Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of December 3-9

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November 22–December 21

The sun’s presence in Sagittarius is firing you up to do youfor a few more weeks, but his run-in with Neptune can be a buzzkill if you don’t take this cue to take your foot off the gas and drift. Part of you wants to be out in the world, feeding off the energy of fresh experiences; another part of you wants to chill at home and yearns for escapist comforts like sleeping late or binge-watching an addictive series. A parent or housemate could burst your bubble and make you feel less sure of yourself, but this feeling is only temporary and you should try not to let your ego get bruised. Mars and Neptune have their own meetup, again suggesting something in your home life could go awry. You can accomplish more around the house if you put kindness and creativity into your efforts. With Mercury doing a U-turn, your intuition is on point and buried info may soon surface. This week’s new moon is gracing Sag—your annual invitation to reinvent yourself! Is it time to change up your look? Express a different side of your personality? Launch a bold personal venture? Wipe the slate clean and make a fresh start in your psyche or love life or elsewhere? New year, new you!



December 22–January 19

With the sun hiding out in the last house of your chart and battling murky Neptune, you’re not feeling your most clear-headed. You could suffer from a self-defeating mindset and should remind yourself that you don’t need to believe your thoughts. You have thousands every day, most of them quite fleeting. Are you freeze-framing negative ones and watering them so they grow? Try to catch yourself in the act. Since aggro Mars has his own meeting with Neptune, you might be less than forthright when talking to people and should avoid trying to coerce anyone. Selflessness can spur compassion, so consider acting on your kind intentions. And note that you may also have success pitching a creative idea. Mercury is powering forward in your network zone, improving communication in a group and giving you a chance to resolve any recent misunderstandings. If you’ve been pondering who’s really on your team, you’re on the verge of figuring it out. A new moon nudges you to retreat from the world and search your soul for answers. You could start a new spiritual practice, dream journal or volunteer effort under this lunation. Anything that helps you replenish your spirit, understand yourself better, release the past or help others should get a green light.



January 20–February 18

Insecurity may rear its ugly head when you’re in a group of people, thanks to the sun in your network sector clashing with Neptune in your worth house. You might feel unsure of how you fit in—or not confident enough to stand out from the crowd and contribute what you have to offer. And if funds are low, that will make it harder to socialize or join in a team effort. Don’t allow peer pressure to make you feel less than or persuade you to forsake your core values. A Mars-Neptune rendezvous hints at self-deluded spending, so if money’s tight, be super honest with yourself about your bottom line. Neptune’s not big on setting boundaries, and Mars is itching to pull the trigger. It’s up to you how to proceed. This might be a great opportunity to align with your ideals and use your resources to serve a higher purpose, such as helping others. After Mercury pivots forward at the peak of your chart, you’ll have an easier time talking to authority figures, making career plans, setting goals and presenting a polished public image. The new moon invites you begin broadening your network by joining an organization or social media platform and making new friends and contacts.



February 19–March 20

The professional and/or public side of your life is eating up plenty of attention, and you could feel burned out when the sun in your ambition angle gets lost in Neptune’s fog. You’re liable to get down on yourself if you were on a roll and start losing momentum. Don’t set the bar so high; rest if you’re tired, then take a stab at relatively easy tasks. You’re striving to prove yourself but may not be sending the clearest signals to higher-ups. Still, don’t get discouraged if you’re unable to shine at the moment! A Mars-Neptune mix-up is also making it hard to get ahead, and you might feel like you’re running in quicksand. The best strategy is to relax and float rather than struggling, and you might want to try that here. What canyou attempt? Neptune will facilitate progress if your aims are creative, spiritual or selfless. Thanks to a new moon, it’s a good time to think ahead, setting fresh goals for the months to come. You might soon embark on a new chapter in your career or set off on a new path in your life. With Mercury turning direct, the big picture will start to fall back into place—albeit with the pieces slightly rearranged.



March 21–April 19

Your enthusiasm may wane temporarily when the energizing sun falls under the spell of hazy Neptune. While you’re intent on broadening your horizons in various ways, there’s a voice inside you whispering concerns like “What’s it all mean? Is this my true path? Where do I belong?” You might be charging into the future and then get pulled back into the past. It’s hard to gauge the real pros and cons if you’re swinging between eagerness and hopelessness. The outlook is neither that amazingly ideal nor that frightfully bleak! And since your ruler is also enmeshed with Neptune this week, you’re not meant to make tons of headway. Ease up and wait for more perspective to seep in. A noteworthy exception to your lack of progress: Take personal ambition out of the equation and fight for the underdog, truth, justice or another cause worth believing in. And you should know that there’s some danger of getting mired in a debate connected with religion or spirituality—you’ll probably want to avoid getting sucked in! After Mercury goes direct, research, intimate dialogue and asking for what you need gets easier. Plus, the new moon invites you to start a fresh course of study, travel, adopt a new philosophy, take a leap of faith or launch an entrepreneurial venture.



April 20–May 20

This week’s sun-Neptune scuffle can throw off your relationships in a few ways. You might be torn between your squad and a lover or between getting close to one person and keeping your options open. Another possibility: Your intention is to keep something private, but it leaks out and could be misjudged by others. And if you’re focusing intently on a passion project or emotional issue, spreading yourself thin will wear you down so you might lack the energy for what you’d prefer to tune into. Mars and Neptune are also getting into it, which could derail teamwork. You might lose interest or the team might have trouble clarifying the mission. If you’re collaborating on a humanitarian endeavor, though, these planets can fuse action and caring quite well! Mercury is turning direct in your interpersonal angle, and that welcome development can offset the above relationship challenges to some degree. Extend the olive branch by initiating a dialogue if you’ve gotten your wires crossed with an important person in your life such as your S.O. or best friend. Then, this week’s new moon alludes to the potential for a new sexual bond or outside resource such as a grant or loan in the coming weeks.



May 21–June 20

When the sun in your interpersonal angle tussles with Neptune in your ambition house, you may be unsure of what direction a relationship is headed in — or you may see what you want to see and assume you’re on the same page with someone. Or perhaps you feel like your partner isn’t there for you when you’re striving to reach your goals. You’re meant to be focused on your one-on-one connections now but could have trouble forming a cohesive unit. You’ll probably have better luck working toward a creative, spiritual or charitable objective. Mars has his own issues to work out with Neptune, which can make you feel like you’re spinning your wheels trying to get ahead. Don’t chase after pie-in-the-sky aspirations or attempt to do anything even remotely shady, but do pursue projects that allow you to fulfill a higher calling. Your ruling planet is getting back into gear, allowing you to analyze everything with greater clarity. Communication on the job should improve, and scheduling snafus will get sorted. The new moon suggests a new partnership is in the works, or you may soon take an existing one to the next level. You might also go public with something you’ve been working on!



June 21–July 22

You’re geared up to get tons done, but this week’s sun-Neptune melee could cause you to lose steam. No matter how strong your work ethic is now, your enthusiasm will fade as an escape of one form or another lures you off course. Whether it’s a trip, an enthralling idea or simply a daydream, you’re bound to disappear for a bit. Or maybe you’ll lose the sense of meaning in what you’re doing and wonder what it’s all for. It could dawn on you that you don’t know enough to accomplish a particular task — but don’t throw in the towel. Mars has his own encounter with Neptune, again sending fiery determination into the ether. Fortunately, directing your efforts toward idealistic aims can make a difference. If you’re trying to do something that serves a higher purpose, like helping others who are less fortunate than you, your odds of success will go up. After Mercury resumes forward motion in your fulfillment house, your sense of humor and heartfelt self-expression will be better understood. A creative block could lift, too! A new moon coaxes you to start a new diet or exercise regimen; get on a different schedule; introduce a positive habit into your routine; launch a job search; learn a skill; or adopt a pet.



July 23–August 22

You might not get the response you’re looking for when the sun in your self-expression house bumps up against Neptune in your sharing sector, but don’t let anyone rain on your parade. You’re in the mood to be who you are and do as you please, and focusing on feedback can dilute your joie de vivre. Romantic relationships can feel bewildering and even tiring under this influence, especially if you’re putting someone on a pedestal. It may seem like you know who you are but don’t know what someone else is offering. Mars and Neptune have their own tango going on, and you should proceed with caution when it comes to emotional and financial investments, as misrepresentation is a danger. But sex and psychological excavation can be incredibly cathartic and soul-satisfying. With Mercury moving forward at the base of your chart, you’ll have a better handle on your emotions and will feel capable of articulating them. Miscommunication on the home front can be resolved in the days ahead. A new moon invites you to start a creative project; find a new hobby; make more time for fun; embark on a love affair; and actively seek the love and happiness you aspire to.



August 23–September 22

You may feel like you don’t have the energy to deal with people when the sun in your foundation angle squares off with Neptune in your interpersonal zone. If you’re content to hunker down at home, you might find that having to interact with a particular person is rather draining. This position of the sun can make you more sensitive, and if someone is confusing you, you’re apt to take it personally. But your sensitivity can also lead you to take care of a loved one who needs you. Since Mars is mixed up with Neptune as well, if you get into a dispute, it’s likely to feel futile, and you might think someone’s being deceitful. Mars wants you to get in there and hash things out, while Neptune can disguise the real issues and cause disenchantment. Partnering on an effort to help others is your best bet. With your ruler getting back into gear, your communication, commute and daily interactions won’t seem so fraught with challenges, and misinformation can be corrected. A new moon at the base of your chart foreshadows a new beginning connected with home or family and also offers the perfect excuse to start a new self-care ritual.



September 23–October 22

The sun in your thinking-and-talking corner is feeding you plenty of ideas and piquing your interest in sampling more of what life has to offer — but his spat with Neptune in your efficiency house implies the details of making things happen can take the wind out of your sails. You can talk a good game now but may have trouble executing. If you can’t figure out how to do what’s in your head, you might feel like giving up. And since Mars and Neptune are also entangled, your drive to be productive can stress you out. If you push yourself too hard and don’t listen to your body, exhaustion and even illness could be the end result. Take care of your health and respect your physical energy level, which probably won’t match your mental energy level. As Mercury moves forward in your worth zone, your financial judgment will gradually improve, and delayed payments will soon come through. The new moon encourages you to let your curiosity lead the way, so gather info and start studying something new in the coming weeks. You could also begin a writing project; get active in your community; connect with a sibling; tackle paperwork and correspondence; make a decision; and take a trip.


October 23–November 21

You’re identifying strongly with what you have and what you need (or think you need!) while the sun is barreling through your worth house. His dust-up with Neptune in your fulfillment sector this week could spell iffy financial moves if you’re not being real with yourself about how much you really must have something. You may be idealizing the amount of pleasure it will bring and viewing the object of your desire as essential to expressing who you are. Mars and Neptune are also entwined, tempting you to take risks while going after what you want. This combo can make you feel like satisfaction is just out of reach, but again, there’s likely to be some illusion involved. Try to channel your drive and desire toward a creative or loving aim, while remaining conscious of what you’re putting on the line. As Mercury inches forward in Scorpio, your mind and speech will become less muddled, and you’ll find it easier to make yourself understood. If you’ve been rethinking a personal choice, the appropriate answer may soon reveal itself. The new moon nudges you to set financial goals, craft a budget, develop a new source of income and get your possessions in order.


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3 years ago


Seems like I have to be cautious this coming week. Thanks for the horoscope!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

3 years ago

Love this! Thanks :)

3 years ago

I love you)))

3 years ago

My horoscope is so dead on is kinda scary.