Getting Giphy With It: A Q&A with Alessandra Olanow

Brooklyn illustrator Alessandra Olanow teamed up with us to make your IG experience WAAYYY cooler… Find out who and what inspires her creative magic.

To use Alessandra’s incredible GIFs, simply load Giphy while on IG stories and search Free People… and go wild!
Zodiac Sign: Virgo 
Do you remember the first thing you ever drew? A sun. I always loved the sun. 
Favorite artist: Oh, too many… Louise Bourgeois, David Shirgley, Agnes Martin, Patti Smith – it goes on and on…
To what do you attribute your whimsy? I think it all begins with a true sense of humor about life. 
How does your daughter influence your work? She inspires me, she makes me want to be my best.
Most rewarding/challenging aspect of gifs? It’s so fun to see your drawings come to life, but dealing with the layers… it can get confusing.
Actually, how do YOU pronounce the word gif? G like gravy.
What are your holiday plans? Surrounding myself with friends and family.
Most inspiring place you’ve ever been? Costa Rica. Such a friendly culture, and the best sunsets.
Your mantra: Everything is temporary. 🖤 Trying to observe, not obsess.
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Cutest GIFs ever! Definitely downloading. ❤️❤️

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