Recap: Our Latest #MovingTogether x Girls Inc. Event

Strong, bold and beautiful soon became the day’s mantra, as Cleo Wade, Dogpound’s Dara Hart, and Queen Moves took nearly 200 women on a journey toward empowerment…

Event recap provided by Koa, newest member of the FP Events team.

During the Q&A that host Cleo Wade held with the ladies of Girls Inc., one of our guests asked the hard question of “how do I protect my self esteem when I am living in a society that is constantly challenging it?” It was heart-wrenching and opening all at once, and shifted the conversation back to the importance of self love and nurture which was a big theme throughout the female empowered day.

“How to best care for the people around us is to show up and be our whole selves.” — Cleo Wade

Inscape led a guided meditation, their message rich with practice, and how taking time to practice each day will help you to improve your meditation, stillness, relaxation and focus. 

Then time to SHAKE IT OUT. The doors flew open, music turned UP as our guests shook out their limbs after a morning of stillness. Jess Movold, a high-energy marathon runner and run coach at Mile High Run Club led a 5-minute warm-up run through Brooklyn Bridge Park on what proved to be a most beautiful day.  

Water stations and a local fruit farm stand were on hand, courtesy of 1 Hotel.

Dogpound’s Dara Hart fed the group a kick-ass HIIT routine, hard with music.

“Sometimes love is hard — it will push you but you can only grow from it.” — Dara Hart

A special moment to remember…Dara asked all of our guests to pair up face-to-face and form a bridge with their hands, creating a long line that snaked around the room. One by one, women went through the bridge of hands as every single person in line shared an affirming positive comment. Dara said that society doesn’t teach us to share empowering comments with each other, and that coming to the end of that line would allow you to feel like a different person. It was deeply impactful — not to mention a little tear-jerking. She brought the girls on stage and started chanting “Strong. Bold. Beautiful. That’s what I am!” 

To cap off the event, Queen Moves brought on the party, and taught the group how to “level up” and take energy and intentions to the next level. They served as extremely positive and strong female role models for the Girls Inc. NYC chapters. AMAZING dancers, to boot, and pulled out all the stops in a freestyle circle.

“When you see another sister’s crown that may be crooked, make sure you fix it so you both walk away feeling good.” — Queen Moves


+ More FP Movement here


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What a great event! I wish I could’ve been there! ❤️

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

5 years ago

We adore you)))

5 years ago

Love this! :)

5 years ago

Sounds Amazing! Now if the young men of diverse backgrounds could meet up with these young women to learn how to relate in a communal space.

Tanya Punter
4 years ago

It’s nice that u are doing all this for everyone and then u work on their self esteem. I find that a little false and insulting when u don’t carry anything over a large. YOU are having a event for them but u are also saying don’t come shop at my shop ur to heavy.

Jo Anne Inverso
4 years ago

Go vegan…!!!! So I can shop free people…!!!!!

4 years ago

Love this post, thanks!

Karen Wilson
4 years ago

Really empowering…women helping young women on their growth path.