Knours. Can Now Be Yours

Knours. — like almost every woman out there — knows there’s a serious link between what’s going on in your ovaries and what turns up on your face.

As far as old adages go, there are plenty about being in touch with yourself:

“…to thine own self be true.” (Thanks, Shakespeare.)

“Know thyself.” (An ancient Greek maxim.)

“To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” (Waddup, Socrates?)

Basically, the key to a good, fulfilling life is knowing and being true to who you are. And apparently, the key to great, luminous skin is also knowing and being true to who you are, at least according to new skincare brand Knours.

You see, Knours. — like almost every woman out there — knows there’s a serious link between what’s going on in your ovaries and what turns up on your face, and has set out to reduce the guessing game that is pre-, during-, and post-period skincare, once and for all. Crafted with the help of dermatologists, herbalists and tech experts, their goal is to create a personalized, clean beauty routine for everyone dealing with the uninvited guests that pop up monthly, hormones be damned!

Sure, not everyone gets to experience the joy of dealing with hormonal breakouts but for those of us who do, changing things up skincare-wise to correspond with our cycles is simply good practice. Your skin changes and so, too, should your skincare products. Luckily, Knours. not only helps you figure out what to use, but also when to use it.



For all your cleansing needs throughout the whole month, the Your Only Cleanser lives up to its name. It’s a 2-in-1 formula that starts out as an oil to dissolve and remove makeup before turning into a foam to wash it all away (without stripping your skin). Basically, it’s the beauty and deep-clean of a double cleanse in one single product.

If crouching over the sink isn’t in the cards for you nightly, opt for Cleansing Wipes, a tired gal’s best friend. I know you know that cleansing nightly is imperative for clear, healthy skin, but did you know it’s even more important in the lead up to your period when hormones are raging and your skin is as finicky as ever? Keeping a pack of these by your bed will ensure that on nights when a thorough cleanse just isn’t in the cards, you’re still showing your face ample love by removing the day, exfoliating and hydrating at once.


Alright, you’re in the thick of it and so is your skin, which means your face likely needs some rescuing. Infused with a blend of ultra-calming ingredients like honey extract, rosewater and licorice root extract, the Sweet Enough Rescue Mask works to tame the irritation and inflammation that are so common mid-period.

Not calm enough for ya? Consider adding the D-5 Calming Facial Soap to the mix. Houttuynia cordata, tea tree and gotu kola extracts work to cleanse and calm the skin while also providing anti-acne benefits. The addition of fermented vinegar to the formula also works to keep your skin’s pH levels balanced, something most conventional cleansers don’t even take into consideration.

Skin dry and flaky? Grab the Double Duty Mist. Skin sensitive and acne-prone? Grab the Double Duty Mist. Nope, that’s not a typo — this toner is literally two products in one and can be customized based on what your skin needs at the moment. All you have to do is shake it up to change the formula and introduce the ingredients that will treat dryness. 


Ok, you’ve made it through the worst of the month but your skin is still acting a little wonky. Making the decision to moisturize with One Perfect Cream is a two-thumbs-up move at this point since hormonal changes often lead to sebaceous glands going into overdrive, so keeping your skin moisturized will keep it happy and keep extra oiliness at bay. If you have the opposite problem and experience dry skin post-period period, it’ll work for you as well. It’s hydrating enough to make your skin happy while also being lightweight enough not to lead to excess shine or clogged pores. Win-win if you ask me.


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I can see this product being a hit amongst my friends! Anything for better skin!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

3 years ago
3 years ago

I used One Perfect Cream moisturizer, this is a very useful product!

3 years ago

I can see this product being a hit amongst my friends! Anything for better skin!

3 years ago

Ahan wow, i am going to look for it keenly now.