or work on your home. You might acquire things to transform your space or finally get your own place. Any change in your living situation is likely to be a positive one. Financial and emotional security are linked now, and the confidence that self-sufficiency brings can empower you to mature out of childhood. Your ruler, Venus, is going toe to toe with Uranus, making sharing and intimacy a bit tricky. You want what you want but can’t necessarily count on someone to come through like clockwork. Give people freedom, and the results might surprise you. Maybe you won’t get precisely what you think you desire; that’s not always a bad thing, though. When Mercury and Neptune move into an opposition, you could allow yourself to be misled regarding what’s healthy and doable. Avoid self-deception and listen to your gut.



October 23 – November 21

With Mars slipping down to the base of your chart, where he was making good progress in the spring, you have an opportunity to resume work on a domestic project or to approach a family matter from a different angle to get it squared away. After Mars went retrograde on June 26, you probably became frustrated with yourself and irritated by others. Now you’re motivated to act, if only to improve your mood. It’s appropriate to lay low and get enough done to allay your anxiety. However, since the sun and Mercury are in your humanity house and gelling with Jupiter in Scorpio and your ruler, Pluto, you’ll also benefit from connecting with others and joining in group efforts. Plus thinking in terms of who you have on your team and how you enhance each other’s lives will keep your spirits up. Your relationships will expand your opportunities and enrich your mind, and since Jupiter and Pluto are in sync — as they were in January and April — personal growth and profound perception are emphasized. Don’t hesitate to share what you’re learning, contribute to your community, face challenges head-on, interact with a wider range of people, have weighty discussions and push the envelope when it comes to your identity. Mercury’s opposition with Neptune might generate creative brainstorming or heartfelt compassion for a friend who confides in you. But you might also hear what you want to hear in group communication, so don’t agree to anything major. Venus’s faceoff with Uranus hints at spontaneous flirtation, and someone new might pop into your life. Restlessness may destabilize a relationship, but don’t tighten your grip. This transit demands that you live in the present and align yourself with the force of change.



November 22–December 21

When Mars shows up in your thinking-and-talking corner for the second time this year, you could circle back to a plan of action you hatched in the spring or pitch an old idea from a new angle. Your brain and everyday life are likely to pick up speed, and you’re motivated to reach out to people and get your POV across to them. You might resubmit a proposal or repair a communication breakdown that occurred while Mars was backtracking over the summer. If you had a disagreement between June 26 and August 12, you can revisit it and reach a resolution. The sun and Mercury are poised at the peak of your chart, and they’re harmonizing with your ruling planet, Jupiter, and Pluto in your worth house at the moment. So keeping a high profile, engaging in public relations and proving what you can do will ultimately improve your finances and make you feel stronger and more secure. A meeting between Jupiter and Pluto is the last in a series of three, reminding you that control is an illusion and change is inevitable. Making peace with an ending or loss is teaching you that you don’t need exactly what you used to think you did and shouldn’t bother holding onto it. An act of compassion and generosity can in turn make you feel good about yourself. When Venus opposes Uranus, you might do a spontaneous favor out of selflessness, but you don’t want to feel too obligated. You need the choice to be yours and the freedom to say no, even if you do opt to help someone out. A Mercury-Neptune standoff implies you shouldn’t make definite plans or communicate your intentions to people above you until you have a clear read on your feelings.



December 22–January 19

When Mars exits Capricorn this week, his next stop is your worth house — the same part of your chart he visited in the spring. You may have become more proactive about finances and possessions around that time, only to have the doer planet turn retrograde on June 26 and start messing with your money. Any conflicts that arose over money, values, priorities or belongings a month or two ago have a chance of being resolved now, and if you made unwise moves that harmed your bottom line, it’s possible to improve the situation with the benefit of hindsight. If you’ve figured out what’s really most important to you, you should be able to act accordingly going forward. The sun and Mercury are vibing with Jupiter in your humanity-and-hopes sector and Pluto in Capricorn, inspiring you to stay well outside your comfort zone. Exciting, unfamiliar experiences are the kind that can transform you, and you’d do well to travel, meet a wide range of people and expose yourself to new ideas and beliefs. Jupiter and Pluto are working together, as they did in January and April, pushing you to grow your network. If you focus on consolidating your personal power, you won’t reap the benefits that being part of a team will offer. You can have a broader influence and contribute to a higher purpose by continuing to nurture your ties to others. Aiming to make the world a better place will also improve your own lot. When Venus and Uranus go head to head, however, you may diverge from a group and march to your own beat. You’ll have an easier time getting along with people if you have the freedom to do as you please at times.



January 20–February 18

You were all fired up to tackle your agenda back in May and June while Mars was powering forward in Aquarius. But after he turned retrograde in late June, you probably lost your momentum and got fed up with the lack of progress. Luckily, the go-getter planet returns to your sign this week, sparking your motivation and enabling you to further your own interests. Try to operate independently if you possibly can, because you’re not in the mood to be a team player. Chase after your personal goals and try to learn from anything that went wrong in July or August. This is your chance for course corrections, so pick up where you left off and see how much you can get done when you’re no longer fighting an uphill battle. The sun and Mercury are meshing with Jupiter and Pluto, nudging you to focus on what you’re passionate about and to invest in key partnerships. A particular relationship or project is apt to thrive under this influence. Jupiter and Pluto have their own collaboration going on — carried over from January and April — signaling that current success can push you to put the past to bed. You need to have confidence in what you can achieve now and draw from inner strength born of past pain. Everything you’ve been through has made you who you are, and deep forces in your psyche will fuel you to soar high. A mood swing or sudden development at home can force you to take time off from polishing your public image and ingratiating yourself with bosses, so stay flexible. Hold off on a negotiation or relationship talk if you’re not sure what you want or need — or what you’re willing to offer.



February 19–March 20

As Mars sneaks back into your subliminal corner this week, the urge to shoot yourself in the foot may return, but this time around, you’ll have an advantage. Mars was moving through this part of your chart starting in mid-May and then went retrograde there on June 26 and continued to backtrack for a couple of months. Unconscious motives have been calling the shots for too long, and by now hopefully you’ve noticed the patterns you’re tempted to fall into. Your best bet is to work behind the scenes in a low-key setting and confront any impulses to self-sabotage. You could have success focusing on an effort that benefits others. With the sun and Mercury reaching out to Jupiter and Pluto in your exploration and group sectors, you should keep making a point of connecting with people and striving to expand your network. Jupiter and Pluto began collaborating in January and April and are doing so once again, underscoring the idea that your vision of the future is creating a different circle of friends and peers in your life. At the same time, your belief in a cause is making a difference in the lives of others, and joining forces gives you a better shot at driving real change. Let noble aims like truth, justice and consciousness guide you, and share what you’re learning. Your bonds are deepening as you grow into a more enlightened human being. Mercury is facing off with Neptune in Pisces, scrambling the signals in one-on-one communication. It’s hard to take someone at their word now, especially if you’re perceived as naïve. You could also feel misunderstood, but wait until the fog clears before trying to establish any agreements.



March 21-April 19

After your ruling planet marches into your humanity house — which he was barreling through from mid-May until late June when he came to a screeching halt — you’ll have an opportunity to get teamwork back on track. Group efforts that stalled in July and August will have a much better chance of success now, and it’s worth rallying the troops to try to get them onboard. If there were disagreements in your squad over the summer, try revisiting the matter with the added perspective time and distance have given you. People may have been playing the blame game out of frustration, and now everyone’s feeling a little more productive and cooperative. The sun and Mercury are in sync with Jupiter and Pluto, suggesting your hard work can benefit a relationship or passion project and also move your goals forward. You’re motivated when you can see that what you’re doing is having an effect. Jupiter and Pluto have been operating in tandem on and off this year, highlighting the upside of partnership and emotional growth. Having someone positive in your corner cheering you on is invaluable when the road to success is long and you’re stuck in stop-and-go traffic. Seek other outside resources as well, such as loans and grants, that can propel you on your way. Jupiter also wants you to learn as much as possible about your own complexities—because self-knowledge will empower you to pursue your true calling. A Venus-Uranus opposition can complicate closeness and sharing, especially if fluctuations in confidence or finances create a power imbalance. Don’t allow anxiety over what you lack or might lose cause you to jeopardize what you stand to gain. Be open to getting something unexpected.



April 20–May 20

With Mars making a comeback in your ambition angle this week, you have another shot at achieving your personal and professional goals. The take-charge planet was blazing across the top of your chart from mid-May ‘til late June when he turned retrograde and proceeded to make life difficult for all of us over the course of the next two months. Now your drive to succeed returns, and you’ll no longer feel like you’re swimming upstream. Missteps you made over the summer might have led you to revise your objectives, and you can move forward with a more workable plan in mind. Since the sun and Mercury are jibing with Jupiter and Pluto, you’re not all work and no play, however. You’re also up for fun, romance, creative pursuits and travel and could meet new people while you’re out enjoying life. Jupiter and Pluto joined forces earlier this year and continue to do so, coaxing you to share experiences with others. Pairing up and breaking fresh ground together will teach you about yourself, another person, relationships and the world around you. You might find love while traveling or learning. Or you might bring about important change while fighting for a cause side-by-side with a partner or friend. Venus is moving into an opposition with Uranus in Taurus, so as much as you want to enjoy companionship and maintain peaceful relations with people, you might need to veer off in your own direction at some point. Rather than making an abrupt exit, build in enough breathing room that you won’t feel the urge to pull away and escape. Mercury’s faceoff with Neptune suggests your squad may not get what you’re trying to say or you could misread a situation. Don’t take it personally; wait it out.



May 21–June 20

When Mars arrives in your exploration corner this week, there’s every reason to hope his second visit of the year will be better than the first. He was cruising through that part of your chart from mid-May on and then turned retrograde there on June 26, making travel, learning and risk-taking more problematic for the next couple of months. You may have felt like your timing was off and you were fighting the wrong battles. Now that he’s moving full steam ahead again, the path ahead of you is much clearer and you’re able to pursue experiences you’re excited about without so much resistance. The sun and your ruler, Mercury, are connecting with Jupiter and Pluto, offering you incentive to also spend some quiet time alone or with someone you care about. Shutting the door on the world and decompressing periodically is vital to your physical and emotional wellbeing. Jupiter and Pluto have been working together this year, nudging you to improve your health, work on a close relationship, focus on something you’re passionate about and avoid scattering your energy. Apply a strong work ethic to whatever you feel strongly about, and it’s bound to pay off. Don’t get caught up in power plays; keep a higher purpose foremost in your mind. Venus in your efficiency house is going toe to toe with Uranus in your subliminal zone, so even if you’re enjoying what you’re doing, you’ll get distracted here and there. You might undermine yourself unconsciously if you don’t allow for diversions. Mercury is also in an opposition with Neptune, generating some parental confusion or a lack of clarity about where you’re headed. Try not to be too literal. Pay attention to gut feelings instead.



June 21–July 22

Your personal life could heat up after Mars returns to your sharing zone for the second time this year, activating your libido and motivating you to focus on what you’re most passionate about. This lusty planet was rocketing through the same zone from mid-May until late June, but he went retrograde there and started causing problems for all of us. If you encountered a conflict involving money, trust, jealousy, sex or control in July/August, you may have an opportunity to revisit it shortly and get everything settled satisfactorily. Use what you’ve learned lately to approach challenges with greater perspective. The sun and Mercury are in cahoots with Jupiter and Pluto, boosting your ability to connect with people and express yourself. Share your point of view and let your personality shine through. Honest communication can have a powerful effect on a relationship now. Jupiter and Pluto are holding their last of three meetings (the first two occurred in January and April), emboldening you to be your authentic self, be open with your feelings and have faith in what you have to offer. You could be in the process of forming a creative or romantic partnership or gaining important contacts, in large part because of your confidence, and your quest for love and happiness is deepening your connections to others. When Venus faces off with Uranus, a friend could suddenly turn into something more or you might enjoy impromptu fun with your squad. Give people the freedom to go their own way now, as your idea of pleasure could differ from theirs. Mercury’s own faceoff with Neptune can leave questions unanswered, as you search for meaning behind information. Don’t let the quest for truth lure you to believe anything you hear. Wait until you have more facts.



July 23–August 22

Now that Mars is crossing your interpersonal angle, you can get back to something you were working on with a partner that got derailed over the summer. Mars was motoring along here from mid-May until late June when he began to backspin and wreak havoc in everyone’s lives. If you got into a dispute with someone between June 26 and August 12, you might soon spot an opportunity to hash it out again with a more favorable outcome. Don’t be afraid to air grievances; do be sure to fight fair. Your ruling planet and Mercury are both linking with Jupiter and Pluto, strengthening your self-esteem. Inner confidence, support from your family (or people you live with) and plain old hard work will all help you feel capable of getting your needs met. Jupiter and Pluto have formed an alliance this year, and they’re holding another summit this week, allowing you to tackle a big domestic project, work from home or devote time to self-care that improves your sense of wellbeing. A positive home life and emotional security are fueling you to accomplish a lot. Feeling good about where you’re at in your life will ultimately boost your productivity, so tap into that famous Leo pride and optimism. Since Venus and Uranus are going head to head, you’re in the mood to enjoy the comforts of home and family, but an unexpected development or demand requires you to answer the call of duty. Be willing to juggle to achieve a good work/life balance. Mercury and Neptune are also opposed, which might cause a misunderstanding involving money, sharing, intimacy or secrets, and you may feel like your requests are falling on deaf ears. Put off negotiations and important convos until the smoke clears.


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