Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of October 8-14

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September 23–October 22

Once a year, you’re gifted with a new moon in your sign that inspires you to make a fresh start. It’s like your own personal New Year — a chance to set your intentions for the months ahead. And although tweaks to your appearance would normally go along with this lunation, bear in mind that beauty-oriented Venus has gone rogue, so you should hold off on major changes like a pixie cut or wardrobe overhaul until she straightens up her act. But it’s still the perfect time to think about what image you want to project. Do you exude confidence? Do you typically express yourself in ways that allow others to see the real you? Do you pursue what you want in a direct fashion? When the Libra sun squares off with Pluto, hassles on the home front can wear you down. You’re all set to do you during your birthday season, and then your mom goes on a power trip or an old issue resurfaces and tests your limits. You may have a fight on your hands now, and by not backing down you can prove something to yourself. Venus’s battle with Mars, on the other hand, alludes to misguided desires and risky moves, upping the risk of spendy splurges and regrettable hookups. You’d be smart to press pause until you’re really sure what you want and are feeling on top of your game.


October 23-November 21

This week’s new moon sends mixed messages to Scorps because even though new moons signal beginnings, this one falls in the last house of your chart, luring you to release something — or someone — that’s past its expiration date. The reasoning is this: The next new moon will be in your sign, marking a big fresh start, so now’s the time to wipe the slate clean. You’re meant to find closure and peace of mind now, and this is the perfect lunation for launching a new spiritual practice, cracking open a fresh dream journal or performing a kindly act of service. With Mercury skipping into Scorpio, your brain will be firing on all cylinders and you won’t be at a loss for words. Merc’s faceoff with Uranus in your one-on-one angle can agitate you if too many curveballs are coming at you suddenly. But if you adopt a curious beginner’s mind, other people can be the source of surprise discoveries and stimulating flashes of brilliance. Listen carefully and don’t speak too hastily or make assumptions. Venus is backtracking in your sign and quarreling with her paramour, Mars, so you can’t quite get your mood under control and might act a bit childish out of frustration. Your best bet when you get to that point is to hole up at home doing challenging work of almost any sort and enjoying your own company.



November 22–December 21

A new moon in your humanity zone is the universe’s way of telling you it’s time to grow your team, so get out and circulate this week. You might join a group that reflects a new interest or goal of yours, attend an industry networking event or just enjoy socializing — and in the process, it’s possible to make new friends and professional contacts. Or you could cast a wide net by considering the needs of others and spearheading a charitable endeavor like a coat drive or an online fundraising campaign. After Mercury sneaks into your subliminal corner, you’re likely to become a bit more introspective, and the mental planet’s faceoff with Uranus can lead you to turn up useful info in a private fact-finding mission. If you’re researching a health or work-related topic, you’ll be a quick study. But there’s bound to be some friction when retrograde Venus tangles with Mars; boundaries are blurry and it’s hard to find middle ground between being overly defensive and giving up too much. The sun has a similar skirmish with power player Pluto, and this one challenges you to somehow mesh with a group even when you’re compelled to protect your own interests. See if you can find commonalities while also maintaining your strengths. Finding a good fit with others can push you in a good way if you’re lucky (and Sag usually is!)



December 22–January 19

The house in your chart that’s hosting this week’s new moon happens to be the one that governs Capricorn matters like ambition, so everything it’s inviting you to do should come quite naturally! You might formulate a few new goals; embark on a fresh chapter in your career; set off in a different direction in your outer life; take on a high-profile role; or create a business plan. A job promotion or some other type of change in your public/professional status could be in the pipeline now. Since the sun is hovering at the peak of your chart and fighting with Pluto in Capricorn, you may be your own worst enemy — or you may push yourself to greater and greater heights. In either case, the pressure you’re experiencing originates within you, and you have the power to shine with noticeable intensity. One achievement can motivate you to keep upping your game, so you should welcome challenges in a quest to prove something to yourself. Mercury’s opposition with Uranus can make you restless, and spontaneous fun with a few fresh faces in the crowd will keep life interesting. This is a great time to meet new people through a new interest — or alternately, to discover a new interest through new people. Merc is in sync with Saturn in your sign, putting communication with groups on solid ground; you might glean valuable info through networking.



January 20–February 18

If you take your cue from the new moon in your exploration corner, you may very well be heading toward an exciting new adventure. This lunation wants you to take a risk in order to grow, and its link with Mars in Aquarius encourages you to jump into action and make things happen. Are there any experiences you’ve been flirting with but haven’t yet pulled the trigger? A big trip, a course of study, an entrepreneurial venture, a publishing project — any of these enriching undertakings could be just around the corner, and you’d be smart to take the first step toward broadening your horizons. Mercury is going head to head with your ruler, Uranus, hinting at a restless mood that can take your eyes off the prize. Try not to speak too hastily around higher-ups and be open to a parent’s words of wisdom. Retrograde Venus is irking Mars, reiterating the need for restraint if you want to win favor. Pushing your own agenda probably won’t go over well, so make time for a side hustle where you can work independently. The sun is having a similar tiff with Pluto, and that could mean your impetus to explore uncharted territory will be undercut by potent emotions you can’t let go of, self-sabotage or someone else working against you. Bravely forge ahead, despite the inner or outer resistance; forward progress will strengthen your resolve.



February 19–March 20

When a new moon hits your depth zone this week, it offers the initiative to go after an outside resource such as a loan or grant; ask for what you need in a close relationship; pursue a sexual connection; or turn a big emotional corner by recovering from a loss, crisis or some type of psychological difficulty. Normally this lunation can indicate receiving money that’s owed to you, but with Venus in reverse gear, cash flow is sluggish. On the other hand, it’s a good time to pay off debt if you possibly can. Mercury is going toe to toe with Uranus, which could spark a stimulating debate. If you keep your mind wide open and do as much listening as talking, you’re apt to gain interesting info. Your brain is operating at a rapid pace, so you can take in a lot, but your thoughts may be scattered and you might speak before you think. A Venus-Mars tussle puts you in danger of doing something unintentional that will prevent you from enjoying a new experience, so try to keep an eye on your hidden motives. You might also pursue what you think you want in a roundabout way and breach a boundary. The sun and Pluto are locked in a similar struggle, suggesting peer pressure will affect a close relationship or your psyche. If you’re up to the challenge, you can change something that’s not working now.



March 21-April 19

Is it time for someone you’ve been dating to become your official plus-one? Or are you and your S.O. primed to put a ring on it or exchange house keys? Maybe you’ve made online dating a part-time job and are on the verge of meeting someone with serious LTR potential. In any case, this week’s new moon encourages you to kick things up a notch in your one-on-one relationships. Even a creative or biz partnership that’s in the pipeline could prove to be an exciting development. Since Mercury is going head to head with Uranus, a negotiation may take a surprising turn, or flexible demands could keep communication humming in a close relationship. And for those of you who are more engaged in introspection than dialogue, insights can move the needle if your self-worth has dipped. A dustup between retrograde Venus and your ruler, Mars, might set off sexual sparks with a platonic pal or cause closeness with an individual to conflict with group activities. If you’re not getting what you want from a particular individual, you may get an urge to play the field and keep your options open. When the sun clashes with Pluto, relating seems harder if you’re pressed to make headway with goals or sort out your life direction. But the energy you get from those closest to you is likely to be what fuels you to keep aiming for success.



April 20–May 20

This week’s new moon in your work-and-wellness corner offers the perfect incentive to launch a job search; start a diet or fitness regimen; implement a positive daily habit; streamline your schedule; learn a skill; improve your time management or work ethic; book medical appointments; begin a project on the job; organize your workspace; create a to-do list; solve a problem; or adopt a pet. A productive surge in the coming months can put you on the path to success. When Mercury faces off with Uranus in Taurus, your bluntness could disrupt a dialogue or you might break off a negotiation. You’re seeking stimulation and are apt to find it by connecting with people one-on-one. It might be hard for you to slow down and listen, and you should probably avoid saying things for shock value. Meeting new people who can challenge your thinking will keep you on your toes. Since Venus and Mars are at odds, divergent goals can upset your rapport with someone, and maintaining a respectful tone will help smooth over rough edges. You should be able to push each other to accomplish what you want to, either together or apart. The sun and Pluto are also at odds, so you might feel pressure (internal or external) to know more in order to get something done. But there’s nothing wrong with learning on the job, and you shouldn’t be afraid of trial and error. Practice makes perfect!



May 21–June 20

The new moon invites you to launch an initiative that allows you to enjoy life and express who you are in the coming months. You might jump into a new creative project, embark on a love affair, inject more romance into a current relationship, take up a hobby, carve out more leisure time and discover fresh avenues to personal pleasure. Start something that will lead to personal fulfillment — and be willing to take a risk! With your ruler segueing into your efficiency corner, your critical faculties sharpen and you’re capable of doing detailed mental work. But a Mercury-Uranus opposition causes your mind to wander, and combining imagination and concentration in original ways will help you make the most of this blend. Find an orderly method for keeping track of your speedy jumble of ideas. Venus’s quarrel with Mars points to another type of distraction, where you’re enjoying your work but are struggling with an impulse to take off on an adventure or indulge in a mental escape. You might need to err on the side of caution, especially given the fact that Venus is off the grid. The sun’s similar spat with Pluto complicates your inclination to do as you please and be yourself if someone close to you thinks you owe them. Conversely, you might tighten the screws now if you’re not getting what you want from a partner. Skip the power struggle and aim for constructive change.



June 21–July 22

With a new moon occurring at the base of your chart (the area that naturally rules Cancer matters like comfort), your living situation may be due to change or a development in your family may be on the horizon. Consider safety and emotional security and what you can do to improve them. This is an excellent time for stepping up your self-care game, perhaps by adding a new ritual to your regular routine. A relocation or renovation could be in the cards, but if you feel like redecorating, be aware that Venus retrograde messes with your financial and aesthetic judgment; play around with ideas instead of executing them until Venus powers on in mid-November. Mercury’s faceoff with Uranus can add up to some interesting exchanges with your squad or another group, as long as you’re not attached to a specific response. Meanwhile, Venus’s run-in with Mars might generate sexy sparks or pit personal pleasure against partnership. No one’s totally sure what they want right now, so it’s all too easy to hook up with someone — possibly an ex—and later wonder what you were thinking. The sun has a parallel run-in with Pluto that can push you out of your comfort zone if another individual exerts pressure. It could be as simple as having to leave the house to meet a personal obligation or as complex as having to mature for the sake of a relationship.



July 23–August 22

Let your curiosity lead the way when a new moon lands in your thinking-and-talking corner, coaxing you to gather information, interact with others, share your ideas and explore your environment. This is an ideal time for meeting new people, learning, getting involved in your community, taking short trips and reconnecting with a sibling. If you need to book a weekend getaway, tackle paperwork or sign up for a class, get on it! Mercury is turning your attention to your innermost thoughts and feelings and helping you to articulate them, and a faceoff with Uranus can facilitate insights from parents, but it might also cause you to speak in a hurried, emotional tone with an authority figure. Your mind will be more disciplined later in the week if you need to double back and correct a misstep. Venus’s skirmish with Mars hints that you may be content to relish the pleasures of family and home, but the need to engage with a partner may pull you out of your reverie. A conflict involving family is possible, and you — or the other party — might resort to passive aggression in the guise of keeping the peace. When the sun and Pluto go at it in a parallel battle, the stress of trying to get something right could get to you. Criticism may be a blow to your ego, but you can use it constructively to shape your thinking.



August 23–September 22

The new moon in your worth zone this week nudges you to set financial goals, create a budget, organize your possessions, find a new source of revenue, feed your five senses and boost your self-esteem. A new money-making opportunity might be in the works, but you should note that Venus will be retrograde until mid-November, temporarily slowing cash flow. You may be focused on material needs, and Venus’s backtracking phase can also make it harder to assess your requirements and distinguish between need and want. With your ruling planet zipping into your thinking-and-talking corner, the pace of your thoughts, words and everyday life will probably pick up. Mercury is going head to head with Uranus, which could spark a lively exchange of ideas that you can learn from, but since your mind is racing, you might need to avoid jumping to conclusions. Abstract insights will be a plus, and you might retrace your steps later to fill in the blanks as needed. Venus and Mars are sparring as well, so your drive to get a lot done may interfere with your pleasant mood. Your rapport with coworkers could be a bit off, and criticism won’t go over well. The sun and Pluto are engaged in a comparable fight, putting your values, finances or self-worth at odds with romance, pleasure or self-expression; be willing to shift your priorities to suit the situation you’re facing.


Follow @astrotherapist on Twitter and email to schedule a reading over phone or Skype. Available in-person in NYC! $125 for 60 minutes, $150 for 90 minutes.


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New friends and professional contacts! Sounds like I have a great week coming up!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

5 years ago

My horoscope is the same as last week’s… Virgo specifically.

5 years ago
Reply to  Diana

Sorry we missed this, Diana! Virgo is now updated! Thanks for letting us know…

5 years ago

The Virgo horoscope is the exact same one as last week!

5 years ago
Reply to  Amelia

Amelia, so sorry for the mix-up! The Virgo horoscope has been updated — hope it’s to your liking!

5 years ago

I can’t get over how accurate cancer’s horoscope is for me this week. It’s almost scary how accurate. Love, love reading them every week. You have a true gift, Tracy. <3

ishika talwar
5 years ago


5 years ago

I personally like your post, you have shared good article. It will help me in great deal