Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of December 24-30

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December 22–January 19

It might be a challenge to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth when Mercury in your subliminal corner gets tangled up with nebulous Neptune in your communication house. Whether you unintentionally put an inaccurate spin on something or you deliberately lead someone down the garden path, you’re not likely to stick to the facts. Keeping secrets will only add to the general confusion in the air, so say what needs to be said as clearly as you can. You might use this energy to study a metaphysical or mystical subject on your own or wander around in your imagination, conjuring up creative ideas. Venus in your humanity sector is vibing with Pluto in Capricorn, helping you to feel emotionally connected to people. Spending time with your squad will satisfy your soul. With Mars dipping down to the base of your chart for a six-week stay, you’re about to get busy around the house! Perfect time to tackle any domestic projects you’ve been putting off, but there’s a higher potential for disagreements with people you live with now, so you should probably avoid making drastic changes to shared space. Fights in general are likely to stem from underlying irritability, meaning it’s essential to stay on top of your moods and grab alone time when you need it.



January 20–February 18

This week’s Mercury-Neptune dustup hints that you’re thinking ahead to fresh aspirations but can’t yet pin down the financial piece of the puzzle or get a clear picture of how to match your talents with your goals. Recognize that this area is TBD instead of fooling yourself about the logistics. Your mind is also on the circle of people in your life, and you might notice how your values differ from those of a certain group or friend. Money and material goods will get your squad into murky waters now, and someone may feel swindled or inferior if you wade in. When Venus syncs with Pluto, you could make a favorable impression on an authority figure or on a big stage, thanks to a secret weapon. Is there a part of you that you used to see as a negative but are coming to understand better? It can work to your advantage when you tap into it. Not to mention, shining in public or in your profession will empower you. As Mars rockets into your thinking-and-talking corner for a month-and-a-half-long tour, the rhythm of your brain, speech and everyday life speeds up, and you’ll be more inclined to assert yourself in conversations and fight for your ideas. Avoid petty squabbles, but make an impassioned pitch for any brilliance you’ve cooked up.



February 19–March 20

Mercury in your achievement angle is picking a fight with Neptune in Pisces, so your judgment won’t be on point when it comes to planning. Your thinking is ambitious but fuzzy, so as you attempt to map your road to success, you’re liable to get lost in illusions. You might also get tongue-tied trying to articulate your goals or talk to higher-ups. If you can keep your feet on the ground and your head in the sky, you may get fresh inspiration out of this. Venus in your expansion corner is harmonizing with Pluto in your group zone, which could spell an opportunity to share a positive, novel experience with others. Drawn to someone new? Chances are they’ll be different from you in a significant way or won’t fit into the same categories as your usual type. And a powerful feeling of friendship can strengthen this bond! Mars is exiting Pisces and advancing into your worth sector, where he’ll be camped out for the next six weeks, amping you up to go after what you feel you need. Impulsive spending and disputes over money and possessions could become problems for you. But there’s an upside: You’re ready to put your resources (like talents and financial assets) to good use and to act in accordance with what’s most important to you.



March 21–April 19

You might have trouble staying in the moment or find your enthusiasm waning when Mercury in your perspective zone squares off with Neptune in your subliminal corner this week. Maybe you’re excited about what’s to come but also a bit wistful about what will never come again. You’re searching for meaning in the future and the past and looking at both through a soft-focus lens. You might need some alone time to drift and daydream. But if you stayed tuned into the world, one major benefit is your ability to see injustice and to feel immense compassion for those who are less fortunate than you. When Venus and Pluto sync up later in the week, a partnership or close relationship will feel like it’s headed in an important direction. If that’s not the case for you, knowing yourself inside and out and being at peace with who you are can strengthen your determination to make your mark in the world. After your ruler, Mars, barrels into Aries for a six-week stopover, you’ll be a force to reckon with! As 2019 kicks off, you’re motivated to pursue your own agenda and prove what you can do. Your assertiveness will help you protect your interests, and your best bet is to fly solo so you don’t inadvertently steamroll anyone.



April 20–May 20

With Mercury tucked away in your hidden-matters house and needling hazy Neptune in your network zone this week, secrets and mistrust may cause problems. Perhaps it’s best to keep mum until this cloud passes because there’s a risk of saying something not meant for the general public and then having it spread. Or you might confide something private to friends and feel misunderstood. With Venus dancing through your interpersonal angle and making music with Pluto in your exploration corner, sharing an experience like a romantic getaway, learning opportunity or social activism with another individual can deepen your connection. You might also form a powerful bond with someone new who comes from a different world from you. Relationships are your classroom now, and you can learn something profound. After Mars sneaks into the last house of your chart for a six-week retreat, your best strategy is to work on your own behind the scenes without aiming for credit or praise. Since it’s all too easy to slip into an old behavior pattern during this period — especially a self-defeating one — try to become more conscious of your ulterior motives. What reasons might you have for acting like your own worst enemy at times? Charitable endeavors should go well between now and mid-February, so consider starting 2019 doing for others!



May 21–June 20

Your ruling planet, Mercury, is skipping through your one-on-one angle and quibbling with ethereal Neptune in your achievement angle this week, suggesting that a dialogue could go around and around in circles and you may realize you’re talking at cross-purposes. Even though you’re trying to get on the same page with someone, you’re not speaking the same language, so there’s a good chance you won’t wind up at the same destination. A confab between Venus in your productivity corner and Pluto in your depth sector later in the week encourages you to delve further into an undertaking that you’re enjoying and work alongside someone else. Working to improve a relationship or doing a sweet favor for someone will pay off in the form of closeness. It really is the little things that matter now. As Mars moves into your network zone and sets up shop there for the next month and a half, collaborations become ever more fruitful. Identify people who share your passions, goals and ideals, then join forces to multiply your odds of success. This is no time for flying solo; coordinate your efforts with those of others and you won’t be sorry. If you don’t think in terms of group interests and group endeavors, you might find yourself at odds with a group — so team up!



June 21–July 22

You’re able to zoom in on details, think in practical terms, make precise plans and assess what can be improved — all thanks to Mercury’s presence in your efficiency corner. But Merc’s run-in with foggy Neptune early in the week hints that you may not be able to see the forest for the trees. Being too preoccupied with minutiae can indeed cause you to lose sight of the big picture. For instance, you could be so caught up in thinking about everything the holidays entail that you can’t exhale and lose yourself in the spirit of the season. There’s also a chance you’ll say something critical and feel like your meaning gets lost in translation. But with Venus and Pluto syncing up, relating gets back on track, and you might enjoy a powerful attraction to someone new or grow closer to someone you already know. One-on-one time with a friend will also feel not just fun but enriching. Regardless of the type of relationship, emotions are bound to be strong in a good way under this influence. Once Mars climbs to the peak of your chart, where he’ll be lingering for the next six weeks, you’ll start chasing after your goals with newfound ambition. Try to work independently as much as possible, since the go-getter planet doesn’t like answering to anyone.



July 23–August 22

When Mercury gets into a commotion with Neptune this week, you might share what’s in your heart and not get the exact response you’re after. There’s also the possibility that your sense of humor will leave someone scratching their head. Try to take the focus off of feedback and avoid interpreting things too literally. But do notice and appreciate any empathy and kindness directed your way. This planetary blend can also lure you to view a person—or the nature of your connection with them — through rose-colored glasses, so postpone important relationship talks for a later date. A Venus-Pluto collab will increase your sense of wellbeing, especially if you indulge in self-care in the comfort of your home, get to work beautifying your space or do something to help a family member. After Mars parades into your exploration corner for a six-week tour, you’ll get fired up to expand your mind, venture into unfamiliar territory and fight for what you believe in. Seek out experiences that require courage and fuel personal growth. You might travel abroad, become active in a cause or take up an exhilarating sport. Go out on a limb for the sake of learning or when it’s simply the right thing to do, but stay off the soapbox if you’re ready to fight anyone with a different opinion!



August 23–September 22

Mercury — your ruler — is hunkered down at the base of your chart, putting you in touch with private thoughts, feelings and memories and making it easier for you articulate them to others. But Merc’s skirmish with Neptune in your interpersonal angle this week indicates you may not be understood as clearly as you’d like. You might reconsider confiding in someone or simply go with the flow if you get a blank look. Still, given Neptune’s sensitive nature, another person who’s on your wavelength can offer a sympathetic ear. Plus, Venus in your thinking-and-talking corner is gelling with Pluto, opening the door for you to express warmth, affection, fondness and other positive feelings and have a powerful, pleasurable experience. Deep happiness can also stem from paying attention to the love and beauty around you. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude and let people know how much you care. With Mars segueing into your depth-and-sharing sector for a month-and-a-half-long visit, it’s time to dig into a passion project, close relationship, emotional issue or complex matter and give it your all. This transit can rev up your libido and motivate you to be more assertive in bed. If you’re in a committed relationship, you may feel compelled to hash out sticky stuff like joint finances, but steer clear of straight-up power struggles.



September 23–October 22

Your mind is moving quickly and may jump from one thing to the next, causing you to miss important details when Mercury in your thinking-and-talking corner gets lost in Neptune’s haze this week. You might be talking a mile a minute and trying to connect with people, but the actual organizing involved in getting together proves to be more of a dilemma. Your attitude is pleasantly breezy, and there could be a need for more clarity. If you’re getting ahead of yourself, see if you can slow down and stick to a pragmatic approach rather than glossing over reality. With your ruling planet, Venus, in cahoots with Pluto at the base of your chart, you’ll have an opportunity to enjoy an experience with family (and/or at home) that pleases your senses. Nature can stir deep emotions, while comforts like good food can transform your mood. Mars is crossing your interpersonal angle and will remain there for the next month and a half, pushing you to recruit a partner for activities and cooperate to get things done. It’s a good time to get grievances out in the open and deal with them directly, but if you find you’re getting into more conflicts in general, look for productive compromises and resist the temptation to operate in a passive-aggressive manner. Fight fair!


October 23–November 21

As Mercury in your worth house wanders into Neptune’s fog early in the week, you’re liable to have trouble assessing what you have and what you need with any accuracy, especially if you’re idealizing the pleasure something will bring. Ill-advised spending is one possibility, and you should postpone any negotiations and budget-blowing splurges until you’re thinking more clearly. You can misrepresent your resources and lose sight of your best interests under this influence, so be real with yourself and admit that you might be seeing what you want to see. Thanks to Venus in your sign vibing with Pluto — your ruling planet — later in the week, your interactions will have plenty of substance and intensity (just the way you like it!), and you’ll exude a powerful appeal. Take advantage of your magnetism by spending time with potential dating prospects or someone you want to get closer to. Take the arrival of Mars in your productivity corner as a cue to work feverishly for the next six weeks, striving to accomplish as much as you can. As 2019 gets underway, you’ll be hard at work organizing your daily life, cruising through your to-do list, improving your fitness and staying on top of your responsibilities. Work on your own as much as you can manage, since you could experience friction with colleagues.



November 22–December 21

With Mercury zipping through Sagittarius, you’re in a chatty mood and there’s plenty going on in your head, which is sure to keep boredom at bay. But Merc is at odds with Neptune this week, implying that you may get turned around or be misread, particularly if you get too hung up on exact words and literal interpretation. Neptune doesn’t favor intellectual understanding; it wants you to put your heart over your head. Chances are you know what you think but aren’t as clear on how you feel. Try to find some peace and quiet so your brain can rest, allowing you to tune into your emotions and intuit subtleties. A conference between Venus in your retreat corner and Pluto in your value sector also alludes to alone time — or private time with someone close to you — that replenishes your reserves. You might get a lot of satisfaction out of getting rid of stuff or release an old desire or attachment and transform your worth as a result. When Mars shows up in your fulfillment house, you can look forward to a six-week period of going after what you want. This is a time for pursuing fun, romance and creative expression and pretty much doing as you please. Let your inner child out to play and enjoy life, lucky Sag!


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Thanks for the horoscope! Seems like I’m going to have a good week – and a good new year!

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