4 Activist-Founded Beauty Brands You Need to Stock Up On Right Now

These thoughtful, female-led brands support women’s health, gender inclusivity and safer ingredients standards — and have transformed our beauty routines for the better.  

Brand: NOTO Botanics

Founder: Gloria Noto, a makeup artist, fine artist and founder of Art Department magazine.

Best Known For: NOTO blazed a trail as one of the first gender-fluid makeup and skincare brands, with vegan, cruelty-free formulas that don’t skew male or female.

Hero Products: Agender Oil, a hydrating botanical face and body oil rich in organic hemp exracts, soothing vetiver and lavender. A full 100 percent of the profits go toward various organizations (such as Planned Parenthood, LGBT Youth Center) to fund gender-inclusivity activism and awareness. Also worth checking out: the brand’s latest arrivals including the Basil Yarrow Mist, Moisture Riser Cream, and Color and Glow Stick Trio.


Brand: Sisters Body

Founders: A trio of sisters — Doni Zasloff, a musician; Eva Zasloff, a family doctor; and Jo Zasloff; a midwife. Another key player: the sisters’ dad, who is a biochemist and physician.

Best Known For: Non-toxic hair and body products that nurture the microbiome — i.e. the skin’s delicate ecosystem — and give back to the community. Forty percent of the profits are donated to organizations that support women’s health and risk being defunded in today’s times.

Hero Product: Gentle Body Wash, an ultra-protective cleanser that won’t strip the natural oils and peptides your skin needs to stay healthy and balanced.


Brand: RMS Beauty

Founder: Rose-Marie Swift, a makeup artist and pioneer in the natural space, who founded her line after being diagnosed with health issues that she believes stemmed from her exposure to chemicals found in beauty products. In 2004, she launched Beauty Truth, a website devoted to dispelling myths and exposing unsafe ingredients in personal-care products.

Best Known For: Good-for-you cosmetics and skincare formulated with food-grade, organic and raw ingredients — a move that helps preserve the potency of vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients.

Hero Product: Living Luminizer, a highlighter made with unrefined, raw coconut oil that adds a dewy glow to skin.


Brand: Suntegrity Skincare

Founder: Tricia Trimble, a certified esthetician who created one of the first luxury mineral sunscreens after losing her mother to skin cancer.

Best Known For: High-performance chemical-free SPF made with non-nano size zinc oxide, plus antioxidants and amino acids to enhance protection and boost skin repair. Notably, the Environmental Working Group awarded the brand “Champion” status for their non-toxic formulas, which set a new clean standard.

Hero Product: 5-in-1 Tinted Face Sunscreen with SPF 30, which melts into skin to both even out and protect your complexion.  


+ What’s your favorite beauty activist brand? Share your thoughts with us!



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Definitely going to check out these brands! Thankful for the change they’re making!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

2 years ago

NOTO Botanics is my favorite as I am make up lover. the best products I have ever seen it have. lovely

2 years ago

Thanks, will surely gonna try ’em.

2 years ago

Beautiful ✨ Thrive Causemetics is one that touches my heart too

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