New Obsession: Love Wellness, A Line of Feminine and Self-Care Essentials

Meet the entrepreneur who is changing the conversation around vaginal health.

Until recently, vaginal health was probably not a topic of conversation among your friends. But now, feminine care, along with sexual health, is — thankfully — out in the open. Lauren Bosworth is a vocal proponent of speaking up about such women’s issues. The former Hills reality star recently launched a natural vaginal health line, Love Wellness, with a range of products inspired by alternative relief methods and vetted by a team of OB/GYNs and nurse practitioners. The lineup includes The Killer, a boric-acid-based solution for yeast infections, and refreshing Do It All Wipes, which help balance your vaginal pH. Soon after, Bosworth expanded into body care, with collagen-based supplements to promote glowing skin and other essentials to keep your system running up to speed. Here, the entrepreneur chatted with us about her own wellness journey


What inspired you to launch Love Wellness?

“I wanted to change the experience of what it’s like to shop for personal care products for women, [which is something] that feels embarrassing for a lot of women. Traditional products from big corporations are full of chemicals, poorly designed, and often send a message that women’s bodies are dirty and shameful. It’s up to women to take back the feminine care category, and do so in a way that’s empathetic and empowering. We shouldn’t feel ashamed to address common health and wellness issues and Love Wellness is here to nurture a more open and honest self-care culture.” 

Feminine care formulas haven’t changed much in the last few decades. What obstacles did you face when getting your brand off the ground? 

“The obstacles I faced initially were mostly around media scrutiny. I launched the business in 2016 and the conversations have definitely developed quite a bit since then. FemTech is a thing now, where as two years ago it still made a lot of people uncomfortable. The growing category is a clear indicator that women want modern products offered by modern, women-led companies.”

Let’s talk about The Killer, your boric acid suppositories: How do we use these?  

“The Killer is a life-changing product. Each vaginal suppository is comprised of pharmaceutical-grade boric acid with a gelatin capsule. They relieve yeast infections and BV quickly (sometimes overnight) and are often used by women to spot-treat when they feel a little something coming on. What’s really neat about The Killer is that this type of product has been prescribed by OB/GYNs for their patients who may experience chronic infections, but the process of filling that prescription is tricky because it’s expensive and requires a pharmacist to compound the suppositories. We’ve removed that headache by making boric acid suppositories affordable and readily available!”

What inspired you to create the Do It All Wipes?

“The Do It All Wipes are my secret weapon on the go. I use them post-workout, when I travel, on airplanes, and I take them on dates! They’re excellent for a little refresh on the go.”

These days we have so many supplement choices. Why should we add Perfect Condition Vitamins to our routine? 

“The Perfect Condition Vitamin is totally unique in market. It combines natural ingredients that break down yeast at the cellular level in the body with anti-inflammatory turmeric. The result is a system that’s balanced and in check. While this product is for women who suffer from yeast infections, we’ve had many customers tell us their cystic acne and eczema have improved dramatically from taking the Perfect Condition Vitamin as well!”

What beauty benefits does Good to Glow offer?

“Good to Glow is a powerhouse skin supplement that comes anti-acne and anti-aging ingredients. A lot of women have issues with both, including myself, and I felt that it was important to create one supplement that does it all to keep your wallet happy. I’ve been taking them for a few months now and my skin looks bouncy soft every day. I’m wearing way less foundation, too!”

Why is having physicians and OB/GYNs on your medical board important?

“We have an award-winning team of doctors and nurse practitioners that made up the Love Wellness medical board. Knowing that our products are doctor-recommended provides women with the assurance that the products we offer are safe and effective. Medical doctors, biochemists, and food scientists developed our formulas.”

What other skincare tips do you have? Any surprising hacks? 

“I love to microneedle! I use a roller at home every two to three nights and my skin looks great!”


+ Ready to shop the Love Wellness line? Click here to discover all the products.



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1 year ago

I’m definitely going to love this, self care is my thing.