How to Channel a Sunny, Summer Glow Year-Round

Babe is an Aussie plant-based line that will make you instantly glow — no dry skin in sight.

When temperatures sink lower and low, getting moisture — lots of it — becomes your number one skincare priority. Aussie Kim Peirce, founder of the plant-based beauty brand Babe, might not have to contend with negative-degree days at the moment (it’s summer down under — can we trade places?). But she’s a pro at moisturizing her body and protecting her skin: the sun is more than a little harsh in her parts of the world, which inspired Babe’s ultra-nourishing lineup of healing face mists, serums, body soufflés and other elixirs that also come in handy for battling the winter elements from biting winds to drying arctic air. Here, Peirce shares insider advice for staying dewy no matter the climate.


What inspired you to launch Babe? 

“I was turning 40 and I’d always wanted to start my own business so I left my corporate role and started four businesses in the next year. Two sucked, and two stuck, but it was Babe I felt the most passionate and excited about, so off we went full steam ahead and kicked the rest to the curb!” 

How does being from Australia influence your personal beauty habits and the philosophy behind Babe? 

“All of our products are developed and manufactured in Melbourne. Australia is famous for its beautiful beaches and rugged outback environment mostly enjoyed outdoors. But long days in the sun, dry air and surf play havoc with your skin and require serious protection from sunburn and dehydration. The sun here is hotter than anywhere else I’ve traveled to — it has a sting in it that you feel within minutes of being outside, which is why Aussies are obsessed with wearing hats and sunscreen. You literally can’t leave the house without them. Combatting the skin hangover from this outdoor lifestyle is a central part of creating our products: We wanted to create nourishing skin food that helps puts the moisture back in while gently rejuvenating stressed skin.”

What are some of your prized ingredients? 

“One of our favorite ingredients is Australian Macadamia Nut Oil. We use it in our hero Body Soufflé, which is a luxurious, light and fluffy body lotion that hydrates without leaving the skin feeling sticky. I wanted to create a rich body lotion but don’t like the gooiness of body butters! I also love watermelon seed oil, which is super nourishing and has a dry finish.”

Tell us about some of your favorites products — any insider application tricks?

Face Serum: Mix a few drops of our silky face serum into a bit of your foundation for a lighter coverage during day or to create an evening summer makeup look. This trick lets your foundation reveal your freckles AND puts the moisture back into your skin.

Super Fruits Body Oil: This body oil has a dry finish so you won’t feel sticky afterward and is wonderful after showering following your workout session.

Brightening Face Spritz #tip – take in your office hand bag and use during the day to freshen face when feeling dry and stressed from office air!”

What other wellness habits or rituals do you swear by to stay healthy? 

“For me, wellness is about a healthy mindset and I swear by an early morning walk every day — it is a wonderful way to clear the head and set myself up with a positive mindset for the day ahead. I also love soaking in a hot bath mid-week to wind down and pamper a little. It’s such a simple thing to do and feels so rejuvenating!”

Any New Year’s resolutions for 2019? 

“The New Year is one of my favorite times of the year because I love reflecting on — and honoring — all the achievements from the previous year and also setting big, hairy, audacious goals for the year ahead. It’s the time of the year to stretch my mind open wide — the possibilities ahead are limitless and this is the time I gift myself to let my imagination run wild!”


Here to discover and shop the entire Babe collection!


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Sounds like a great brand of products to introduce to our routine this winter! Thank you for the recommendation!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

2 years ago

Love discovering new skincare brands, thanks! :)