Kiss Me At Midnight: The Cool Girl New Year’s Eve Cult Beauty Secrets

Glosses, glitters, and burning flames are getting us all in the mood to wrap up 2018 with a sparkling bow…

New Year’s Eve, the annual who-likes-to-party holiday, is not to be downplayed. What other calendar date practically guarantees head-to-toe sequins and disco lurex? Sparkling crystal flutes as far as the eye can see? A primed midnight kiss? There’s something innately thrilling about the latter — an opportunity to welcome a more romantic 2019 — that begs for a ceremonial routine dripping with dreampop soundtracks and an extra hour spent prepping in the mirror.

Before Midnight

Pro tip: That coveted heart-cut glitter floating in Truly Organics Heart Breaker Lip Plumping Mask acts as a decorative bonus after you smooth off the cooling gel. Collect the tiny gems and stick them around each eye with a bit of Winky Lux Disco Gloss for a dewy-angel gaze worthy of Drew Barrymore’s iconic Ever After scene.

Like a pouty dream, that flushed, cherry-blossom shade of pink that only seems possible in hazy-edged photos is swipes away — Celebeau Superglam Tinted Lip Oil uses its pH-matching trick in a formula that’s bouncy rather than sticky. And should your 12am French session turn into an extended remix, Lelo Hex has mastered an all-natural latex that promises to keep it just the two of you.

2019’S First Morning

The beauty of New Year’s Day lies in its absence of expectations. Roll out of bed, spark up Free People’s French Juniper, Clove + Ginger Candle (which throws, at once, the aroma of smokey fireplaces and outdoor winter strolls), and submerge in a tub of Kaia Naturals Hot Detox Bath Salts.

Mix the organic nettle powder and French Green Clay of Captain Blankenship Mermaid Detox Mask with water and slather on a bergamot-scented layer, then fire off a few hand-fragranced sage spritzes of Muse Bath Peace Ceremony Mist to bid farewell to the old and hit refresh for the sparkling, promising new.

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Thank you for these skincare tips! Definitely going to try some of them out this month!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

3 years ago

Gotta look my best in New Years. Thanks for the tips.

3 years ago

Thanks for the tips. Nice Heart Breaker Mask for me.
Happy new year!

3 years ago

Amazing skin care tips, thanks for sharing them!

3 years ago

If you promise me that it can give me the best result I will definitely try this. Thanks for sharing these tips. Happy New Year!