Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of November 26-December 2

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November 22–December 21

The sun, Mercury and Jupiter are holding a summit in Sagittarius this week, giving you a sneak preview of your ruling planet’s yearlong journey through your sign. Try to spot opportunities for growth and make the most of them. You’re a lucky lot to begin with, and this planetary combo can swing the odds in your favor to an even greater degree. Follow your instinct to pursue unfamiliar experiences that you’ll learn from and go out of your way to expand the domain you typically operate in. Meet new people, take a trip or at least break out of your daily routine. Envision plans for the future that make you excited and optimistic. Since Jupiter can get a little carried away, it’s a good idea to dial it down if you’re dominating other people. Thankfully, your ruler also promotes inclusiveness, so your enthusiasm can be contagious. Mercury and the sun are quarreling with Mars, who’s hunkered down at the base of your chart, keeping you busy at home and possibly causing a prickly mood. You might encounter resistance from family or roommates that backs you into a corner, but resist taking the bait and overreacting. Mercury is still retrograde, creating misunderstandings, and Mars can push you into old patterns of behavior. It is possible for your can-do-it attitude to light a fire under relatives and people you live with, mobilizing them to accomplish something substantial. A Venus-Uranus opposition could tempt you to break off from another kind of group and do what you want to do. You need a certain amount of freedom in order to get along with people without feeling put out. With Mercury and Venus slipping into the last house of your chart, you might start craving peace and quiet and you’ll probably keep more to yourself. Disengage from the outside world and tune into your dreams, memories, intuition and private emotions.



December 22–January 19

Jupiter ducked into the last house of your chart a few weeks ago for a yearlong visit and will hold meetings with the sun and Mercury this week that offer a glimpse of your 2019 journey. Spiritual wisdom and inner truths become ever more important, so honor what your subconscious is trying to teach you. Growth and learning come through letting go now; absorb the lessons from 2018 and make peace with the past. Looking back with an open mind can show you the path forward. And compassion for yourself and others can translate to selfless generosity that has a ripple effect. Since the sun and Mercury are both at odds with Mars, keeping tabs on your subconscious is essential for another reason: If you’re not aware of those hidden impulses and motives, they can spur you to argue. Sticking up for the underdog would be an excellent use of this energy, but there’s a good chance you’ll speak before you think if someone gets under your skin. Extra rest and solitude will help you chillax. And if restlessness seems to be a problem, get out and about and feed your curiosity. With Venus and Uranus facing off, a mood swing or an unexpected development on the home front can compel you to forget about charming higher-ups and polishing your public image for a minute, so be prepared to switch gears. Parental discord can also throw you off-balance. After Mercury and Venus arrive in your humanity house, you’ll start to feel more sociable. But even though you want to be around people, Merc’s still retrograde, so crossed signals in your squad and other groups are par for the course, and social media can be a minefield. Reconnecting may prove easier than connecting—plus it’s a good time to ponder who you really want in your circle!



January 20–February 18

When the sun and Mercury meet up with Jupiter in your hopes-and-humanity house this week, you’ll get a sneak preview of Jupiter’s yearlong trek through that house, which recently got underway. You might extend your reach if a post goes viral or an idea of yours catches on. Expanding your network will nurture your new aspirations. The benefits of associating with groups go both ways, and when you join forces with people, you’ll learn from their different perspectives. But avoid a my-way-or-the-highway mindset because Jupiter can be a know-it-all at times! Try to see the big picture of who you fit in with and how you can connect with people in a way that proves the axiom “A rising tide lifts all boats.” The sun and Mercury happen to be provoking Mars in your worth sector, however, making it difficult to see eye to eye on the use of resources, and a clash over money, values, possessions or priorities could arise. Having the best interests of others in mind should motivate you to act, working with what you have. A faceoff between Venus and your ruling planet can bring a pleasant diversion that keeps boredom at bay, and it hints at an impromptu getaway. Think outside the box when it comes to what (or who) is beautiful and interesting! Now that Mercury and Venus are both climbing to the peak of your chart, you’ll be more concerned with being seen in a positive light and attracting favor that allows you to reach your goals. Your mind may be on your career or more personal aims, but since Mercury is backtracking for a couple more weeks, misunderstandings with a boss or parent and missteps along the path to success can irk you. You’re better off revising ambitious plans rather than making them.



February 19–March 20

Your ambition may be in overdrive, thanks to Jupiter setting up camp at the top of your chart, and its conferences with the sun and Mercury this week can give you an idea of what’s to come in 2019. A burst of optimism about your prospects for success has the potential to propel you forward on your path, and you might have luck landing a plum job or attracting positive attention. You’ll almost certainly have the confidence to command center stage and share your ideas with enthusiasm. There’s a danger that you’ll make grand plans and take on more than you can handle, and since Mercury and the sun are both squaring off with Mars in Pisces, you’re ready to jump into action. If you’re given responsibility and enjoy a taste of success, that should motivate you to get going on your agenda. But you’re probably not in the mood to answer to anyone and may overreact if you’re getting bossed around. Do your best to look at the reality of the situation and not just your subjective take on it. And use all this yang energy to take strategic action that moves the ball forward. Venus and Uranus are facing off, complicating sharing and closeness, especially if your finances or confidence aren’t rock solid. Don’t let anxiety over a power imbalance cause you to lose sight of what you can gain; you might get an unexpected bonus if you hang in there. With Mercury and Venus sauntering into your exploration sector next, the appeal of newness and difference grows, luring you to meet people and enjoy unfamiliar social and cultural experiences. Bear in mind that Mercury is still retrograde, which can gum up the works with travel and education and produce heated debates. But it’s a great time to look at the world from a fresh angle and reconsider your opinions and beliefs.



March 21-April 19

Jupiter recently arrived in your exploration corner and will be touring that part of your chart for the next year. So when the sun and Mercury encounter the largest planet this week, you can get an idea of what this transit has in store for you. Seek out different experiences, people, places and ideas that will provide opportunities for you to learn and grow. A spirit of adventure emboldens you to take chances and bring more excitement into your life. You should be feeling pretty hopeful and driven to discover fresh possibilities. It’s a great time to link up with a cause you believe in and join with others to raise awareness. You’re seeking knowledge and are capable of broadening your perspective and perceiving important truths. Stay off the soapbox, though, as Jupiter has a tendency to proselytize. Merc and the sun are poking Mars in your subliminal zone, so you might get carried away and end up doing something to undermine yourself. Examining your hidden motives from different angles can stop self-sabotage in its tracks. Attempt to direct strong convictions towards productive, humble, behind-the-scenes work. Venus is confronting Uranus in Aries, so you may crave companionship, but you’ll also feel the need to swerve in a different direction. Don’t dash off leaving someone wondering what’s up with you; allow for breaks and personal space so you won’t get fenced in and want to make a quick getaway. If you require time off from closeness, say so as diplomatically as you can. Mercury and Venus are dancing into your depth sector, upping the appeal of intimacy, passion projects and emotional transformation. Since Mercury is still in reverse, you might find yourself reflecting on a loss or reminiscing about a past lover. Now’s the time to wait out tricky communication; search your psyche for valuable info; pick up the thread of an old investigation; and protect your privacy.



April 20–May 20

The sun and Mercury catch up with Jupiter this week, amplifying the theme of Jupiter’s yearlong trip through your depth-and-merging house. The planets are doubling down on the theme of diving deep into your psyche, significant relationships and passion projects and reaping the rewards of this intense focus. There are no shortcuts to growth; you need to really dig in and learn as much as you can — about yourself, about closeness, about something you’re obsessed with. If you need support, Jupiter will incline others to be generous with you, but a spirit of give-and-take is essential to maintaining fairness in relations since the planet of largesse can tempt you to ask too much of someone. Mercury and the sun are sparring with Mars in your network sector, making it harder to collaborate with a group, particularly if you’re feeling strong-willed and putting all your eggs in one basket. Your ego may be invested in holding onto power when what’s really needed for teamwork is a more laissez-faire approach. Your intense drive can be used to motivate a group, but there’s a fine line you’ll need to tread between rallying the troops and being a control freak! When your ruling planet moves into an opposition with Uranus, you’re bound to get distracted even if you’re enjoying what you’re doing. You could work against yourself if you don’t allow wiggle room for tangents and timeouts. On the flipside, a selfless impulse might lead to a loving gesture that serves the greater good. With Mercury and Venus both crossing into your one-on-one angle, companionship becomes increasingly important to you, and you’re prepared to compromise in order to keep the peace. But given the fact that Mercury is backtracking, you might feel like you need a translator when you’re interacting with other individuals. Don’t jump to conclusions; give people the benefit of the doubt.



May 21–June 20

Your one-on-one interactions will help you really come alive this week when the sun and Jupiter meet up in your partnership angle. You’ll feel most yourself when you’re connecting with other individuals, and it’s easy to bring out the best in each other. Mercury also has a rendezvous scheduled with the largest planet, underscoring the potential for learning through relationships and about relationships. You should have luck getting back in touch with people who are able to enhance your life and open doors for you. You might travel with a companion, and revisiting places will probably prove easier than going somewhere for the first time. It’s important to keep the playing field even in your close connections, since Jupiter can tip the scales out of balance. This part of the chart emphasizes mutuality, so aim to grow together as a unit with someone who’s important to you. Mercury and the sun are also battling Mars in your achievement angle, suggesting that personal ambition may conflict with this intention to maintain a good rapport in your relationships, and you might end up chasing after your own goals. But you also might inspire each other to climb to greater heights—separately or in tandem—if you respect each other as equals. A Venus-Uranus opposition can bring about surprising romantic sparks or spontaneous fun with friends. Others may want to march to their own beat, just as you do, and you’ll get along better if you give people the same freedom you desire. With Mercury and Venus entering your productivity corner, you’re ready and willing to do what’s necessary and understand what it takes to work alongside others. But since your ruler is still retrograde, you’re in danger of overlooking key details and getting into misunderstandings with colleagues. Use this time to tweak your routine, research jobs, review health matters and brush up on your skills.



June 21–July 22

Take pride in how much you can get done this week when the sun and Mercury align with Jupiter in your efficiency corner. You have the energy to accomplish plenty of the tasks on your to-do list and will have a positive attitude about making yourself useful. You might take a step back and revise a work project; rethink your daily modus operandi; try a novel approach to a problem; take on a wider range of duties; polish your skills; reconnect with old colleagues; or critique something in broad strokes, filling in details later. Mercury and the sun are at odds with Mars in your exploration house, so no matter how determined you are to concentrate on the work in front of you, you’re liable to get restless here and there. If literal escape isn’t feasible, mental breaks that give your brain a chance to shoot off on interesting tangents will help you scratch the itch. There’s also a chance that whatever you’re focusing on will mobilize you to fight for truth, justice or personal principles. It’s all too easy to get into a dispute over right and wrong now; don’t expend too much energy trying to convert people to your views. You can agree to disagree! Venus and Uranus are locked in a standoff, jeopardizing your enjoyment of home and family. You might have to deal with an unforeseen development or demand from a boss, so accept that juggling work and pleasure is just part of life. Fortunately, when Mercury and Venus show up in your fulfillment zone, you’ll have more leeway to enjoy life and express your personality, humor, creativity and feelings. With Mercury still in reverse, speaking from the heart isn’t exactly straightforward, but you can reread something you love, revise a piece of creative writing, rediscover your inner child and revive an old source of fun.



July 23–August 22

A planetary party in your fulfillment house brings out oodles of your unmistakably Leo energy this week, giving you the go-ahead to express who you are and show off a little. Your intentions could be misread if you hog the mike, since Mercury is still in backspin mode. So graciously share the spotlight if you’re coming off as a diva. But by no means should you hide in the shadows! Meet luck halfway by confidently putting yourself out there and living life boldly on your terms. Go after the love and happiness you desire and believe you deserve to get it. Jupiter gives you the courage to be authentic and to take a bigger bite out of life. Because Mercury and the sun aren’t getting along perfectly with Mars in your depth-and-merging sector, all this joie de vivre might produce tension in a close relationship if there’s too much emphasis on me instead of we. But tension can also translate to sexy sparks that heat up your connection and keep things fresh. Your ego could get bruised if someone doesn’t respond the way you want and doesn’t get where you’re coming from. A Venus-Uranus faceoff also complicates communication, and living in the moment can protect you from getting upset. Try to accept that you don’t know what will happen — Uranus is prone to throwing the outcome up in the air. A flirtation or new interest can provide an exciting diversion if you resist trying to categorize it. Once Mercury and Venus dip down to the base of your chart, the pleasures of home and family become increasingly appealing and you might get nostalgic and sentimental. With Merc traveling retrograde, you’re likely to focus on your interior life and could start to rethink your living situation. Be patient if you get your wires crossed with relatives; communication will be better in a matter of days.



August 23–September 22

With a few planets congregating at the bottom of your chart this week, you’ll thrive on being in familiar surroundings and will feel in tune with what’s going on inside of you. Jupiter has been there for a few weeks, and its alliances with the sun and Mercury will shed light on the journey to come. Inner confidence and optimism inspire you to get going on improving your living situation or doing inner work to understand the past and your emotions. Personal reflection is extra valuable now, so prioritize alone time or quality time with a confidante. Self-care should be high on your list, but putting yourself first might somehow rub family or roomies the wrong way, so try to tend to your needs without trampling on someone’s feelings inadvertently. Merc and the sun are both battling Mars in your interpersonal angle, so sharp words spoken in the heat of the moment could instigate a conflict, or the drive to feel safe and secure could clash with the drive to hash things out with someone. Strive to stay on top of your mood and tap into an underlying sense that you know who you are and what you need. Staying centered like that can give you the vigor to assert yourself in a fair and direct manner and work through any difficulties with another person. When Venus and Uranus go head to head, closeness can get a bit trickier. Give someone the freedom to surprise you instead of fixating on something specific you want from them and being thrown if they don’t deliver as expected. Mercury and Venus are darting into your thinking-and-talking corner next, emphasizing your mindset and interactions and coaxing you to appreciate the warmth and beauty in your everyday life. Since Mercury is retrograde for a bit longer, postpone big convos and decisions and try to laugh off mixed signals and travel snags.



September 23–October 22

Your brain is on fire this week when the sun and Mercury bump into supersized Jupiter in your thinking-and-talking corner. A positive attitude and a thirst for learning fuel your ideas and interactions, giving you a taste of the year to come when Jupiter will be making its way through this part of your chart. You might be inspired to speak your truth, but remember that Mercury is still retrograde, which makes communication rather murky. Regardless, community organizing would be an ideal use of this week’s energy, as Jupiter enables you to reach plenty of people and spread the word. Even better if you can find different ways of getting the message across. You’re thinking big and talking big, and since Merc and the sun are at odds with doer Mars in your efficiency corner, it may be challenging to match your actions with your vision. It’s possible that you’re conceptualizing in general terms and need to slow down and execute a task more meticulously. Try to channel your enthusiasm so it motivates you to take productive, targeted action. And resist the temptation to criticize others’ methods, as you’re likely to sound too harsh. Venus in Libra is going toe to toe with Uranus, hinting at out-of-the-blue flirtations. Someone new might show up in your life, or restlessness could disrupt an existing connection. Don’t try to hold onto another person; Uranus encourages you to live in the present and look to the future with the expectation that change is inevitable. Mercury and your ruling planet are both segueing into your worth house, turning your attention to what you have and what you need. You could become more covetous, but your financial judgment will be iffy for another week or so, meaning splurges could lead to buyer’s remorse. Postpone negotiations and major purchases (especially tech) and go over your budget or clean your closet.


October 23–November 21

The sun, Mercury and Jupiter are getting together in your worth zone this week, so you’re likely to identify very strongly with your personal values and possessions. You might feel the need to acquire things that seem like they’ll enhance your life or perhaps give you more freedom. In addition, you’ll be able to maximize the resources you already have at your disposal and make good use of your innate talents. Do your best to get perspective on your true needs and consider the wisest ways to get them met. If your self-esteem and financial strategy could use some work, look at the connection between the two and believe in your power to improve both. Since Mercury and the sun are clashing with Mars in your fulfillment house, your acquisitiveness can all too easily trigger impulsive action if you think you’re going after something that will make you happy. Try to tame those urges if you’re getting yourself into trouble and give more thought to what’s really important to you. Jupiter wants you to align with your highest values and learn how to provide for yourself. When Venus faces off with Uranus, you might do a favor on a whim. You’re motivated by selflessness but don’t want to feel too obligated, so make sure the choice is yours. Help someone out because you want to. With Mercury and Venus arriving in Scorpio, you’ll start feeling more sociable and easygoing. You can draw people to you and should make it a priority to spend time with whomever you want to be around — like your squad. Since Mercury is still retrograde, you’ll have to be patient with the inevitable crossed wires and shouldn’t worry too much if you’re feeling misunderstood. You might opt to rethink a personal choice or contemplate what message you want to get across. Then wait a week or so for the smoke to clear.


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Raising awareness sounds like a great thing to do this week! Thank you for the horoscope!

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4 years ago

Love this so much! Thanks :)

Nice content! Helps a lot! I love it, Thanks so much for this