Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of December 10-16

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is making moves this week! Find out what he means for you… Follow @astrotherapist on Twitter and email to schedule a reading over phone or Skype. Available in-person in NYC! 


November 22–December 21

As Chiron gets back on course, your mood is likely to shift and troubling feelings could come up. Dubbed a minor planet by astronomers nowadays, Chiron is often referred to as the Wounded Healer by astrologers. He’s been traversing your foundation angle for the better part of the last eight years, and at times, you may have felt unsettled — like you didn’t belong anywhere and weren’t at home in your own skin. Perhaps you didn’t feel connected to your family or were somehow cut off from your roots. You may have grappled with parental problems, a difficult home life or old family wounds opening up. If you didn’t feel nurtured and safe, you may have wanted someone to take care of you, a metaphorical womb to crawl back into. It’s possible you found less than ideal “wombs” that didn’t allow you to grow but clung to them anyway and were ill at ease with your neediness. Despite your adventurous spirit, you might have hidden in your shell when you felt sensitive, moody or vulnerable. But hopefully you’ve learned you can unpack the emotional baggage of your childhood and choose to put down your own roots as an adult. And with Mercury zooming into Sagittarius this week, you’ll have an easier time weighing personal matters such as these and expressing where you’re coming from.



December 22–January 19

Now that Chiron is turning direct in your cognition-and-communication zone, you may feel ready to share your ideas. This minor planet is often referred to as the Wounded Healer in astrology, and for the last eight years or so, he’s had a subtle influence on your mindset and speech. You may have had a hard time speaking up and making yourself understood and perhaps you didn’t trust your own mind at times. Nervous energy could have kept you on edge, and maybe you had difficulty writing, processing information or learning. Hurt probably impacted the way you think sometimes, leading to destructive thought patterns. And there’s a chance you manifested a painful reality that coincided with this negative mental energy — if not resulted from it. Some of your perceptions were likely off-base, and at worst, you felt stupid and afraid to chime in. But it’s time to heal — through knowing your own mind, trusting your intelligence and giving voice to your feelings and thoughts. Speak your truth! However, with verbal Mercury sneaking into the last house in your chart, you might keep mum for a few more weeks as you mull over memories and tune into your intuition and imagination. Do pipe up if you have something to say, but it’s fine if you’re in a more meditative mood as the year winds down!



January 20–February 18

With the minor planet Chiron getting back into gear in your worth zone, self-esteem issues and financial fears come back into focus, inviting you to transcend them and grow. Known as the Wounded Healer in astrology, Chiron has been retrograde since July. But starting all the way back in 2011, he’s been calling for you to notice the link between your self-worth and your relationship with money and belongings. During these years, you may have found yourself fearing lack, loss and instability and might have done a bit of hoarding in connection with those fears. Perhaps you covered up pain with retail therapy or felt insecure about your talents and undervalued your natural gifts. You probably worried at times that you wouldn’t be able to take care of yourself, and maybe you became too dependent on someone. Strive to understand what you need and get better at trusting your body’s instincts. It might help you to get back in touch with nature or with your own sensuality. You’re learning to live by your own values, which are not necessarily the same as those inherited from your parents and your culture. And in the meantime, Mercury’s arrival in your humanity house this week enhances group communication and highlights the benefits of talking things over with your friends this month.



February 19–March 20

Chiron, a so-called minor planet, has been hanging out in Pisces for most of the last eight years, and in July, he went retrograde. Now he’s powering up again and will end his lengthy stay in your sign in February. The Wounded Healer — as he’s known in astrology — may have given you somewhat of an inferiority complex and made you feel invisible, powerless and paralyzed at times. You probably found it difficult to assert yourself and to start things, especially if it seemed like your efforts would be futile. Maybe you took your cues from the outside rather than trusting yourself or swung in the other direction and were independent to a fault. And unfortunately, Chiron may have made you unhappy with your appearance sometimes. But hopefully you’re figuring out that there’s nothing wrong with you! It’s helpful to focus on what you want rather on what you don’t want now. Do your best to recognize your capability and get in touch with your motivation, but don’t push yourself to overachieve. It’s time to find that spark of life within you and take back your power. Mars in Pisces is collaborating with Pluto in your group sector, so you might opt to team up with others to get something off the ground. There’s no rule against taking the initiative and also recruiting help!



March 21–April 19

Chiron is known as a minor planet in astronomy and is often called the Wounded Healer by astrologers, due to his role in mythology. He’s been retrograde for the last five months and is pivoting forward now, preparing to enter Aries in February. Since 2011, he’s been hiding in the last house of your chart, causing you to feel isolated and lost at times. You may have struggled with addiction, reclusiveness or chaotic emotions, and you probably didn’t feel quite as autonomous and individual as Rams usually do. You may have sensed your connection to other living beings and the universe as a whole but also yearned for more personal identity. Chiron could have elicited a sort of existential grief, vague guilt or a painful longing for the unattainable. Maybe you had trouble maintaining boundaries (or kept very rigid boundaries), and it’s likely that your imagination confused you now and then, making it hard to distinguish reality from fiction. Your soul was somehow resistant to choosing and manifesting, but you learned compassion for the suffering of others and the healing quality of our divine oneness. Though you don’t want to feel separate, there’s much to be said for creative retreat and private spiritual practice — so don’t be afraid of some space and stillness. You’re not an exile; you’re right where you’re supposed to be!



April 20–May 20

For the past several years, Chiron has been passing through your network zone, and since July 4, he’s been in his retrograde phase. Chiron has been classified as an asteroid, comet and minor planet by astronomers and is known as the Wounded Healer by astrologers. Since 2011, you’ve struggled to fit in at times and felt like you were on the outside looking in. And maybe you’ve buckled under the weight of peer pressure. Groups—like your squad—have probably brought out your insecurities now and then. But hopefully you’ve learned more about what you need from people and who your real friends are. If you’ve found your true tribe, it’s all been worth it! With Chiron powering forward and preparing to change signs in February, you’re ready to move on from this socially challenging chapter and do some deeper spiritual work. And speaking of deep, Mercury is heading back into your depth sector this week, encouraging you to dive into a research project, an investigation or an emotional inquiry. Think about — and talk about — that which is hidden or off-limits instead of skimming the surface; that’s the only way you’ll get the goods! Profound reflection and dialogue can have a powerful effect on you as 2018 draws to a close.



May 21–June 20

Chiron has been backtracking since the 4th of July and is currently doing a U-turn at the top of your chart. He’s been categorized as an asteroid, comet and minor planet since his discovery in 1977, and throughout this time, astrologers have referred to him as the Wounded Healer. For the past eight years, Chiron has brought out your need for approval and success. At times, you may have been plagued by fears of failure and felt the pain of not achieving your goals or not receiving recognition. In struggling to make your mark in the world, you’ve discovered that you have something precious to contribute. Hopefully you’ve developed an inner sense of authority and may now know that the deep gratification you get from fulfilling your ambitions is far more important than an external stamp of approval. With Mercury crossing your interpersonal angle, it’s a good idea to engage in dialogue with other individuals in the next few weeks, and if you had any misunderstandings while Mercury was retrograde, this is your chance to clear the air. Partnerships of all kinds (creative, romantic, business) should see smooth sailing this week, especially if you have a positive attitude about working on the relationship and share a mutual objective.



June 21–July 22

Chiron, who embodies the archetype of the Wounded Healer, is getting back into gear in your exploration corner, where he’s been camped out for most of the last eight years. Astronomers have labeled Chiron an asteroid, comet and minor planet, and regardless of his current status, like Pluto, he’s continued to do his thing. If you’ve doubted your intelligence; worried that your life will never be different; had a crisis of faith; taken up a quest for truth and justice; been the victim of a guru or fundamentalism; or taken risks that came back to bite you, you’ve felt the effects of this Chiron transit. But in searching for what you believe in and not mindlessly following the belief system you were born into and raised with, you’ve created more meaning in your life! You’ve suffered in your attempts to spread your wings and manifest your vision, but you’ve also grown. It’s often painful to become more aware, to become conscious of the fact that the world is not as we thought it was. And now it’s time to contemplate this wisdom you’ve earned the hard way. As Mercury moves into your efficiency zone, your mental focus will enable you to analyze everything in detail. Don’t be too critical, though — of others or of yourself!



July 23–August 22

As Chiron begins to power up in your depth-and-merging sector after traveling retrograde for the past five months, it’s natural for fears around intimacy, loss and death to surface. For the past several years, the Wounded Healer (as he’s known in astrology — in astronomy, he’s received several designations, including asteroid, comet and minor planet) has compelled you to grapple with sticky issues like jealousy, control, sexuality, passion and power. You may have gotten hurt while sharing your real self with another person, and the idea of being that vulnerable again leaves you gun-shy. Getting naked—literally and/or figuratively — with someone exposes you to rejection, abandonment and pain; it can be scary! A close relationship might have opened old wounds from childhood, and perhaps you felt powerless. Whatever crises Chiron brought about in your personal life and your psyche, you’ve come through the fire and healed. And you’ll be moving on from this death-and-rebirth in February, so take some time to process what you’ve learned and to acknowledge how much stronger you are now. With Mercury zipping into your joy house, you can balance out all this intensity with levity, as the trickster planet teases out your sense of humor and encourages you to play with words.



August 23–September 22

Discovered in 1977, the minor planet Chiron symbolizes the Wounded Healer in astrology, and his passage through your interpersonal angle in the past eight years or so may have stirred up both a fear of commitment and a fear of being alone. You might have encountered people who wounded you or met wounded people who needed someone to take care of them. Maybe you worked through past pain in your significant relationships or went through a painful breakup. Codependency and other dysfunctional dynamics may have impacted a connection, or you could have found yourself reenacting your parents’ relationship dynamic. Perhaps you withdrew from people for fear of getting hurt. In any case, you’ve learned more about yourself through your relationships with others — and with Chiron doing an about-face now, it’s time to finish healing any wounds and prepare for new relationship lessons. Mercury is dipping down to the base of your chart for the rest of the year, putting you in closer touch with your innermost thoughts, feelings and memories. Sifting through them and confiding in someone you trust as 2018 draws to a close will help you assess where you’re at and what changes you want to make going forward. P.S. Chiron has often been discussed as a potential ruler of Virgo, so someday you may hear a lot more about this minor planet!



September 23–October 22

Now that Chiron is pivoting forward in your work-and-wellness corner, you have a chance to resolve issues that may have arisen during the past several years. Known in turn as an asteroid, comet and minor planet, regardless of his official designation, astrologers think of Chiron as the Wounded Healer. His influence since 2011 may have led you to struggle with body dysmorphia or a body that wasn’t performing as you’d like. Maybe you had some health scares, and stress probably took a physical toll on you at times. You could have developed workaholic tendencies, over-scheduled yourself or exercised too much, possibly in an attempt to bury pain. Your workplace atmosphere may have replicated childhood wounding and brought out personal insecurity in you as a result. And it’s even possible that Chiron might have led you into health-related jobs as well. A fear of chaos and a reluctance to deal with things as they are probably ran the show now and then. You’ve been trying to come to grips in your head with the hurts you’ve suffered in your life, and criticism has great potential to wound now. Accept that you can’t control everything — but you can foster your own wellness with a positive daily routine!


October 23–November 21

Chiron’s doing an about-face, kicking off his last couple of months in your fulfillment house, where he’s been hanging out since 2011. Chiron — like your ruler, Pluto — has gone through status changes over the years, being classified as an asteroid at first and now known as a minor planet and a comet. (And some say he’ll be relabeled as a dwarf planet next!) In any case, astrologers work with him as a Wounded Healer, thanks to his role in mythology. In the past several years, you may have suffered from performance anxiety, creative block and self-consciousness that prevented you from letting loose and having fun. You probably had a deep-seated need to impress, a private craving for admiration. But your confidence wasn’t always solid, and you might have secretly worried that you weren’t special and unique, that you were just average. Perhaps dating elicited insecurities, a crush caused you pain or a romantic relationship brought heartache. Maybe your ego took a hit and your pride was wounded. Your inner child wants external validation, but it’s self-love that will heal you! And it will also allow you to be more spontaneous, expressive and joyful. Meanwhile, Venus in Scorpio is vibing with Saturn this week, encouraging you to think about what you want to say and share your feelings because a relationship could deepen through communication.


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Love this! :)

My horoscope sounds complicated for the coming week! Hope I’ll get by fine!

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