#MovingTogether: What Makes You Your Best You?

Our annual #MovingTogether event is back — find a location close to you, grab a friend or two, and find out what makes you your best you.

“Always trying makes me by best me — trying to ignore the fear of failure to give things my all.”

– Janet, CTO/Co-Founder of Dame Products

Following last week’s Home Office Movement shoot, led by the owner and instructor of Barre3 Studio, someone asked me how I achieve the best me, every day.

I will be honest — I am a fashion girl at heart, so a pretty outfit will always be the necessary first step in feeling good about myself each day. But with age I have gained some knowledge, and today I know that a healthy diet and an exercise routine I enjoy are vital to truly feeling good in my own skin. Some days are harder than others, of course, but the key is to grab a friend (or in last week’s case, a dozen 😊) and find a workout that will keep you coming back for more.

“Passion, connection, and self confidence make the best me.

You really need to love what you do. After that it all falls into place!

– Sonia Vargas Skin Gym

In the spirit of us finding the best version of ourselves, Free People has again teamed up with a host of inspiring instructors to offering incredible classes via our Free People Pop-Ups in NY, Santa Monica, Walnut Creek, Nashville and London! Check out the calendar for details. Events begin January 26th in select locations. And, if these spots are inaccessible to you, we have many more events taking place in February at stores across the country.

“Acceptance – I am my best self when I’m able to release the desire for

control and be truly accepting of myself, others or the situation.

When I’m not trying to change or fix something, I can relax

and let my true self be seen and loved. Then I can do the same for others.”

– Holly Ramey, Healer

We’d love to hear from you: how do you feel your best, every day?

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I love the quotes, so inspiring! To me, feeling my best is dressing up and actually putting on makeup. Being more put-together on the daily makes me feel more alive and less sluggish!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

This is really Inspirational. This is exactly what free people have to do in their spare time. this is beneficial and healthiest for the body.

4 years ago

Are there any Philly locations?

4 years ago
Reply to  Danica

Hi Danica!
Thank you for asking. As of now, I don’t see anything slated for Philadelphia… Might you have an opportunity to take the train or bus to NY to attend one of the events there?

4 years ago

I feel my best when I wake up (after a solid 8+ hrs), get a nice run in, eat my fav breakfast and spend time cuddling my new kitty. <3