Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of January 7-13

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December 22–January 19

You’re more drawn to the inner experiences of spirituality and imagination than to the outer world after Venus ducks into your retreat corner, dialing down your desire to socialize. You could feel more sentimental in the month to come and let down your guard to show your soft side. In your love life, you’ll be more prone to selfless gestures, healing past heartaches and cozying up behind closed doors. When Mercury in Capricorn does battle with Mars, you could fly off the handle because of a touchy mood or trouble on the home front. Defensiveness won’t do you any favors, so try not to let your feelings get the best of you. Later in the week, Merc’s meetup with your ruling planet will slow your roll considerably. You might dwell too much on the negative, but you can also weigh your words carefully and formulate airtight plans. If you speak on subjects within your wheelhouse, you’ll come off like an authority. A sun-Pluto meetup will also help you project don’t-mess-with-me power, as it highlights the reality that you’re growing into a force to be reckoned with. Use your influence over others with integrity, resisting the temptation to manipulate. Lean in to the very personal process of transformation taking place within you, and you might have a profound breakthrough. When Jupiter and Neptune become entwined, you’re apt to believe what you want to believe, which is so out of character for skeptical Goats! Tune into those psychic downloads, but don’t bet the farm on them. Spiritual inspiration can guide you to love thy neighbor and speak with compassion; just make sure not to let it guide you down blind alleys. The soul’s wisdom will gradually transmute your mindset under this influence. And don’t worry: These planets have two more encounters at the end of spring and end of summer, so you’ll have lots of time to work out how to maximize their energy.



January 20–February 18

After Venus dances into your network zone this week, group gatherings will be your happy place. You’re in the mood to see your squad, go to parties and attend large events like a career conference. Tech is ruled by this part of the chart as well, making it a great month for online dating and social media interactions. When Mercury provokes Mars in your communication corner, that thought lurking in your head could suddenly come flying out of your mouth, making self-editing essential. You could easily blurt out a secret, say something that comes back to bite you or use fighting words. Days later, Merc runs into Saturn, and you’ll become much more circumspect under this influence. The pendulum could even swing too far the other way, causing you to bottle things up. Look at the reality of someone or something you’ve been romanticizing — or look for the lesson in a mistake or failure and release the guilt and regret. A sun-Pluto alliance also calls for you to face those deep, intense emotions that may be eating you up inside and transform them into strengths if possible, first through forgiveness. Forgiveness is your superpower now, so use it! Whether you need to let yourself or another person off the hook, it’s time. Letting go can feel like a loss of control, but trust that it’s vitally necessary. Jupiter’s melee with Neptune could spell confusion over money, possessions or values connected with a group or friend. Maybe there’s a lack of clarity regarding who’s contributing what, or you’re not sure you’re getting what you need from a particular pal. Your confidence could waver if peer pressure is in full effect, or you could question whether a group you’ve gotten involved with really aligns with what’s important to you. You’re in a phase of expanding your circle, but these Jupiter-Neptune summits (occurring now and in June and September) can get you thinking about which people mean the most to you.



February 19–March 20

Once Venus ascends to the peak of your chart and proceeds to hover there for the next four weeks, you’ll have a knack for getting along with people who have authority over you, so be sure to get plenty of facetime with bosses this month. You can also make a favorable impression by showing how creative and agreeable you are; this isn’t the time for doing mundane grunt work behind the scenes. Put your charm and artistic flair on display. When Mercury in your network house argues with Mars in your worth sector, however, you might disagree with friends or associates over how to use resources. It can be annoying to solicit a consensus before making a move, and you’ll probably have an urge to do what you need to do in order to protect your own bottom line. Merc’s meeting with Saturn later in the week also impacts group communication and your thoughts about various relationships. You might have tough conversations with pals and peers or see how hard it is to maintain certain connections. But this planetary pair can motivate you to make painstaking plans for achieving something on your bucket list — time to churn out a list of bullet points. A sun-Pluto sync-up could help you meet power players, so make the rounds at an industry event or let LinkedIn work its magic. Plus you could also get more serious about a tech project now. But bear in mind that Jupiter in your ambition angle gets mixed up with Neptune in Pisces this week (and again in June and September), and your aspirations may cause you to get out over your skis. Try to find the middle ground between Type A and dreamer; part of you wants to climb the ladder at top speed and part of you wants an out. Don’t miss your chance to grab the brass ring, but do leave time for meditation, yoga and other things that make you go Om.



March 21–April 19

Thanks to Venus’s arrival in your exploration corner this week, you’re up for a month of enjoying more of what life has to offer. You could date outside your comfort zone; meet people who open up new worlds to you; travel with someone you like; have cultural experiences you’re not used to; or find beauty off the beaten path. When Mercury in your achievement angle needles Mars in Aries, ambitious thinking could spur you into action, or a voice of authority could provoke you. Try to keep yourself out of reactive mode so someone doesn’t set you off. Best case scenario: You’ll be motivated by your thoughts or another person’s words, not irritated. Merc encounters stern Saturn later in the week, and you could feel talked down to or discouraged about your progress. See if you can turn this planetary energy to your advantage by crafting a detailed business plan or setting precise goals. You’re not painting in broad strokes and should be able to plot your path step by step. The sun and Pluto are also putting their heads together in that part of your chart, empowering you to wow higher-ups if you can check your ego at the door and let your passion shine through. Don’t sleep on this once-a-year chance to align with the forces of change in your career or overall life direction. You’re not meant to take the path of least resistance; you’re meant to blaze a trail that speaks to your soul. Remember this when Jupiter squares off with Neptune and likely takes the wind out of your sails. Guilt, self-doubt, regret or gloominess can dissolve your enthusiasm for exploring new possibilities. Don’t get lost in the existential void! Jupiter and Neptune have meetings scheduled in June and September as well, giving you several months to sort out what’s real. Your quest for personal truth and spiritual resonance makes you susceptible to questionable beliefs, so take your time on this journey.



April 20–May 20

You’ll crave closeness after Venus dives into your depth-and-sharing sector for a month-long visit. Your desires will be intense , and you won’t want to settle for easy breezy relations. Sex is more emotional. Loyalty, trust and power sharing are bigger issues. Mercury is going toe-to-toe with Mars in your subliminal corner, putting you at risk of speaking out in a way that works against you. You could feel quite righteous but might be shadow boxing with an imaginary opponent out of defensiveness. Try not to over-identify with your own position, or you could talk yourself into a corner. If you’re open to learning and willing to put in the work to acquire knowledge that expands your perspective, this Mercury-Mars skirmish — along with a Mercury-Saturn meeting later in the week — will help you construct a solid vision. You can picture the road ahead in sharper focus and also convey your POV from a stronger vantage point when you resist shooting from the hip. The sun’s meeting with Pluto can bring a powerful experience that transforms you and how you see the world. Again, go the extra mile in an effort to grow by doing things that feel like a stretch for you. You’ll never know what you’re made of — and what exciting opportunities life has in store for you — if you play it safe. Since Jupiter is quarreling with Neptune, your faith in a relationship may waver, or the expectations you’re placing on people may not jibe with what you’re getting from them. It’s not uncommon to feel disillusioned when this planetary configuration occurs (and FYI, it will come up again in June and September). Are you asking for too much? Are you giving more than you’re receiving? Are your interests aligned with others who seem to be on your team? Is the nature of a certain connection really what you assume it to be? Personal boundaries, freedom and authenticity will all be at play in the months to come.



May 21–June 20

Companionship becomes increasingly important in the next four weeks, since Venus will be traipsing across your interpersonal angle during that time. You’ll be in an agreeable mood, able to get along with almost anyone and come to mutually beneficial compromises. Plus it should be easy to meet new people and express your affection for the VIPs in your life. However, this week your ruling planet is annoying Mars in your humanity house, which could make intimate relations and group relations a bit prickly. Be careful what you say and to whom. You could hit a nerve and next thing you know, someone’s ready to fight. The other side of the coin is: Well-chosen, powerful words might spur people to action. Mercury also has a rendezvous with Saturn on the books later in the week, narrowing your focus in a potentially useful way. Concentrate on an important relationship, passion project or emotional matter and stay the course. A super serious one-on-one convo gets a green light with this pairing. Yes, it’s going to feel heavy — but you’ll survive! The sun and Pluto are mingling as well (and in the same part of your chart), acting as further incentive to dig down deep to unearth the buried treasure in a close connection or your own psyche. You could discover something profound that changes you, so resist the temptation to skim the surface. Get your hands dirty. Jupiter gets lost in Neptune’s fog at week’s end, highlighting the fact that your bonds with other individuals — and maybe a significant partnership — represent your path of growth this year, but you can’t yet see where this is headed. You could set yourself up for disappointment if you have sky-high hopes and different goals. Or perhaps you’re putting so much into your relationships that you’re losing sight of your own ambitions. In any case, these two planets square off again in June and September, offering additional chances to reconcile their discordant energy.



June 21–July 22

Work relationships and relationship work come easy after Venus shows up in your productivity corner for a four-week tour. Enjoy good camaraderie with colleagues and approach daily tasks with a positive attitude. You’ll get satisfaction out of being useful, so say yes to reasonable favors and do creative work with a practical purpose in mind. If you’re looking for new romantic prospects, look no further than your everyday haunts like the office or gym. Mercury’s mashup with Mars can throw off negotiations or cause a seemingly pleasant convo to take a turn for the worse. Maybe you think you have an agreement, and then you or the other party starts acting too bossy. Try not to say anything you’ll have to walk back later. Merc’s encounter with Saturn days later can get you thinking very seriously about your relationships (or one in particular), and you might feel the need to define a connection more clearly. You’re seeing things as they are, but calling them as you see them could make you sound too harsh. A sun-Pluto combo also encourages deep reflection on your bonds — and challenges you to change what must be changed. You might get into a power struggle or encounter someone who has a profound effect on you. But you can also see what’s really going on and how to repair damage if you choose. Jupiter and Neptune are squaring off this week and will do so again in late spring and late summer. Any tension between your aspiration to accomplish a ton this year and your yearning to escape will be evident. You’re primed to do, do, do but wondering what it’s all for. Does your work have meaning and allow you freedom to explore other possibilities? Idealizing a calling can keep you from getting into a flow and finding your way through trial and error. But don’t simply be content with your lot; do push the envelope! Strive for a healthy balance between taking on too much and shying away from the unknown.



July 23–August 22

After Venus sashays into your fulfillment sector this week, she’ll make herself comfortable there for the next month, coaxing you to flirt, play, show off your creativity and generally enjoy life. Make time for dates, hobbies, fun with friends and artistic pursuits. Express your affection freely and let people see the real you. Mercury is fighting with Mars, hinting that critical words could incite a debate, or your microfocus will clash with your impulse to go big. Your thoughts are pure pointillism, while your actions are all about broad strokes. Instead of talking yourself out of expanding your horizons, why not use your analytical skills to discern how you’ll safely go out on that limb. Believe you can do something because you’ve thought it through, not just because it’s bold and exciting. Merc’s meetup with Saturn days later also favors a detailed strategy for success, but be sure not to nitpick! A sun-Pluto summit in the same part of your chart provides major willpower to stick with what you’re doing, and this can be an incredibly productive transit as long as you don’t let a compulsion to maintain control lead to burnout. Channel your energy into solving problems related to your health, job, time management and whatever else is impacting the quality and productivity of your daily life. Is it time to change your fitness routine, diet, job or schedule? You can get to the bottom of what’s not working now. When Jupiter and Neptune square off for the first time in years, romantic hopes could keep the reality of a relationship shrouded in mystery. An affair might be moving fast, and you’re not sure whether or not you want the same things. Are you putting someone on a pedestal because it feels good to get swept up in a wave of passion? Or maybe a connection is authentic, but insecurity is fueling jealousy and mistrust. These planets wrestle again in June and September, so don’t rush to find easy answers.



August 23–September 22

There’s no place like home after Venus dips down to your foundation angle, highlighting the joys of domesticity. You could get into an extra nostalgic, sentimental mood or feel inspired to invite houseguests for a visit, throw parties and play hostess. Maybe you just want to unwind solo and enjoy creature comforts like delicious food, a cozy blanket, your favorite music and guilty-pleasure binge watching. Or a desire to decorate could strike, and you’ll beautify your space in the month to come. An argument between your ruler and Mars suggests heartfelt words can trigger a strong reaction, or your sense of humor might provoke someone. Mercury links up with Saturn later in the week, convincing you to express yourself in a mature, measured way, weighing the potential effect of your words. It’s very possible to have an adult conversation with someone you care about and be taken seriously, although Saturn can also inhibit your desire to speak freely. The sun and Pluto have their own meeting in that part of your chart, intensifying pleasure and daring you not to settle for anything less than deep personal fulfillment. Creative pursuits, romance and other routes to happiness and love feel ultra important now. Obsession could creep into the mix, and it won’t be easy to rein it in. Be true to yourself, but don’t treat everything like a matter of life and death. With Jupiter getting lost in Neptune’s fog, you want emotional support, but someone may not be delivering as promised — or worse, they’re pulling a disappearing act. Or perhaps you’re the one tempted to ghost another person because you’re feeling extra sensitive or have too much going on at home. Feelings are out of balance, and one party or another is bound to be giving more than the other. Try to foster fair expectations and plenty of compassion — for yourself and others. There are two more Jupiter-Neptune scuffles in June and September, so practice patience; we’re all growing and learning!



September 23–October 22

Your ruling planet sails into your cognition-and-communication house this week, helping you see the love and beauty all around you and enjoy pleasant, light interactions. You’re feeling like your flirty self and will have no problem expressing warmth and affection. It’s easy to meet new faces close to home, plus you shouldn’t have much trouble getting along with neighbors and people in your everyday life. A community improvement effort may call for your artistic touch, and you’ll find it gratifying to make your surroundings more attractive. When Mercury and Mars butt heads, your language could be colored by emotional baggage and rub someone the wrong way. Although you may very well be the wounded party, defensiveness can make matters worse. Pay attention to the signals you’re sending out and take responsibility for your own actions rather than allowing your buttons to be pushed. Mercury syncs up with Saturn days later, promoting adult communication about emotional issues and productive introspection. You might consult a parent, therapist or someone who knows you well, in an effort to process feelings and memories. Look for lessons in the past, but don’t beat yourself up over mistakes. A sun-Pluto conjunction at the base of your chart is also bound to bring out all the feels and make it difficult for you to stay on an even keel, like Libras prefer. Honor the power of your emotions, and look for a healthy outlet for them. A major shift that enables you to move away from your backstory is possible now. Since Jupiter and Neptune are entangled, you’re thinking big but are fuzzy on the details. Don’t say yes to countless favors and dimly defined tasks. Positive thinking and people pleasing won’t do you any favors under this influence. You need to slow down and recognize that you don’t have all the information. More Jupiter-Neptune encounters are ahead in June and September, so the growth curve is slow and steady.


October 23–November 21

Venus exits Scorpio and segues into your worth house this week, making you covet things (especially pretty things!) but also boosting your ability to attract what you need. Money-making opportunities could come your way; still, you should watch out for extravagant tastes if you need to curb your spending. When Mercury and Mars go at it, your mindset and M.O. won’t exactly dovetail, and you may get frustrated. Work alone if possible and avoid telling others what to do. Your brain is operating at a fairly rapid pace, but it’s important to act in a more methodical way in order to accomplish what you need to. Days later, Mercury joins up with Saturn, slowing down your thought process and underscoring the importance of saying what you mean and meaning what you say. Gather the necessary facts and speak responsibly. But don’t give in to negative thinking and only see what’s wrong. Use this restrained energy to plan carefully and proceed with caution. A conference between the sun and your ruling planet doubles down on the theme of seriously deep thinking — something you’re no stranger to, Scorp! Drill down to core issues. Let what you discover in the far reaches of your mind transform your whole mentality. You might have a conversation that facilitates a major mental shift or meet someone who heavily influences your thinking. With Jupiter ensconced in your worth house and battling nebulous Neptune in your joy sector for the first time in your life, you run the risk of putting too much on the line for the sake of uncertain pleasures. Limitless desire and idealized happiness are a tricky, potentially harmful combo. You’re not really sure yet what you’re longing for and what it will cost you, so don’t go for broke grasping at an illusion of fulfillment. Jupiter and Neptune meet again in late spring and late summer, giving you plenty of time to evaluate what matters most to you.



November 22–December 21

Lucky Sag plays host to Venus for the next month, filling you with irresistible magnetism and helping you feel your most attractive. Since you can draw people in like a moth to a flame, surround yourself with those you want in your orbit! Hang with your squad, go out on dates or spend quality time with your S.O. You’re projecting warmth and friendliness and may find yourself playing peacemaker, thanks to an extra agreeable mood. This week’s Mercury-Mars dustup warns against mixing love and money or dictating priorities to others. You could be thinking along frugal lines but are tempted to go after what you want in the moment. You’re in danger of breaking a deal with yourself and perhaps making a hasty choice out of pride or passion. Merc gets together with Saturn days later, nudging you to be practical about your finances, possessions and needs, and there’s a chance your self-confidence will dip due to all this belt-tightening. But the fact of the matter is you’ll feel more secure in the long run if you evaluate your real assets and necessities and decide what matters most to you. A sun-Pluto rendezvous can help you turn a corner with these issues, maybe by changing how you earn a living or shifting your relationship with money and things. Questioning what you’re attached to and why can empower you to overcome old fears of lack or loss. Your ruler, Jupiter, is squaring off with Neptune for the first time in a long time, and they’ll go at it again in June and September. Even though you’re an adventurous sign, any uneasiness about charging full steam ahead into the future — and possibly losing touch with the past — is apt to surface. Your roots, family, home life or comfort zone (maybe all of the above!) seem to be at odds somehow with your personal growth, and you could feel a bit guilty or insecure. Work on setting healthy boundaries and following your own path, not that laid out for you by others.

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Setting precise goals sounds like a perfect task for the upcoming week! I have yet to make my new year’s resolutions, now is the time. Thank you for the horoscope!

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