Soho Pop-Up: A Ritual of Roses with Spirit Radical

This beloved flower is capable of MUCH more than surprising your partner on Valentine’s Day… Learn how you can hold a Rose Healing Ceremony at home, or sign up to meet Spirit Radical in NY!

First, a bit about this husband-and-wife spirit dream team…

Spirit Radical is run by Australian and American husband-and-wife, Brendon and Christine. With over 20 years of collective experience, they’ve dedicated their lives to healing, connecting with Spirit, training in energy healing modalities, and studying with world-renowned healers. They are Reiki Masters, EMF Balancing Technique certified, clairvoyant, clairsentient, claircognizant, and intuitive empaths.

All sessions are conducted by both Christine and Brendon, and held in a safe space for people to unwind and find their inner healers. If you’ll be in NYC on 11/7, sign up to take part in our safe space workshop here.

Although a Rose Healing Ceremony is done with a partner, you can easily incorporate roses into your self-care ritual.

Purchase a dozen roses.

Every color possesses a unique frequency — your subconscious will know exactly which one you need for healing. Before selecting your roses, take a deep breath and allow your body to relax and your heart to open. Then, notice which roses are calling you, whether it’s through a feeling or you’re simply attracted to a certain color. Try not to think about it beforehand or get attached to your usual favorite colors — it might surprise you which color you need! If your roses consist of several colors, it simply means that you’re healing multiple issues.

Below is a list of rose colors for you to keep in mind as you choose. Reflect on which of their qualities you’d like to develop:

  • Red: Grounding, heals anger, increases motivation, attracts love, passion and romance
  • Orange: Brings joy and sensuality, eases agitation, emotional clearing, enhances creativity
  • Yellow: Acceptance of self and others, mental clarity and calm, brings one truth and trust
  • Pink: Self-love, beauty, acceptance, balances masculine and feminine energies, releases heart pain and trauma
  • Blue/Purple: Inspiration, creative self-expression, deepens spiritual vision and intuition
  • White: Innocence, faith, purification, awaken to your own divinity, gentle transitions, releasing the past

Set an intention.

Get clear on what you want to heal or develop within yourself. This will program the roses to help you. Ask them to please assist with your intentions. You may want to write this in your journal or speak it aloud.

Open the ritual.

Any number of tools can be used to open your sacred space: anointing your body with rose essential oil, lighting reiki-infused candles or incense, smudging with sacred herbs, playing a tingsha (Tibetan cymbals) or crystal singing bowl, and/or playing meditation music. This helps your mind know that it’s time to go within.

Place the roses on your body.

Take each rose individually and hold it at the tip of the stem so the flower is dangling above your body. Ask it to go to the area that needs help most. Allow the rose to scan your body until you feel where it wants to stop. This may manifest as a subtle magnetic pull or an intuitive knowing. Then, place your rose there. It doesn’t matter if the rose touches your skin directly or if it’s on top of your clothes – it will still share its healing energy! Continue this process until all of the roses have been placed on your body. Feel their gentle, yet profound essence work on your aura and body. Stay with the roses until you feel complete. Then, you can pick them up with gratitude for their service.

Continuing the ritual.

The roses will continue to work with you after the ritual. Place them in a vase on your nightstand and talk to them every day until there is no more oil in their buds. Roses will retain their oils far after the petals have fallen off – up to 3-4 weeks after you purchased them! Treat them like your confidant. Ask them to help you with your worries, fears, hopes and dreams. Continue giving them thanks as they work with you. When it’s time to release them, bury them in the earth, or release them to a natural body of water such as an ocean or a river.

+ For all of our November wellness programming, go here.


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Sounds like a great workshop! I didn’t know that different colours of roses had different meanings!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

We are over the moon to teach the Rose Healing Ceremony class!

5 years ago

Love this post :)

4 years ago

I think there are no people who do not love the flower. because it’s is the best Through of the mind Can be released of our inner talk. the flower is not only just look’s beautiful. flower provide a great smell and helps us to connect with each other.

because of every happy time, like Christmas or another occasion, we use a lot of flowers. I think flower helps us to chances our mind to love each of the people. The beauty of nature’s bounty brings comfort and warmth into an environment. Whether the flower recipient is celebrating an important event or grieving a terrible loss, flowers boost morale and lift the moods of the parties.

According to the In Lieu of Flowers website, funeral directors found that flowers can significantly reduce the stress of the bereaved while giving warm support and comfort to the mourners.

4 years ago

This is really awesome! I wish I would’ve attended this in past?
Is there another one coming up anytime soon?