Hitting All the Right Notes: Our Newest Candle Has Arrived

Handcrafted in NYC by Joya, this mix of French juniper, clove and ginger is next-level cozy and warm. 

A room is just a room until it lays claim to a candle or two… as that wick turns up its glow, so does the charm factor of its surrounding space. With its soft warmth of light and transformative scent, a candle perfectly suited for its family can make things downright cozy.
With the care and support of our friends at Brooklyn’s Joya, we’ve created an all-natural soy wax candle that invokes subtle camp-esque notes, a familiar and comforting embrace of complementing fragrances formulated as below:

Top notes: Clove bud oil, cinnamon leaf

Heart notes: Ginger, iris root, teak

Base notes: French juniper, tobacco blossom, amber

We reached out to Frederick Bouchardy, Joya’s founder, to learn more about his foray into fragrance and the emotion he feels from his FP collaboration.

How did you and fragrance make your first acquaintance, Frederick?

My childhood: fresh squeezed orange juice, salty air, zinc and chlorine and the solution we poured on our jellyfish wounds visiting my Mom’s Mom at the beach… kiwis, beignets, ginger cologne, wild blackberries and wet leaves running cross country through the forest, spending time with my Dad’s Dad in the French alps…

Describe Joya in 10 words.

Original, curious, handmade, mysterious, team, dialogue, NYC, the beauty above.

How did Joya and FP land on the combination of French Juniper, Clove & Ginger?
This entire project is about interpreting a kind of wild side. Reminds me of the fox’s secret in “The Little Prince”:
“… you must not forget it. You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed. You are responsible for your rose…”
Can you share a bit about your process — from idea to finished product (without giving away any secrets, of course)?
First an intellectual look at the ingredients is required to harness the vision for a project, to transmit an idea invisibly. Then, time — to build, grow, experiment, adjust levels and make tangible selections.
What notes best resonate with you? What environment/mood does the candle invoke in you?
All, of course, but right now: comfort, ritual, nature, second nature, warm, hot and home.
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I can’t wait to taste out the scent of your newest candle! It sounds lush!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Christine Campbell
5 years ago

An exquisite candle, Frederick is a true artist. X