Hallo Amsterdam!

Without further ado, the first Free People store to grace the streets of Europe — say hello to Amsterdam…

It’s perhaps only befitting that the new Free People store is located in Amsterdam’s “The Nine Streets” district, one known for its eclectic range of patrons and businesses. We are humbled to sit within and amongst this genuine community, which includes a local organic coffee shop, fromagerie, and local brand boutiques.

As is true in all of our endeavors, the FP aesthetic — color and playfulness — is immediately apparent as one slips inside, while taking a cue from those architectural features of the building’s original façade.

A press event Thursday evening preceded the store’s official opening on Friday. The Dutch guests in attendance effortlessly styled our key pieces, pairing vegan leather dresses with button-down shirts and kitten heels, cable knits with cropped flares, floral mini dresses with chunky sneakers, and embroidered dresses with animal print boots. It was exciting to come face-to-face with those familiar with the brand, and even more invigorating to witness those who were learning of us for the first time.

Stop by and say hello, hallo!

Store imagery by Alexander Sporre.

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Such beautiful pictures! Lucky Amsterdam – now please open here in Hong Kong!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

5 years ago

Great photos! :)

5 years ago

Sometimes I was wandering if ever I’ll visit Freepeople store(as I’m European and for now don’t have opportunity to visit USA) ,but now as I’ve even moved to Netherlands, it’s more possible than ever! I’m so happy and I guess here comes in my mothers saying – if You really wish something,if actually happens! So HORRAY for all of You with the new shop!!!!

5 years ago

How about a store in ABQ, NM???

5 years ago

can’t wait to visit!

5 years ago

How about opening one in copenhagen? ;b
CPH has a widespread tendency to whole-super-raw-vega organic foods, it’s quite the soulfull, health-town ;b

5 years ago

Looking forward to make a trip to Amsterdam!! Finally a way to see and feel your items up close and get a chance to feel the Free People vibe!!

4 years ago

I wish we could order online from the Amsterdam store, because from the US the taxes are so high to get it sent to Belgium. Love the brand and would shop more if I could order online from Europe.

4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

That would be awsome! Or if the company could at least offer the option to pay due taxes together with the ordered items and postage; that way you receive your order sooner and the dues are less expensive (the mere procedure to impose the due tax costs about 10 to 12 euros). The Revolve online shop offers this option with its courier service.

4 years ago

Thanks for sharing !

4 years ago

Yesss! :)

4 years ago

Thanks for sharing your great efforts.

Panchali Belde
4 years ago

Congratulations! Great location – I was there last year. Hope to see a Free People store in Munich, Germany soon. That would be awesome!!

4 years ago

Great news !! Still expecting FP in Paris !!

Sylvia Schulze
3 years ago

Giebt es dort auch einen Online shop ?

3 years ago
Reply to  Sylvia Schulze

Hallo! Yes you can shop either our US site or UK site, depending on your needs. Danke schön! XO