HonestlyFIT x FP: #1 Burpee Workout

Our newest editorial collaboration highlights the goodness and gratitude of HonestyFIT… this week, Executive Editor Orissa Rose shares her fave burpee routine.

HonestlyFIT x FP: equal parts empowerment, spirit and love. 

HonestlyFIT is an informed portrait of living adventurously and actively with your community, while we remain committed to providing our global community with encouragement, confidence, and knowledge.

Together we’ve teamed up to highlight some of our favorite stories, and to unite under our shared philosophy of wellness. 

Burpees get a bad rap, but are actually wonderful exercises because this one movement has so many modification options and delivers serious cardio and strength training! This workout is a blitz of 11 burpee variations that you can complete literally anywhere because no equipment is needed! In just a short amount of time, benefit from a full body workout and (hopefully) have fun doing it…


Tabada or interval timer. Using an app like Tabata Pro or Tabata Timer is ideal because you’ll be timing your active seconds and your rest seconds. However, it’s not mandatory — you can still get a great sweat by using the stopwatch feature on your phone to track your active 45″ intervals.

Supportive shoes. Whatever you’d wear for a run or interval training class.

High support clothing. You’ll be doing a lot of jumping!


Check out the video below for a demonstration of each movement. If you repeat this workout two times through, you’ll get 25 minutes of incredible cardio and strength work! If you’re newer to burpees or short on time, start by doing this workout one time through and advance to two full sets once you feel ready.

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I love how this routine can be easily done at home if you have the right equipment. It’s a great motivating factor to exercise! Thank you for the video! ❤️

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

5 years ago

Thanks for the video! Am I understanding correctly that you do each activity for 45 sec with 15 sec rest in between?

5 years ago
Reply to  griver

you are 100% correct! thanks for asking… <3

If you step onto your mat with a experience of openness and journey you will be overjoyed through what the exercise can carry. In case you step onto your mat with intimidation.