Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of November 5-11

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October 23–November 21

The Scorpio sun is vibing with Neptune in your fulfillment house early in the week, so being yourself — and maybe even being the center of attention for a change, despite your penchant for privacy — will fulfill a deep need to engage with the world and experience the joy of living. You may achieve an elusive state of flow that allows you to transcend self-consciousness and simply be. Your ideal experience now could involve romance, creative expression, play or spiritual connection. This week’s new moon lands in your sign, inviting you to set your intentions for the coming year. New year, new you—you have the planets’ full permission to reinvent yourself! Granted, Venus won’t resume forward motion until next week and doesn’t reenter Scorpio until December, so don’t go making any big changes to your appearance until then. But do consider a new look and internal tweaks that impact your outer presentation. Think about how you come across and whether you’re hiding aspects of the real you. You have a tailwind now to start fresh, make a bolder impression and blaze a new trail that shapes your identity. As Uranus backs into your efficiency corner, your work, health and everyday life may once again seem rather unpredictable and you could feel that itch to rebel against responsibility. In the next four months, you might put the finishing touches on changes that affect your wellbeing and productivity. With Jupiter exiting your sign and segueing into your worth zone for a yearlong stay, you’ll transition from learning about yourself to learning what you need, how you can get it, what’s important to you and how you can make the most of what you have. You could earn and spend more money, acquire more belongings and figure out how to maximize your talents. It’s time to rank your priorities, align your actions with your highest values, and believe in yourself so you can get better at providing for yourself.



November 22–December 21

A meeting between the sun and Neptune at the beginning of the week gives you a free pass to escape the commotion of the outer world and seek out an atmosphere that soothes your soul. A spa day may hit the spot, or you could just as happily lose yourself in a meditation sesh or Netflix binge. Alone time—or time at home around people you can unwind with — will help you recharge your battery. The new moon at the end of your chart coaxes you to begin a new spiritual practice or dream journal; start volunteering; listen to your intuition; make sleep and downtime a regular priority; and wrap up any unfinished business that’s keeping you emotionally tethered to the past. Uranus is backpedaling into your joy sector, which will probably entail returning to developments that affected your love life, creativity, playtime and other pursuits of pleasure. You may have thought something was over and soon it will start up again, requiring you to keep updating the ways you find happiness. But this week’s biggest news is that lucky Jupiter will be leaving Scorpio and setting up shop in Sagittarius for the next 13 months, kicking off a new cycle of personal growth for all you Archers! Your ruling planet last toured your sign from November 2006 to December 2007, lending you extra optimism and inviting you to envision all the possibilities of who you could become. This is your year to seize opportunities, have new experiences and learn more about yourself and what you can achieve. If you don’t feel like you’re on your true path, experimenting and exploring can put you in touch with your higher purpose. Don’t wait for things to come to you; look for chances to grow, then go after them. Your confidence, enthusiasm and sense of freedom will keep your spirits high, and you might even inspire others around you. It’s time to bet on yourself and reach for the stars!



December 22–January 19

You won’t have a hard time getting on the same page with a group when the sun in your network sector jibes with Neptune in your thinking-and-talking corner at the beginning of the week. You can find a way to express your individuality and still integrate with others, especially if you make it clear that you empathize with them. Find commonalities, and don’t get hung up on details. Show people that you care, and play a role that serves interests beyond your own. The new moon is also activating your network sector, suggesting that you may soon make new friends and contacts; join a different group; develop new hopes; extend your social-media reach; or launch a philanthropic endeavor. Think in terms of what you can do to grow your team and also help others. When Uranus slips back down to the base of your chart, mood swings, domestic disruptions and an urge to cut the apron strings could return for a few months. You may need to reexamine your roots, memories and private emotions so you can finally put them in their proper place. Jupiter is sneaking into your release-and-retreat zone, where it will be hibernating for the next 13 months, asking you to relinquish some control and allow yourself to drift. You’ll need peace and quiet to rest and reflect and should tune into the whisperings of your soul offering up its wisdom. Your subconscious can reveal itself through dreams, psychotherapy and spiritual practice, liberating emotions and teaching you inner truths. Let go of anything (and anyone) that doesn’t serve your growth and accept losses, mistakes and flaws. Believe that we’re all connected and cultivate compassion for yourself and others. Let your imagination run wild and incubate ideas behind the scenes in preparation for future enterprises. You might find a spiritual teacher this year or play that role for others. This is also an excellent time to study a metaphysical subject that resonates with you.



January 20–February 18

With the sun hovering at the peak of your chart and dovetailing with Neptune as the week gets underway, shining in a professional or public arena will give you a genuine sense of self-worth and can also spotlight your creative or spiritual gifts. If you can bring your highest values into alignment with your ambitions, you’re sure to succeed. Don’t shy away from the spotlight or hesitate to prove what you’re made of. The new moon also occurs at the highest point in your chart, encouraging you to set new goals, embark on a fresh chapter in your career, create a business plan, take on a high-profile role or change your public image. If you need to start promoting yourself more, this is your cue. Uranus — your ruling planet — is backtracking into your thinking-and-talking corner, where he spent several years shaking up your assumptions, compelling you to change the way you perceive reality and altering the way you express yourself. In the next four months, you might need to finish learning something you thought you already had down or deal with game-changing news that opens your eyes. Jupiter lands in your hopes-and-humanity zone later in the week, where it will be camped out until December 2019. This is a year for expanding the circle of people in your life and growing new dreams. As you develop different interests and aims, you’ll cross paths with others who share them. You’ll gain a great deal from networking, as the contacts you make are likely to educate you, encourage you and lift you up. You’ll have luck with technology, humanitarian endeavors and team efforts and may grow your social media influence. The overarching message is: Don’t go it alone! Venus’s current harmony with Mars in Aquarius implies your reluctance to take chances on unfamiliar pleasures and people can be overcome by your drive to make something happen and get what you want, so roll the dice!



February 19–March 20

Your ruler links with the sun early in the week, facilitating an adventure that you may have dreamed of; or on the flipside, you may have an experience that inspires you to dream bigger. You might even have a spiritual awakening of sorts or feel healed by what you learn. This transit can expand your consciousness, but you should watch out for a tendency to take everything in unfiltered, leaving you vulnerable to illusions. The new moon in your exploration corner also coaxes you to broaden your horizons and have faith in the future. You’re primed to take a leap of faith for the sake of growth. A trip, entrepreneurial venture or new course of study could be in the works. This is your annual push to switch up your personal philosophy and adopt a new mantra. With Uranus reversing into your worth house, the ups and downs of finances and self-confidence aren’t a thing of the past unfortunately, but the next four months give you a chance to take another look at your priorities and reshuffle. Your needs, assets and values have changed over the years, and any sudden windfalls or losses are bound to feed into that theme. Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to earn a living in an unplanned way. Jupiter is climbing to the high point in your chart, ramping up your ambition for the next 13 months. You could take on a leadership role and receive loads of accolades—so welcome responsibility. Since you’ll be keeping a high profile and feeling sure of yourself, try not to come off as superior. But do aim high, try for a promotion and chase after chances to grab the brass ring. You might land a job that allows you to travel or “takes you places” in your career. If you’re still searching for your true calling, seek out a professional mentor who will help you chart your path to success.



March 21-April 19

This week’s sun-Neptune conference lures you to keep focusing intently on a passion project, close relationship or private process because your investment can bring a sense of peace and healing. You’re attuned to subtleties, and your imagination and intuition can lead you to cathartic revelations. Understanding yourself deeply — or sharing your real self with another person — will somehow allow you to let go of the urgent need to be the master of your fate and captain of your soul and trust in the universe. You won’t be any less in charge of your life and might even feel more connected to your divine destiny. With Uranus reentering Aries until March, the very personal revolution you’ve been undergoing isn’t quite over. Take a last look at longstanding patterns, an outworn identity and obsolete self-limitations — and move toward feeling like yourself as the new you. How can you integrate the radical changes taking place within you and interact with the world in a way that reflects who you’re becoming? As Jupiter blasts into your exploration corner, you’ll be inspired to spread your wings and soar in the year to come. Spot opportunities to learn, travel and have growth experiences. Your mission is to find more meaning in life, and in order to do so, you’ll have to take risks, seek out difference, expand your perspective and strive for greater awareness of all that the world has to offer. Your wanderlust and sense of adventure will be on an upswing. People from various backgrounds and places, unfamiliar subjects, foreign cultures and beliefs will all invigorate your mind. Faith, courage and optimism will motivate you to take a bigger bite out of life and make the most of your chances to explore new territory. Work on developing your own philosophy, and also consider getting involved in a cause beyond yourself. Reminding yourself that you don’t need to have all the answers will keep you on the right quest!



April 20–May 20

Team up for a humanitarian cause when the sun and Neptune join forces early in the week. Common ideals will bring you together, and you’ll be energized by serving a higher purpose. Uranus is exiting your sign and sneaking back into your release corner, where he’ll be hiding out for the next four months. That’s your cue to confront lingering issues in your psyche that are weighing you down and preventing you from embracing change. What loose ends can you tie up in order to free yourself? Pulling skeletons out of your closet and dealing with them between now and March will pay off in the years to come. The new moon in your one-on-one angle can jumpstart a new partnership or make an existing one more official, and it can also indicate that you’ll soon go public with something you’ve been working on. Jupiter is leaving that angle and segueing into your depth-and-merging house for a 13-month stay, providing further incentive to get to the truth in your psyche and invest in your closest connections. Shared resources, mutual emotional support and gratifying sex are just a few of the perks that can come with an intimate relationship. And if mistrust or possessiveness have been Achilles heels for you in the past, this transit can be a real learning experience. You might also dive deep into a passion project or a process of psychological growth and would benefit from plenty of alone time and the guidance of a healing professional. Besides this kind of inner work, outside sources (such as loans and grants) will also offer rewards in the next year, so seek out what you need. But keep your ask within reason, since Jupiter likes to go overboard. When your ruler, Venus, vibes with Mars late in the week, hopefully you’ll enjoy a feeling of getting your daily life on track and improving in an area that’s important to you.



May 21–June 20

Enjoy the fruits of your labor when the sun in your productivity corner gels with Neptune in your ambition angle at the beginning of the week. It may not be time to ease up and take a victory lap, but you can get a lovely sense of being in a groove, particularly if you’re doing creative or spiritually inspired work. The new moon invites you to launch a job search, organize your workspace, initiate a positive habit, streamline your schedule, start a new diet or fitness regimen, learn a skill, strengthen your work ethic or adopt a pet. Uranus is returning to your humanity house for a four-month visit, which is likely to bring up issues in your squad or another group that you may have thought were resolved. The faces on Team Gemini changed in the last several years as your interests and goals changed, and now you could find yourself doubling back to unfinished friendships. Remember to give people the same amount of freedom that you yourself desire. With Jupiter crossing your interpersonal angle, your one-on-one relationships will be a big source of personal growth in the next 13 months. You’ll have an easier time connecting with others and will come in contact with a broad range of people who can introduce you to different aspects of the world. During this time, you’re meant to learn through your relationships and about your relationships. A business or romantic partnership can flourish, or you might meet a better match than your current one. If you have a significant other, the two of you may do more traveling together or begin a course of study as a couple. And since Jupiter favors difference and distance, you’d be wise to cast your net wide for dating prospects and other opportunities to pair off. It should be a good year for securing a mentor or teacher or getting a collab off the ground.



June 21–July 22

A sun-Neptune confab early in the week hints at a transcendent experience based on the joy of being yourself and doing what makes you happy. Express who you are and what you feel, with no apologies. Have faith in the possibilities that life has in store for you — and in all that you have to offer the world. The new moon in your fulfillment zone echoes this sentiment, coaxing you to have more fun and invite love into your life. A new romance, creative venture or other source of pleasure could be on the horizon, and you might be inspired to step into the spotlight and draw positive attention to yourself. With Uranus climbing back to the peak of your chart for a four-month layover, changes to your career, public image, overall life direction and relationship with authority that are hanging in the balance may be set in motion again, requiring you to give more thought to your place in the world and how you want to make your mark. Jupiter is also on the move, arriving in your productivity-and-wellness corner for a 13-month tour and encouraging you to improve your quality of life. It’s time to implement positive changes that will make you healthier and take on extra duties that will grow your skillset. Your work ethic will get stronger and stronger; however, you’ll also want more freedom and might opt to do something more entrepreneurial. You’ll probably be quite busy and should try to get good at managing your time. This is a great year for making lifestyle changes and taking better care of yourself, but you’ll also benefit from being of service to others. Jupiter sets you on a quest to understand your purpose and to find work that’s meaningful for you. Meanwhile, this week’s Venus-Mars mashup nudges you to fearlessly unpack emotional baggage so you can lay the past to rest and move on with your life!



July 23–August 22

Your ruling planet is in cahoots with Neptune as the week begins, inspiring you to take care of someone you love or luring you to romanticize feelings of closeness. You may feel so comfortable with another person that it seems like you’ve known each other forever. Relaxing in familiar surroundings will have a healing effect, so don’t feel guilty about skipping social plans to stay in. The new moon alludes to your need to put down fresh roots and feel at home somewhere. There may be a change in your living situation or your family coming down the pike. If you get the urge to redecorate, postpone major decisions and purchases until later in the month when aesthetic-oriented Venus pivots forward. This lunation is also about being comfortable in your own skin, so you might up your self-care game or make moves to protect yourself better. Retrograde Uranus is returning to your exploration corner, calling for you to take a step back from your worldview and look at life from a fresh angle. Insights you’ve had in the last few years can come back to you and reinvigorate your mind. You may need to finish learning something before you can take the next steps in your career or set off in a new direction in your life. With Jupiter surging into your joy sector for a 13-month sojourn, a different kind of learning gets the green light. You’re meant to learn how to enjoy life to the fullest, so let your inner child out to play and express your personality and your desires more freely. Allow people to see the real you. Show off your creativity. Wear your heart on your sleeve. If you’re dating, get out of your comfort zone and spend time with people who are different from you. Jupiter embraces difference — so “opposites attract” is the name of the game. You’ll have a better shot at love and happiness if you color outside the lines!



August 23–September 22

When the sun and Neptune make music early in the week, vibrant, authentic communication will help you feel in sync with others, and you might form a spiritual or creative partnership. It’s easy to convey sincere empathy for people and experience a feeling of unity. You want to understand and be understood, so build bridges, not walls. The new moon in your thinking-and-talking corner invites you to get curious; gather info; learn new things; become more active in your community; connect with a sibling; schedule short trips like weekend getaways; and tackle paperwork. New ideas will flow freely, and you might make an important decision soon. As Uranus backs into your depth-and-merging zone, upheaval in a close relationship could resume and you may find yourself grappling with unresolved emotional or interpersonal issues. Getting them squared away will free you up to conquer fresh territory in your life. Profound feelings, intimacy, passion and outside support can again catch you by surprise, as they did in the last few years. Jupiter is descending to the foundation of your chart, where it will be hunkered down for the next 13 months, and the support you get from your family and home life will be a source of strength. This is a great year to ask your parents for help if you need it because they’re likely to come through for you. You might relocate, enhance the space you’re in now, build an addition or move to a larger home. Spending time with relatives and visiting those who live far away will lift your spirits, and your relationship with your mother may improve. Aim to understand your moods, your childhood and your innermost thoughts. Surround yourself with wise women. You could bump self-care to the top of your priority list or start seeing a therapist to process old emotions. Have fun decorating, entertaining and enjoying the comforts of home. If you’re trying to conceive, luck is on your side.



September 23–October 22

As the week gets underway, tap into your full range of talents and make good use of the resources at your disposal to help others and do work that strikes a chord. The sun in your worth zone is fueling Neptune in your efficiency corner, so the more confident you are, the more productive you’ll be. Feeling good about what you have going for you will also inspire you to tune into your body’s needs and honor the connection between spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing. The new moon in your worth zone gives you the incentive to create a budget; set financial goals; open up a fresh stream of revenue; feed the five senses; and get your possessions in order. A money-making opportunity could be around the corner, but cash won’t flow freely until later this month when Venus gets back into gear. With Uranus reversing into your one-on-one angle, you may start to cross paths with eccentric types as you did before or have interactions that throw you for a loop. Changes in a close relationship may need to be revisited, as you’re still working on balancing togetherness and independence. Jupiter shows up in your thinking-and-talking corner later in the week, preparing for a 13-month visit. Your mindset, everyday interactions and environment will become livelier, and your relations with siblings and neighbors could improve. Lots of local travel may ensue, or your commute may get longer. You’ll be inspired and educated by people close to home and are apt to read and write more. Take advantage of opportunities to meet a broad swath of humanity and to spread your message far and wide. Leave your default thought patterns behind and look for fresh ideas and ways of communicating. Venus in Libra is harmonizing with Mars, so if you decide to go for it, you might enjoy yourself despite the fact that the pleasure planet is traveling retrograde. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!


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