Sleep Is the New Woke: The Latest Wellness Essentials for Better ZZZs Are Here

These modern remedies — from melatonin patches to kava kava teas — will help us get the precious shut-eye we all need right now.

Sleep is a beautiful thing — a deeply healing, primal ritual that restores your body. But getting a decent night’s rest can be a challenge. Sometimes your brain is just buzzing with a million different thoughts (of dire news headlines, stressful encounters at work) or maybe you’re all lit up with blue light from late-night texting and scrolling. Whatever the culprit might be, there are a ton of triggers that can mess with your body.

No wonder then that sleep has become a number-one wellness concern lately. Many forward-thinking healers, herbalists and self-care gurus have recently set out to calm and soothe our restless minds and bodies with a thoughtful mix of holistic solutions — stuff that extends way behind a cup of hot milk. Here, we explore the latest remedies to lull you into peaceful — restorative — REM cycles.

The Good Patch Nite Nite:

For a novel way to get your fix of calming melatonin, just stick this patch on your wrist: You’ll absorb the sleep-inducing herb along with 15 milligrams of anti-inflammatory hemp extract, to help you drift off faster. Bonus: it’s especially handy when traveling on a plane to avoid jet lag.

Hum Nutrition Beauty zzZz:

If you’re not into patches, consider this vegan supplement formulated with melatonin. Pop it 20 minutes before bedtime (without food) and you’ll wake up feeling refreshed (not groggy).

Sakara Life Sleep Tea:

After a killer day, brew up a cup of this relaxing tea. It’s made with a specific blend of caffeine-free herbs and plants known to help ease anxiety and prep your body for deep slumber, including kava kava root (used for centuries in Eastern cultures to boost calmness and happiness), catnip (yes, really — it’s supposedly great for treating insomnia) and brain-calming lavender, which lends a nice, floral taste.  

The Beauty Chef Sleep Inner Beauty Powder:

Like the original Inner Beauty Powder, this mix contains tons of bio-fermented ingredients to firm and revitalize your skin — with the added benefit of passionflower and lemon balm to aid in sleep. Stock up on this restful pick along with another cult-classic, Moon Juice’s adaptogenic Dream Dust. Both can be added to your favorite milk (almond, soy, you name it) for a dreamy pre-bed shake.    

Shemana Dream Therapy Mist:

On nights when you can manage it, try a 10-minute meditation session before bed to quiet your mind. Misting this oil on your wrists can help you focus. Finish with a spritz of Species by the Thousands Psychic Dream Spray on your pillow or a dab of Living Libations Sweet Sleep Serum on your pulse points.

Ren Wake Up Wonderful Night-Time Facial:

Your skin goes through a major repair process overnight. Capitalize on that with this gently exfoliating leave-on mask, which can be applied before bed to slough dead skin and dull spot while you sleep. Or consider MadeCera Sleeping Mask, which seals in hydrating and brightening ingredients.

Slip Silk Eyemask:

Last step! Turn off the lights and pull on this super chic eyemask, made with pure silk to pamper your delicate skin and fend off any creases and under-eye bags. Goodnight….


+ What else helps you fall asleep at night? Share your solutions with us!



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The Sakura Life Sleep Tea sounds so good! I could do with one right now!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Love this post so much!