Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of October 29-November 4

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October 23–November 21

A Mercury-Jupiter meetup in your sign early in the week enables you to see everything through a wide-angle lens and map out your future. Don’t put the wheels in motion just yet, but do conceptualize plans. Pipe up if you have something to say because you’ll get your point across with an extra dose of aplomb. Just avoid self-righteousness, since this planetary combo can get pretty didactic. Merc zips into your worth zone next, which should get you thinking in terms of brass tacks. Part of your attention will be directed toward your finances, possessions, resources and values in the next couple of months, and you might find yourself talking more about what you have and what you need. A Venus-Uranus faceoff midweek makes relationships even more complicated than they already are, with Venus retrograde. Ambivalence and restlessness can wreak havoc, and trying to keep someone on a short leash is not the way to go. Remember: You can only control yourself! Try to coast through this shakeup with a laissez-faire approach. Venus’s next move is to back out of Scorpio into your release corner, which might dredge up old feelings and memories. You’ll probably feel pretty antisocial, but this is the perfect time to reflect on past relationships and reclaim your heart.



November 22–December 21

Mercury joins forces with your ruler, Jupiter, to kick off the week on a high note. Your intuition is on point, so don’t underestimate hunches. You’re able to look back at the past now and see patterns, and there’s probably a lesson in there that will come in handy down the road. And keep in mind the goal is to understand yourself better, not to judge yourself. Next, Mercury arrives in Sagittarius, a turn of events that should make you more talkative and quick-thinking. If your busy brain breeds restlessness, pencil in plenty of diversions like day trips. Venus is going head to head with Uranus, which might inspire an impromptu act of service or pull you out of a relaxed state to deal with an unexpected development — possibly related to your work or health. If you’re bored with everyday life, a clandestine affair might seem like the answer, but Venus retrograde doesn’t provide fertile ground for relationships to bloom. Plus she’s backpedaling into your network zone, prompting you to broaden your focus and consider your various friendships and ties to groups. Your squad is bound to be out of sync for a bit, but you can use this time to get back in touch with a long-lost pal or weed out toxic acquaintances.



December 22–January 19

With your network sector hosting this week’s Mercury-Jupiter summit, you won’t be too shy to hold court in a group, go viral with your message, rally the troops to engage in a team effort and reach out to influencers who inspire you. You’re thinking big, and your enthusiasm will be contagious. Try to sidestep the pitfall of making sweeping generalizations in your zeal for consensus. Once Mercury ducks into the last house of your chart, you’ll be less communicative and more prone to mulling matters over privately. In the coming weeks, you could get lots of studying done in a quiet setting or retreat from the world to meditate and reflect. A Venus-Uranus opposition can allude to unforeseen fun with friends or sudden romantic sparks with a platonic pal, and if it’s the latter, you should take it with a grain of salt since Venus retrograde doesn’t favor new relationships. If you find yourself out of sync with your squad, do your own thing instead of getting impatient with people. Venus reverses into your ambition angle next, and if your heart’s not invested in a goal, you’ll begin to feel that. Ponder your career path, public image and professional status. If you’re not happy with them, ask yourself what you truly want.



January 20–February 18

When Mercury and Jupiter rendezvous at the peak of your chart early in the week, you should be able to draw up a game plan for success that demonstrates confidence and foresight. Details are easily missed though, and you’ll probably need to circle back later and fill in the blanks. If you’re communicating with higher-ups, you might sound arrogant, so be mindful of your tone. But do tout your accomplishments, sticking to the truth. Merc skips into your humanity-and-hopes zone after that, directing some of your attention toward making fresh contacts and setting new goals. In the coming weeks, you’ll be inclined to talk things over with friends, present something to a group and do some professional networking. Venus’s faceoff with Uranus can throw you off-balance temporarily if you’re trying to impress an authority figure and then a mood swing, domestic disruption or family turmoil catches you by surprise. Things may not go according to plan, but you can handle the situation with a bit of ingenuity. Soon after, Venus backtracks into your exploration corner, and you may start to play it safer as your desire for adventure wanes. You also might yearn for a different time or place or doubt your faith. Contemplate what new experiences would make you happy, without taking action yet.



February 19–March 20

A confab involving Mercury and Jupiter early in the week could get you up on your soapbox, voicing your belief in a cause or a principle. Your conviction can sway people, and you might teach them a thing or two. It’s important to speak your truth, but you should try to keep an open mind and avoid self-righteousness, since this pairing hopes to expand your comprehension and reveal the big picture. Afterwards, Mercury ascends to the high point of your chart, which will get you thinking about your goals and career. If you need to learn more to achieve what you want to achieve, this is a good time for such studies. Venus and Uranus are facing off midweek, and you might take a chance on a whim if you’re eager to try new things. Don’t make snap decisions about relationships while Venus travels retrograde, but don’t steer clear of change altogether out of fear of the unknown. After Venus reverses into your depth-and-merging house, some of your focus will shift to what you want out of your closest relationships. An ex might come out of the woodwork, but you probably won’t feel totally safe trusting intimacy. Aim to understand and love yourself better, and try not to worry about what you’ve lost or aren’t getting from someone.



March 21-April 19

You could be inspired to open up to someone close to you when Mercury meets up with Jupiter in your sharing sector early in the week. If you get into a dialogue, your receptiveness will foster mutual understanding, so go ahead and bare your soul to a trusted confidant — and be a good listener as well. If you’re on your own, this planetary combo paves the way for self-awareness and self-acceptance if you burrow down into your psyche in search of enlightening truths. Once Merc segues into your exploration corner, the blinders come off and a wider range of possibilities captures your attention. You’ll start thinking bigger and more philosophically, making this an ideal time for studying subjects you’re curious about and discussing abstract concepts. You can learn a lot from travel and convos with people whose beliefs differ from your own. A Venus-Uranus opposition calls for you to toggle between sharing and independence, and the less attached to specific demands you are, the easier time you’ll have. With Venus backing into your interpersonal angle next, you might grow nostalgic for a former S.O. or worry that everyone’s pulling away from you. It’s not you! We’re all feeling somewhat disconnected, but you can make the most of this phase by considering your bonds with other individuals and figuring out what you want from people.



April 20–May 20

Early in the week, a Mercury-Jupiter get-together can help you meet new faces outside your usual circle, connect with potential mentors, enjoy uplifting dialogues and learn from your one-on-one interactions. Seek out people who can open up your world and offer encouragement. If you need someone’s assistance or advice, ask and you shall receive. But be careful not to overstate your case, as Jupiter has a tendency to exaggerate. Merc moves into your depth-and-merging house after that, allowing you to zero in on a passion project, emotional issue, investigation or weighty discussion. You’ll be laser-focused for a while on what matters most to you instead of scattering your attention far and wide. Venus goes head to head with Uranus in Taurus midweek, creating tension in relationships. A need for freedom can rock the boat, and a surprising flirtation will stave off boredom. Whatever happens, you can’t take it too seriously because Venus has gone rogue and Uranus always shoots from the hip. On the other hand, there are no accidents — so it’s worth examining your true desires! After Venus recedes into your productivity corner, you’ll be more focused on your quality of life. Ask yourself how you can get more satisfaction out of each day and whether your routine reflects how much you value your work, wellness and time.



May 21–June 20

When your ruler, Mercury, aligns with Jupiter in your productivity corner at the beginning of the week, you’ll have a lot of luck learning new skills, communicating with coworkers, tackling difficult intellectual work and detecting patterns involving your work, health, time management, diet, fitness and modus operandi. You can gain fresh perspective on a problem that’s been vexing you and gather the optimism and foresight required to solve it. This planetary pair can cause you to overlook details, but given their current position in your chart, you should be able to avoid such negligence. Merc crosses your interpersonal angle next, opening up dialogues with other individuals and enabling you to hash out issues in close relationships. Mind you, Venus is still retrograde, so relationships aren’t running like well-oiled machines at the moment. And Venus’s opposition with Uranus midweek can interrupt your flow if you’re engrossed in what you’re doing or throw a wrench in relations on the job. The more in touch you are with your own hidden impulses, the better you’ll fare. Venus backspins into your joy sector after that, recalling old loves and previous sources of pleasure. If you’re not having enough fun and love seems out of arm’s reach, reevaluate what makes you happy and where your heart lies.



June 21–July 22

Lay it on the line when Mercury and Jupiter coalesce at the beginning of the week, emboldening you to say what’s in your heart and express who you really are. Your words will reveal your humor, creativity, personality and truth, and you need a bit of attention — so don’t hide what you have to contribute! This planetary blend will boost your joie de vivre and lend you the courage to speak freely. After Mercury zings into your efficiency corner, you’ll be in a more serious frame of mind and ready to tackle detailed mental work. You can draw up meticulous plans, use critical thinking to solve problems and focus on the tasks at hand. Communication with colleagues goes in the plus column as well. Since Venus and Uranus are opposing each other, a flirtation with a friend could take you by surprise or your squad may not share your idea of fun. Keep your expectations loose and don’t insist that people be on the same wavelength as you. After Venus dips down to the base of your chart, deep-rooted emotions, childhood memories and family relationships assume more importance. You’re susceptible to regressing into old patterns during this period, especially in your home environment. If you don’t feel at ease, ponder your décor and living situation, but hold off on making changes.



July 23–August 22

The week begins with a Mercury-Jupiter alliance that can give you great insight into your private emotions and memories and help you put them into words if you want to confide in someone. So it’s worthwhile to find some peace and quiet that allows you to reflect. This planetary pairing also favors communication with family members and people you live with, and it’s a good time to ask for their support if you need it. Mercury lands in your joy sector next, bringing out your sense of humor, creativity and playful side. Your mind wants to be entertained, and you might opt to read and write for pleasure, challenge your brain with games or study something for fun. Venus’s faceoff with Uranus may pull you away from home when you’re enjoying downtime, and it serves as a reminder that balancing your inner and outer lives is a constant challenge. Friction between your parents can be a problem, and you should resist the urge to run interference. With Venus still retrograde, relationships can be quite a minefield! After she recedes into your thinking-and-talking corner, you’ll probably become more pensive and start keeping your thoughts to yourself. This is a natural time to reassess past relationships, rethink what you assumed you wanted and muse on what love means to you.



August 23–September 22

You can get your point across loud and clear at the beginning of the week when Mercury lines up with Jupiter in your cognition-and-communication house. You’re brave enough to say what’s on your mind and receptive enough to hear people out. It’s important to stand up for what you think is right, but you can also learn a great deal now, thanks to Jupiter’s edifying influence. Try not to get so carried away that you make uncharacteristic leaps of logic, though. After Merc sneaks down to the bottom of your chart, you’ll be more attuned to your innermost thoughts and emotions, and your mind could drift to the past. Express what’s going on inside you if you feel like talking it over will help. Venus and Uranus are going head to head midweek, so you might get overstimulated or have an encounter that you don’t know how to interpret. It’s easy to meet new people now but hard to say how long they’ll stick around. After Venus backs into your worth zone, you’ll find yourself contemplating your finances, belongings and assets, and it’s a good idea to examine the connection between your self-esteem and the way you handle money. Try not to fret over what you lack or could possibly lose. The line between need and want may be blurry and need clarifying.



September 23–October 22

A Mercury-Jupiter meetup in your worth house early in the week can help you see the light if you’ve been grappling with an issue related to money, material things, values, talents or self-esteem. The big picture comes into focus, and you’re able to see overall patterns. Normally, this would be an opportune time to negotiate, but with Venus traveling retrograde, no one’s feeling particularly generous. You might get too preachy based on what’s most important to you personally or overestimate what you have, need or can afford — so be prepared to dial it back. Once Mercury segues into your thinking-and-talking corner, the pace of your thoughts, speech and everyday interactions is bound to pick up. You’ll start to think more about traveling, connecting with people and learning as much as you can. A faceoff between Uranus and your ruling planet suggests you may not get what you’re hoping for from someone, but you should leave room for pleasant surprises. Unexpected sexual sparks can be fun even if they don’t lead to anything serious. Venus is reversing into Libra midweek, coaxing you to ponder love and relationships and ask yourself what or whom you no longer desire and what or whom you want to draw into your life. You won’t feel as sociable, but creative inspiration may strike.


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