DIY Gut-Loving Gummies

If the holidays leave you feeling a little achy, it might be time to give a little love to your internal systems…

As merry as it may be, this time of year – as in, The Holidays (capital T, capital H) has a reputation for being a little… overwhelming. Parties, seasonal treats, stress… with packed calendars and the pressures of holiday expectations on our shoulders, it’s enough to make even the most resolute and festive among us crumble. This is a season of plenty, in all senses of the word. Of love and giving, yes, but also more than enough of all the above: stress, food and too many late nights, all of which can leave you feeling depleted. These factors play a major role in how we look and feel from day-to-day, and our overall wellbeing. If the holidays leave you feeling a little achy, if you’re noticing that perhaps your gut is feeling imbalanced or you’re experiencing inflammation, it might be time to give a little love to your internal systems.

By now, we’re all likely familiar with the benefits of collagen. We love it for our hair, skin and nails, but it plays a vital role in supporting our gut health as well. When we’re stressed or indulging in too much sugar or alcohol, gut health can become imbalanced, leading to leaky gut and other issues, along with eliminating the culprits causing that inflammation, adding collagen-rich foods and supplements to your diet can be your first line of defense in feeling better. Most people choose collagen in drinkable form, but today I’m showing you one other method for taking the bone-building, gut-healing, protein-rich superfood: DIY gummies. Created using Vital Proteins gelatin, fresh fruit and honey, these gummies are delicious, good for you, and free from any additives. Not only that, but they’re easy and fun to make and can help get you through the holiday season and into the new year feeling your best. Use them for workout recovery or anytime you need a collagen boost. Ready to get started? Read on:

DIY Gut-Loving Gummies


1 cup berries or fresh fruit juice (can be fresh or frozen — I used dark cherries and blueberries here)

¼ cup grass-fed gelatin (I used Vital Proteins)

Juice from 1 lime

3-4 tbsp raw honey

Silicone mold (you’ll want a mold with plenty of spaces as this recipe creates quite a few gummies)


Place fruit in a high speed blender and add lime juice. Blend on high until smooth. If using frozen fruit, allow to thaw completely before blending.

Pour fruit mixture into a small saucepan and add honey. Heat on low and stir until honey is thoroughly melted into the fruit mix.

Once the honey is well incorporated, whisk in the gelatin over low to medium heat. The mixture will be thick at first. Keep whisking, about 5 to 10 minutes, until the mix liquefies.

Pour gelatin mixture into molds and place in the fridge until set, about 30 minutes to an hour. When set, remove from the mold and store in a sealed jar in the fridge.

Take a couple of gummies after your workout or before bed – the dark cherries used in this recipe support muscle recovery and promote restful sleep – enjoy!


*A note on vegan gelatin: This article provides several sources for vegan gelatin-like options. However, it’s important to note that vegan gelling agents do not boast the same body benefits as grass-fed gelatin. So while your gummies will taste similarly, it’s advisable to look to another source for gut-promoting benefits.

*A note on the difference between collagen peptides and gelatin: collagen peptides and collagen hydrolysate are almost the same thing as gelatin. Collagen peptides and hydrolysate are created when gelatin is heated and treated with enzymes to prevent gelling. Collagen has the same protein, and is potentially easier to digest, but the biggest difference is that collagen will not gel. Only gelatin will gel properly to make gummies.

+ Have you made gelatin gummies? Share your tips in the comments!


Julie O’Boyle is a freelance content creator living in Portland, Maine. Follow Julie on Instagram & check out her blog!


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I’m totally going to make this for my girlfriends! Thank you for the recipe, this will be a fun weekend project!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

I never get too much hyped for gummies but i enjoy a little sweetness in them. Never tried making one for myself but these ones looks and sounds amazing for my taste buds.

4 years ago

These sound soooo delicious!

4 years ago


3 years ago

Very interesting, I like this