Superfoods That Are Going to Be Huge in 2019

Here are a few up-and-coming “superfoods” I’m looking forward to ingesting over the next few months… You may want to pay attention, too!

Just because January is drawing to a close doesn’t mean you’re out of time to revamp or overhaul a part of your life that could use a little sprucing. Truth be told, the idea of “New Year’s resolutions” has always felt silly to me — why can’t you decide to change something any day of the year? And why does it have to be something so monumental as to warrant the title “resolution”?

To that end, I propose that this year, you make whatever changes you want, whenever you want to make them, in whatever capacity feels right to you. Me? I’ve decided to give my snack game a little makeover in an effort to diversify what I’m noshing on and incorporate more good-for-you stuff into my food repertoire, even when it’s stuff I’m mindlessly shoving into my mouth mid-afternoon.

Below are a few up-and-coming “superfoods” I’m looking forward to ingesting over the next few months. You may want to pay attention, too: I have a feeling these are all on the verge of being 2019’s hottest superfoods.


Bilberry Powder

A close relative of the blueberry, bilberries (also known as huckleberries) have been used medicinally (and in pies!) for centuries. Dried and pulverized, a single tablespoon of the powder contains 300 antioxidant-packed berries. 300. Berries. Per. Tablespoon. Do you know how long it would take you to eat 300 berries not in powder form? A long time, that’s how long. Instead, add it to your breakfast smoothie to fight inflammation and other oxidative stress-related issues, stabilize and support tissues like collagen and cartilage, and relieve eye fatigue.

Golden Berries

Cute name, but golden berries are no joke. Marigold in hue and with a fun sweet-and-sour flavor, these babies can be eaten fresh or dried and are bound to pop up in your local produce section any day now. Loaded with vitamins A, B and C, and anti-inflammatory and antihistamine antioxidants, golden berries are also seriously rich in fiber and protein, all of which makes them the perfect snack — they’ll keep you full and sated while doing the body good. And they are pretty cute.


Not to be confused with the now-ubiquitous matcha, maca is a root that shares a family tree with broccoli and kale (already in good company!) and is most commonly available in powder form, which makes it easy to incorporate into a smoothie, juice or oatmeal, to name a few. And why would you want to add it to a smoothie, juice or bowl of oatmeal? Well, it’s full of healthy carbohydrates that boost energy without caffeine or sugar and sulfurous compounds (called glucosinolates) that help the liver detox. A single ounce of the stuff also contains a day’s worth of vitamin C, two grams of fiber, and four grams of protein, so there’s that. Be warned: the flavor can be a bit “earthy,” but it’s easily masked when blended with or stirred into other flavors.


If you’re not on the seaweed bandwagon yet, it’s time to hop aboard and dulse is the perfect starter option if you remain unconvinced. Why? Simply put, it tastes like bacon (if you’re into that sort of thing) despite being 100% a vegetable from the sea. Its savory, salty, mineral-rich flavor makes sense given the fact that it’s a great source of potassium, iron and iodine. And like all other edible seaweed, dulse is a fiber, protein, fatty acid, vitamin and antioxidant powerhouse. You’ll likely only be able to find it dried, so experiment with sprinkling it over a salad or eggs, snacking on a whole sheet, or get creative. My bet is that this stuff is about to be as big as kale, so get ready.



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Interesting list! I’ve never heard of dulse before, even though I eat seaweek on the regular before it even became a trend to consume (hey, I’m Asian after all)! Will check it out!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

2 years ago

Sounds great! :)

2 years ago

It’s also important to realize the commercialization of these superfoods has a social history and that much of the food we can buy locally may be less exotic but just as super.

2 years ago

Hi. Where can I find All this Stuff. Thank you.

2 years ago
Reply to  Riyaz

Hi Riyaz! I’d advise checking in with your local health food store to see what they carry. In Philadelphia, we have a company called Penn Herb which carries all of these products except for golden berries (that I can see). You can order from them online if you’re unable to locate them in your area. Hope it helps!

Samantha brown
2 years ago

What about morniga leaf powder? I’m thinking of ordering some of that.

2 years ago

Thank you for the info i am a recovering stage 3 cancer victim. Had radiation and halfway through my chemo treatments i decided to change my diet and 3 months later after my cat scan and blood test came back showing no signs of cancer. So i juice twice a day no dairy products no red meat some chicken and turkey. Lots of garlic and tumeric and raw organic honey. I consider myself fortunate.

2 years ago

Hi there. Interesting post. Thank you for the information.
Take it easy

2 years ago

I definitely want to add golden berries to my superfoods to try list, they sound delicious (and cute) and i need more fiber in my diet!

2 years ago

I’d add one more food in the list – Kelp. Kelp is full of Magnesium, calcium and iron, useful for healthy bones, skin and hair. Kelp contain sort of enzymes which are not available in green vegetables but in sea vegetables.