Soho Pop-Up: Creating Your Own Circle of Light

Celebrate your body, mind, spirit, your YONI… with Jaguar Woman, at our Soho pop-up this month! And read on to learn how to create your own Circle of Light.

Recipe for Ritual: Creating Your Own Circle of Light


1 white candle

A dress that makes you feel beautiful 

Your imagination 

Your voice 

Your breath 

A cup of tea 


Before you keep reading, I want you to take a moment to do 3 things:

Light a candle.

Put on a dress that makes you feel beautiful.

Pour yourself a cup of tea.

Now close your eyes and take a deep breath. Inhale. Exhale.

We have just performed a Ritual. It means we’ve done some things that have been done before, but we slowed them down, and made them beautiful, all while enjoying a cup of tea. Together.

A women’s circle is Ritual.

The Circle of Light is a sacred Ritual gathering, an opportunity for women unite in the magic of Yoni.

In my work as a Priestess, I facilitate the Circle of Light women’s circle. No matter where I am, the first thing I tell women is to “suspend disbelief”… just for the time we share.

I invite you to imagine.

Imagine everything is real: mermaids, fairies, princesses and yes, even the witches… Magic. All of it. 

Are you there? Now, stay on that vibration:

Say “Yoni.” It elicits that inevitably lowered tone and nervous giggle or shudder of respect even though you may not know exactly what it means. It conjures up a feeling in your body.

This “Yoni” word has been getting a lot of attention lately. There are Yoni oils, Yoni eggs, Yoni steams and now Yoni gatherings… but what is a Yoni? What does it mean?

In yoga philosophy, the Sanskrit word for true Knowledge is “Jnana” It is awareness that encompasses the whole circle of the Self: mind, body and soul. It’s when you know something because you’ve experienced it. I call this “Body Knowledge.”
I resided at a Yoga Ashram as part of my healing journey. At the Ashram we would chant the Sanskrit alphabet, sacred mantras or prayers and Vedic scriptures. The Sanskrit alphabet is a vibratory language that is communicated in song. Every day I studied the shapes of the letters written on the board and chant: 





Soon I knew the whole alphabet. I mean, I didn’t know exactly what I was saying. But I could feeeeel it in my body. 
Yoni is a Sanskrit word. It has been translated to mean Womb. That place where you create ideas. poems, canvases, and yes (if you choose to) human life. But it is from Sanskrit, a language of vibration. It moves through your mouth with the fluidity of yoga. So to say it, you need to feel it. And once you feel it, you know it.


Sing it. Feel it. Know it: It’s a Circle. A Circle of Light.

Let’s do another ritual…

Wherever you are: put your cellphone down, step away from your computer. stand up. Right now. And yell, “YONI!”

Now imagine.

(Remember?) Suspend your disbelief. 

Believe for a moment that to everyone these words reach — a woman sitting at her desk, riding the train — she will jump up and say YONI! 

Imagine it. Yoni! Yoni! Yoni!

FEEL the magic!

That’s how I want you to know your own Yoni. Your own creative power. Your intuition. With the magic of “Jnana.”

That’s what happens when we ritual. We use the ritual to create an experience. Then we don’t need to ask anymore, because we shared the experience. Together. We feel it in our body. So now we understand.


Let us do another ritual together — a ritual for your Yoni.

Light a candle.

Put on a long flowing skirt that makes you feel beautiful.

Imagine giving your Yoni a cup of tea: roses, lavender jasmine…

Add this ingredient to your imagination.

Imagine all the women reading this who are as curious and brave as you. Imagine they are in their homes, with their candles, and feeling beautiful in their long flowy dresses, with their cups of tea and imagining you right back.

Imagine all the women who have done this very thing before you: your aunts and your sisters and your mothers and your grandmothers and your great-great grandmothers who have done these same things, in this same way: with jasmine, lavender and rose; with honor, reverence and beauty. 
This is ritual.

Now inhale.

Now exhale.

Slow it down. 

Slow it down. 

Honor the moment with beauty.

This is your creative power.

The magic of your Yoni.


+ Celebrate with Jaguar Woman in NY on November 14th at 7pm — reserve your spot here.


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Sounds like an interesting event! Would love a recap of it!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

5 years ago

Wow! Thank you for sharing! Which ashram did you reside?