Crystal NEW Persuasion

Always a crowd-pleaser, crystals are making a super spiritual impact this holiday. Read on to learn more about our favorite gem-infused ideas…

These days, can you really call yourself a wellness pioneer if you don’t have a few crystals scattered around your house? That’s right: these gorgeous stones don’t show signs of going away any time soon so if you’re not on the crystal train already, hop aboard. That said, how many small rose quartz and amethyst rocks do you really need before they all start to look the same?

Luckily, when it comes to your crystal collection, there’s so much more than just the standard shapes and sizes. If you want to expand your range a bit and get a little playful with crystals — while still reaping all the healing, enhancing benefits — read on for the latest fun, inventive ways to incorporate these gems into your everyday life.


If you want a little ambiance…

…consider lighting Spitfire Girl’s White Quartz Candle. First of all, candlelight is supremely flattering. Get that good light! Second, the candle’s notes of mandarin zest, Italian bergamot, Madagascar vanilla, rose blossom, patchouli and amber will seriously bliss you out while the quartz crystals embedded in the wax work to work to cleanse your energy and open your mind and spirit to healing and regeneration.

If you need to drink more water…

…make staying hydrated fun and beautiful with the Orb Bottle from Live Spring Water. Though not technically a crystal, the design and shape of this non-toxic, lead-free glass bottle may as well sit on your windowsill to charge in the sunlight along with your other crystals. But don’t be afraid to put it to good use! Holding one liter of water, the Orb Bottle all but ensures you’ll get your daily dose of agua because, really, it’s too pretty to ignore.

If you need some targeted healing…

…let Kitsch’s Crystal Healing Boxes do the work. Trying different combinations of crystals is fun, but if you want a powerful, guess-free approach, opt for a pre-selected set of three crystals that complement each other in power and energy. From personal power to love to protection, each box’s crystals speak to each other and resonate in harmony for the desired effect.

If you love crystals but also beauty products…

…combine your two passions with the Galaxite Luxe Comb from Crown Works. Not only will this thing look beautiful on top of your dresser and work to detangle your hair, using it will literally “bring the light” to your aura since Galaxite is known as the Light Bringer’s Stone. Take care of your mane and clear and protect your auric field? Sign us up.


+ See all of our crystal products here.


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I can see these crystals being a super popular gift this Christmas! There’s a real trend going on with spiritual wellness right now!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

2 years ago

If you love crystals and are in need of some additional gifts for your crystal enthusiast gf, I suggest checking out one of my recent blog posts!


2 years ago

one of the best

1 year ago

Awesome gifts for any occasion.

7 months ago

I really love the crystal new persuasion thanks for sharing