Winter Is Not Just About White

In-house stylist Kirby broke out of her subdued cold-weather shell and found a veritable rainbow in her choices. Here, she challenges you to do the same.

As colder weather descends upon us, so waves of black will soon fill the streets, fulfilling the expectation that we must only dress in dark once the seasons shift. I tend to gravitate toward darker hues myself, but who’s to really say you can’t incorporate color into your winter wardrobe? Maybe it’s due time for a winter rebirth. When daylight grows short and the air is brisk, bring some light into your life…and wardrobe.

If you’re not sure where to start, consider an easy transition into color with tonal dressing — maybe blue? Pair some navy cords with a brighter blue sweater. For a more casual look you can add a bright color pop beanie and a sneaker. And for a more elevated look, you can pair with our favorite, a resin earring, and an ankle boot.  

Grunge will also reemerge once cold weather sets in…but instead of the usual flannels and ripped jeans, think about styling with silks, stompy boots, & 90s-style hair clips. A baby blue silk slip paired with a tangerine sweater makes for a fresh color combination, as is the contrast of a stompy boot paired with the femininity of a silk skirt.

As is suiting — 70s cool girl aesthetic mixed with bright colors. Pair a cord suit with a contrasting color sweater underneath. Put on some ankle boots and you’re on your way. If you want to keep  colors more subdued, go with a dark green and yellow. Or, if you’re looking to push the limits, take note from one of our favorite bloggers, María Bernad, for endless color inspiration.

Color is, and can be, for everyone. 



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