Office Style: Meet Emily

“Honestly, my style icons are my friends. They are all so incredibly creative and unique and push me to be the same.”

Your position at Free People…

I am the print designer for bottoms, and fabric development assistant at Free People.

Describe your personal style…

My style is really crafty most of the time.. A lot of really fun vintage pieces I’ve collected, mixed usually with baggy t-shirts or men’s trousers.

What makes you feel confident?

I am most confident when I’m dancing, or surrounded by people I love, doing something creative.

Who is your style icon?

Honestly, my style icons are my friends. They are all so incredibly creative and unique and push me to be the same. Also. I think we enable each other to be more daring with what we wear because we are all so supportive.

Favorite part of your job?

I get to be creative constantly — I am always drawing or painting, or sketching new ideas for fabric.

What are your beauty + wellness must-haves?

I take RMS beauty within probiotic supplements every morning and I swear by them — my hair and nails have never been healthier. I also can’t live without Everyday Oil – I put it in my hair almost every day after washing it.

What do you do outside of Free People?

I am part of an improv group in Philadelphia. I also am a textile artist and try my best to keep up my creative practice with knit sculptures and costumes. I love to collaborate on work when I can with my friends as well -– right now we are working towards a group show this coming winter!

If you had to wear one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

My favorite pair of lace-up boots – they have a cement soul and a short heel and feel so solid while also comfortable – my other secret to confidence. 😉

Your favorite (upcoming) trend…

Chartreuse and lime green madness!

Best concert you’ve attended OR dream concert you’d love to attend:

I am seeing Ben Howard and Wye Oak tomorrow night and I am SO excited! They have been two of my favorite bands for so long. I also saw Rhye in the spring at a small bar in Boston, and the music and setting were both incredible.

Most embarrassing outfit you’ve ever worn.

I ripped my pants all the way up the butt once and couldn’t go home to change so I wore them all day, even out to dinner, and I had to tie a sweatshirt around my waste to pretend like it didn’t happen – does that count?

One piece of advice you’d give your younger self.

Take deep breaths more often — everything is going to be okay.

What’s the first thing you’d do if you won the lottery today?

Fly my best friends who are all scattered around the country now to one place (closer to me)… maybe to Berlin? Budapest?

What’s in your shopping cart? 

The Nadia Bias Skirt in Purple!! (I already have it in French grey and gold…)
Elle Block Heel Boot – the light blue that just came out is amazing
Khloe Shorts
Hippie Lace up Clog Boot
Uptown Pullover in buttercream
Of course, another bottle of Everyday Oil!

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I love Emily’s crafty style! It’s not something I can pull off myself but it seems to suit her so well!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

5 years ago

Great look!

5 years ago

Lovely style, love her dress!