Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of October 22-28

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October 23–November 21

The sun makes his annual grand entrance into Scorpio this week, kicking off your birthday season and infusing you with much needed vitality. Consider this a green light in the coming month to be self-centered in a good way and make a big impression on people. You’re loaded with charisma, and it’s your turn to be the central focus, with others orbiting around you. The sun is keeping Mercury and Venus company in your sign, and those three planets make music with Pluto and Saturn in your thinking-and-talking corner throughout the week. All this harmony paves the way for powerful self-expression and memorable interactions, so put yourself out there and establish strong, meaningful connections. You’re no doubt doing some serious thinking and may come to conclusions that have a powerful impact on your life. When the sun comes face to face with Uranus, it could shake up your ego if you take it as a direct challenge. It may seem like someone’s forcing change on you, but if you make room for the element of surprise, you might experience a liberation or awakening of sorts. The full moon calls for you to juggle your needs and someone else’s, compromise, and let others have the spotlight. A relationship can reach a fish-or-cut-bait crisis point, and if it’s meant to end, it may happen rather quickly. Uranus is trying to teach you something about relationships, so let this play out. Happy solar return!



November 22–December 21

After the sun leaves your social sector this week, its next stop is your release house at the end of your chart, and you may notice your energy flagging as your solar year draws to a close. Sagittarians like to stay active, but this is the season to downshift and check in with yourself. You might start taking rainchecks so you can recharge your battery and look back over 2018. Mercury and Venus are already camped out in that house, and they — along with the sun — are sidling up to Saturn and Pluto in your resources sector, tripling down on the ongoing theme of dealing with finances and belongings. Think in terms of what needs to change and what you can do to lighten your load. There could be an emotional undercurrent as well, and seeking closure is a surefire way to strengthen your self-worth. Although you’re due to retreat from the world, the sun’s opposition with Uranus signals that you’ll be yanked into reality by a sudden turn of events such as an office crisis or health issue and need to shuffle your schedule. The full moon also points to a problem reaching critical mass, and it could be a wake-up call to change your ways. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to quit vaping or kick another questionable habit to the curb, this is it! Something in your daily life isn’t working, and this lunation induces you to call it quits.



December 22–January 19

After the sun shows up in your humanity house, you’ll have more energy for socializing and networking. By being yourself around others, your identity can dovetail with group interests in the month to come. Find a role in team efforts that’s a good fit for you and give your ideals free rein. An urge for freedom could arise when the sun faces off with Uranus in your self-expression zone. If there’s a way to amuse yourself and still cooperate, great, but if not, you might need to veer off in your own direction for a minute. Keep in mind there’s strong potential for spontaneous fun with your squad here, especially with a full moon also activating your self-expression zone. You feel like celebrating life or being celebrated and may turn to romance, creativity or some form of play to make that happen. This lunation might bring an artistic endeavor, love affair or other pursuit of pleasure to a turning point, and endings are always a possibility with full moons. Mercury, Venus and the sun are nudging you to be around people, and their meetings with power players Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn this week make it clear that your path to personal success and power needn’t be a lonely one. Who’s on your team? Reach out to that circle of supporters for advice, info, encouragement or whatever you need, and remember it goes both ways!



January 20–February 18

Your ambition heats up when the sun ascends to the pinnacle of your chart this week, firing you up to reach for the brass ring. There’s so much emphasis on your outer life that you may find yourself soaking up the limelight and making your mark in a public or professional setting. This is your month to keep a high profile and prove what you’re capable of. But heads up: the sun is going toe to toe with Uranus, so a sudden change in your mood, family or home environment could set you back on your heels and require you to improvise. You might need to give yourself an out if you’re feeling undeniably restless. The full moon at the base of your chart also points to family drama, a shift in your living situation or a major case of feels, any of which will grab your attention. Work/life balance is key now, and self-care should be a priority. The sun isn’t the only planet hovering at the top of your chart; Mercury and Venus are up there as well, and all three are clicking with Saturn and Pluto in your spirit corner. So while you’re doing your best to make career plans, chase after goals and promote yourself, you’re also wrapping up old business, coming to terms with the past and navigating powerful psychological growth. Look for chances to achieve on more than one level now.



February 19–March 20

You won’t feel as fenced in after the sun soars into your exploration house, lighting the way to a broader swath of life’s possibilities. Do whatever you can to broaden your horizons in the coming month through travel, education and new experiences. Interact with people from different backgrounds and draw energy from the sense that we’re all connected. Stay out of your comfort zone, seeking out the unfamiliar instead of the tried and true. When the sun faces off with Uranus, fresh insights may startle you out of your normal mindset or you may meet someone unexpectedly. Don’t try to draw conclusions now, because answers are up in the air and you’re still taking things in. The full moon in your cognition-and-communication zone can bring a piece of news that changes the game. It can also bring a rush of thoughts, busyness, encounters and local activity, so take slow, deep breaths if you get overwhelmed. You don’t need to address it all immediately! Put your feelings into words and lean on your friends. Three planets are encouraging you to spread your wings, and their harmony with Saturn and Pluto in your network sector highlights the benefits of shared adventures. Go out on that limb with people you trust, and learn together. This would be an amazing time to advocate for a cause as part of a team — so rally the troops and stand up for what you believe in!



March 21-April 19

The sun segues into your merging-and-depth sector this week, narrowing your focus and propelling you to go all in on psychological growth, a passion project or a close relationship. You won’t get far by skimming the surface or taking short cuts. It’s time to do a deep dive and undergo a powerful experience that has the potential to change you. You’ll thrive if you allow yourself to live life on an emotional level and dig for the riches within you or in an intimate connection. However, the sun’s subsequent opposition with Uranus can interrupt your flow if erratic confidence or finances get in the way of sharing. An urge to be self-sufficient might make interdependence a non-starter. You — or your relationship — may be subverted momentarily, but if everyone avoids stubbornness and selfishness, you’ll right the ship, and maybe even in an interesting way. The full moon in your worth house can make you hyperaware of your concrete needs, leading to a mine-versus-ours (or mine-versus-yours) struggle. A spending spree or shift in earnings is also possible. You’ll feel better if you can manage to put your own bottom line first and still attempt some give-and-take. Several planets are nudging you to partner and share, and their connections with heavyweights Saturn and Pluto emphasize the fact that your close relationships and your efforts to understand yourself better will help you find your purpose and succeed out in the world.



April 20–May 20

Once the sun crosses your interpersonal angle, your one-on-one connections will really start to fuel you, so don’t keep plugging away at tasks by yourself. Reach out to other individuals and feed off each other’s energy. While the sun cruises through your opposite sign, it’s all about relationships, and devoting your time and attention to personal bonds will be worth it. With three planets in your interpersonal angle cozying up to Saturn and Pluto in your expansion zone, you should look at your relationships as a major source of learning and growth. But since the sun will oppose Uranus in Taurus this week, you might get impatient with the compromises that are part of connecting and be tempted to veer off in your own direction. A healthy relationship will bend without breaking when such inevitable shakeups occur. You may even have a revelation about who you are in your relationships and whether that role suits the person you’re becoming. A full moon in Taurus brings out all the feels, and you may need people to meet you more than halfway. If you’re craving soothing alone time or extra TLC from others, ask for it! This lunation only rolls around once a year, and it’s the perfect excuse for letting go of something — or someone — that’s not good for you. So take note of what — or whom — is pushing your buttons and consider the option of calling it a day.



May 21–June 20

Mercury and Venus have set up shop in your efficiency corner, and this week the sun joins them there, putting more gas in your tank so you can get stuff done. The planets are saying that playtime’s over and now you need to take care of business. Stay humble, because this is the season for putting your nose to the grindstone; it’s not really about making a name for yourself. Take pride in a job well done and resist holding for applause. Saturn and Pluto in your depth-and-merging house are in the mix throughout the week, coaxing you to look for opportunities to pool your resources and share power and also highlighting the advantages of leaving no stone unturned. So partner up and do your research. A sun-Uranus opposition tells you to be prepared for detours, as a flight of imagination — or perhaps something coming back to bite you — will throw you off-course. An unconscious urge to rebel may be at the root of all this. Don’t fight it; call timeout if you need a break from the action. The full moon in your release corner could make you want to retreat from the world and tune into a subtler wavelength. Something you’ve pushed down inside you could come to light, and you’ll need peace and quiet to process your emotions. Your dreams and hunches may tell you as much as (or more than) outside info now.



June 21–July 22

You’ll want to get out and have some fun after the sun exits your domestic zone and shows up in your joy sector this week. This is your time to enjoy life, show off a little and generally do as you please. You’re meant to express your personality and experience pleasure, so do something creative, be boldly original and welcome more love and happiness into your life. Let your inner child out to play! The sun, Mercury and Venus are vibing with Saturn and Pluto in your relationship angle, hinting at the possibility that a love affair will get serious or people will take your unique contribution seriously. Wear your heart on your sleeve and don’t hide what you have to offer the world. Both romantic and creative partnerships are indicated, but with Venus still retrograde, starting from scratch isn’t as promising as putting a different twist on an existing connection. The sun’s also facing off with unpredictable Uranus in your humanity house, and that means you should give people more leeway to march to their own beat while you do you. The full moon in that house might set off squad drama or test a particular friendship. You could enjoy an epic GNO or be there for a friend in need. If you know deep down you should part ways with a toxic pal or a group you’ve outgrown, this moon is telling you to do what you need to do.



July 23–August 22

With your ruling planet, the sun, sinking down to the base of your chart this week, home sweet home is calling your name. You want to be in a comfortable setting, either unwinding solo or with people who get you — familiar feels good now! You might give parents or housemates more of your attention or tune into your private feelings and memories, depending on your mood. The sun, Mercury and Venus are all cooperating with powerhouse planets in your work-and-wellness corner, so you’ll have chances to accomplish a lot on the home front and to address your emotions in a productive way. The sun’s faceoff with Uranus in your achievement angle, however, suggests your boss may throw you a curveball or your parents may disagree, and you’ll be knocked off-kilter. So be ready to step out of your comfort zone momentarily and deal with whatever comes up. The full moon at the peak of your chart also pushes you back out into the world, and it can point to a range of climaxes like a meltdown at work, a goal coming to fruition or a turning point in your professional path. If you wind up in the spotlight and are called on to perform, make the most of it! But if you’ve been heading towards a particular objective on autopilot for quite a while now, don’t hesitate to reset your GPS, shifting your ambitions elsewhere.



August 23–September 22

Your brain and your everyday life will start buzzing after the sun arrives in your cognition-and-communication house, powering up your thoughts and convos. Start paying more attention to your habitual mentality and way of expressing yourself — and how they affect your reality. You can bring so much of yourself to your interactions during this period and should also make a point of being a good listener, because learning will energize you. Since the sun, Mercury and Venus are in cahoots with Saturn and Pluto in your joy sector, you’ll be full of creative ideas and eager to speak from the heart. Even if you feel like your thoughts (and you yourself!) are a work in progress, something substantial can come from you putting your POV out there. The sun is also moving into an opposition with shoot-from-the-hip Uranus in your exploration corner, which could trigger an interesting debate, an a-ha moment or a sudden need to go off the grid. Whether you end up arguing your point, becoming more conscious or heading out of town, go where your mind takes you and you won’t be bored. This week’s full moon can inspire a leap of faith or bring a major learning experience, but it also gives you the year’s best excuse to drop a personal belief that has clipped your wings. Ask yourself if it might be keeping you from reaching your full potential, and if the answer’s yes, kiss it goodbye.



September 23–October 22

The sun leaves Libra in the rearview mirror this week and zips into your worth house next, turning another chunk of your attention away from who you are and towards what you value. It’s time to examine your relationship with money and things, for instance by asking yourself if your possessions are serving your needs or weighing you down. Are you using everything you have? What’s most important to you? Does your material security and allocation of resources reflect those priorities? With three planets schmoozing Saturn and Pluto, look for chances to use what you have to improve your mood or living situation. Material security and emotional security are inextricably linked now. A sun-Uranus faceoff illustrates the point that — to paraphrase the Rolling Stones — you can’t always get what you want, but you get what you need. Maybe you’re focused on what you consider nonnegotiable and aren’t sure if you can count on another person, but what they’re bringing to the table is something you can’t put a price tag on. The full moon is also highlighting the delicate dance of give-and-take. You might have to be more self-sufficient than you’d like now and be the one who comes through for someone else. Avoid lending money, but if you’re in a position to pay off debt, do it. If strong emotions about a private matter like a sexual relationship or psychological healing process are swirling within you, grab time by yourself to decompress.

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Thank you for the horoscope! I always look forward to your updates every Sunday! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

2 years ago

Please send me all astrology horoscope of daily day. Iwill be very thankful.

2 years ago

I am virgo and so stunned by this horoscope. I´ve read my horoscope the first time last month on I ever thought that horoscopes are nonsens. But since I´ve read mine the first time, I cannot believe how accurate some horoscopes are! Yours here is so accurate too! I really had some wrong personal believes, which I overcame this month. So this is really incredible and I will go in for horoscopes more often in the future!

Best Wishes