What’s the Buzz? Tell US What’s Happening

No better time than now to turn the table…and start a few new conversations for and with YOU, our rock and our heartbeat.

Here at Free People, we spend a LOT of time talking. Talking to co-workers, vendors, athletes, artists, musicians, chefs, designers, about the things that we think you’ll want to stop and read about. 100% of it is thoughtful and genuine, information that we believe you’ll want at your disposal when choosing your daily route of what’s-best-for-my-best-self.

But, if you visit us here regularly, you’re also likely to know that we don’t reach out very often to ask just what IS IT you really want to know? What information/guidance can Free People offer you that it hasn’t, or doesn’t already? 

Although we’ll continue to curate smart, intelligent and honest dialogue on your behalf, we’re also willing to take a few steps back and let you fill in some of the blank space, either with your requests or your words, yourselves. Consider this place safe and open. Consider this a conversation that is never-ending. So don’t hold back. What do you want to see more of? Less of? What could make us a better point of interest in your day-to-day? 

Please share in the comments, and I will be sure to check in regularly for your feedback. If you’re interested in contributing a story, let us know that, too. And I’ll be in touch.

Thank you so much for being part of our community. We love you and thank you in advance.

Carrie, Editorial Manager


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I love that you guys always share ethical products and support small business – and also when you feature your staff!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

5 years ago

I miss seeing Models Off Duty and looking behind-the-scenes at FP photoshoots, as they’re always inspiring. I also love the FP short videos that the blog used to feature!

5 years ago

I miss the DIYs you guys used to feature. Those were so great!

5 years ago
Reply to  Kayley

Me too! I just came here specifically looking for them!

5 years ago

I’d be happy to contribute inspiration on mindful movement, finding (back to) our intuition, moving with ease and mind body therapy,

5 years ago

I loved the FP videos, they were beautiful and showcased your products so well! My favorite blog posts are the Office Style series – I love learning about all the different people at the home office and seeing their individual styles – it just leaves me dreaming even more about working at the headquarters one day. xo

5 years ago

Hi Carrie!

I would love to see you bring back Models Off Duty and Behind the Scenes of the home office! I love seeing all the raw, vibrant people in the office in their natural habitat!

I would love to contribute to the Free People blog! I am the owner and designer of Found Wanderer – handmade crystal jewelry made to highlight raw and natural beauty. I write a lot about my crystal jewels, as well as topics like crystal healing, setting intentions, styling jewelry, mindfulness and recovery.

PS – I also used to be a FP stylist in Towson, MD :) The best of days..

Thanks so much!

5 years ago

Models off duty and scenes from the office were my favorite, I miss them! I would also appreciate fashion/styling tips, like different ways to layer sth or personalize. Art and DIY projects (other than recipes, where I usually can’t afford 90% of the ingredients). Home decor.

Less beauty, less staff profiles (honestly they’re extremely repetitive).

5 years ago

I am a huge fan of the FP films and have been dying to know what happens in part two of Dream Girl!!!

5 years ago

More diy projects, more makeup and hairstyle tutorials!

5 years ago

I used to really love reading this blog but it feels like it’s become simply a product endorsement page. Hire people that can write actual content. Stop doing boring one off interviews. More styling tips, more editorials. Travel reviews, keep the horoscope stuff, more things involving artists and music.

5 years ago

I love that you share organic content, and have a big focus on being natural!
I’d wish you had some more going on in scandinavia/europe.
And also, I miss you’re amazing feminine lines, like the 70’s inspired lingerie theme, and the beautiful images of the line, it really gave it some soul, so to speak! And details were amaziiiing. But, some depth and creativity.
And look into some more affordable stuff too (:

5 years ago

I used to really like the blog, but agree with the comment that it recently became too much of a product endorsement page. I read only a small number of the posts now. I know you are a company, and some product plugs are ok, but I miss the old posts with DIYs, music, behind the scenes, office dogs, etc.

5 years ago

Really miss the sneak peaks of the editorials and behind the scenes for catalog photo shoots. Also miss the shorts you guys used to do on YouTube! Such wonderful, beautiful and inspiring content, would love to see more of that again on the blog :) Also would LOVE to contribute a story!

5 years ago

I love this blog so much. I continuously check in to see what the free people community have to offer. Like the other posts above though I do feel as though there is a bit much of endorsement material. I would like to see more traveling journalism. I think it would be especially interesting to see what towns that are out there that are little hidden jewels. More styling content would also be a major plus! Also I love the nutrition posts and wish to see more!

5 years ago

I really loved all the DIY posts that used to be posted all the time! They are all so great and I’m always looking for a fun DIY project. I also really love all the behind-the-scenes videos and photos from various shoots and editorial compaigns. I loved the one from over the summer with the 60s/70s vintage pieces. Please keep featuring the products you sell and horoscopes, but also bring back the DIYs, music, photo shoot information, and vidoes!

5 years ago

I love the horoscopes! Miss the 5×5 on cities. I do love this blog been reading for like 7 years! I think you guys should have fun with this a little more and maybe try new things and less product promotion would be fun.

5 years ago

I would like to see less beauty products. I loved the DIY posts and mental health discussions. I miss more fashion styling related posts, like how to wear multicolored leggings… etc

This blog is my morning go to. I love to get ready for my day and get some inspiration for nutrition, health or style. I love this blog. Thank you. Thank you

5 years ago

Please bring back more DIYs!!!! Also, the Soho FP Movement shop seems sex-positive as of late–yet the blog doesn’t seem to talk as much about that :( — would love to read interviews/collaborations about that. Some of my favorite articles were the dream interpretation articles which I think were sort of crowd-sourced from readers’ dreams.

Hailey K Wilkins
5 years ago


My suggestion for bringing something new to the website is to possiobly start posting about sustainable technology, architectural design, and interiors. It would be nice to bring more awareness to the sustainability side of these subjects since we are currently living in a heavy base architectural/ technology era. I would love to work on something like this as well or give more insight if I can, due to my background in architectural design.


5 years ago

The best feature was the FP Love stories, they were so engaging and immersive and touching. I would love to see those again

5 years ago

I would love to see some more FP mini movies/videos again!

5 years ago

It would also be great if the comments section could improve! Would love to be able to reply to other comments and “heart” comments.
Also would like to see more office style posts that feature trends/more street style photos? Also love reading travel guides and behind the scenes stuff. Also miss good original fashion content that’s not just photos from the FP website or models, it’s more inspiring and creative when there are real people involved

5 years ago

As a viewer and loyal customer I love it when brands are consistent with their content. It builds trust and they become part of my routine. Weekly or Daily is something that I look for. A lot of people have already touched on some great improvements. Here is some of my observations and things I would love: 1) weekly videos on the free people youtube page (1-2 a week). Sephora is a great example of how a brand can make a great presence on youtube and widen their audience 2) expand on DIY’s with old free people clothing people don’t use to repurpose into different times such as a surfboard or yoga bag, or other trendy items 3) update some old lists with a new yearly version. 4) more downloads would be great, add a “downloads” section too.

I understand that free people is technically just a brand but it definitely has the potential and loyalty to have a lifestyle presence like Vice, Complex or Goop has. I’m stoked to see that free people is reaching out for feedback and can’t wait to see what’s in store this upcoming year! kill it!

5 years ago

I have been looking to this blog for inspiration for several years now and I have to say that at the moment I love your beauty posts and recipe posts the most! I do miss your youtube videos and posts about the editorials and models off duty, etc. as well as blogger styling stories for fashion inspo. I also wish you had more of a wanderlust/travel/outdoor active (besides yoga) component to your blog.
I’m a travel/lifestyle blogger + photographer who runs a blog (unfortunately currently undergoing a website re-design) called wanderingwithstyle and I would absolutely love to collab on blog content with you! Examples of posts might be like my hiking essentials while hiking/adventuring in a breathtaking Colorado spot during the summer. A travel/styling story of my trip to Namibia in October. Also adventures in the desert surrounding Colorado like Utah and Arizona, etc. Or even stuff like a snowboarding styling story. etc. I love seeing Free People clothing, etc. in use by inspiring individuals or on dreamy adventures basically. It’s inspiring to envision that it could be you on that desert road trip rocking that Free People outfit!