Your Weekly Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of January 28 – February 3

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January 20–February 18

Communication is crazy complicated this week! On Tuesday, the sun and Mercury coalesce in Aquarius, giving a subtle boost to your brainpower and self-expression. Take advantage by tackling mental work, making personal decisions and stating your position in no uncertain terms. But on Friday, Mars in your thinking-and-talking corner provokes Pluto in your subliminal zone, bringing potentially destructive energy to the surface and causing it to leak out in your interactions. Try to work through your own feelings rather than venting them through abrupt words that can come off as aggressive. Dealing with what’s churning inside you will make you feel better in the long run! Over the weekend, planets in your humanity house vibe with your ruling planet and Mercury in Aquarius, bringing opportunities to meet interesting people who can flip the script in your head. Hang with people who stimulate your brain and introduce the element of surprise. Your message could go viral now, so spread the word if you have something to say. After Venus sneaks into your retreat corner on Sunday, you’re likely to experience JOMO — the joy of missing out! You’ll relish solitude (and perhaps private time with someone special) and won’t be as motivated to socialize. Love has a spiritual twist during this four-week period, so selfless devotion might inspire charity. Saturn is also hiding out in your retreat corner, and his confab with Neptune this week is the first of three 2019 meetings. Work to tie up loose ends in your life, get closure, let go of guilt and regret and clear the decks for the next big chapter. Doing so will put you in touch with your highest values and priorities and hopefully make you less afraid of not having enough or not being enough. Wrapping up old business on various levels — literal, emotional, karmic — can nurture your spiritual wellbeing and change your view of what’s important in life.



February 19–March 20

Saturn’s summit with your ruling planet this week is the first of three such meetings that will occur throughout 2019 (the next two are on June 18 and November 8). Their message to you: Teamwork makes the dream work. Assemble a group around you that can help you actualize your ideals. Seek out mentors. Rely on your squad to keep you grounded. Join organizations that share your hopes and goals. Transcend your personal agenda and work to contribute something to the world that will serve the greater good. Group relations might feel like a powder keg on Friday, though, when Mars challenges explosive Pluto in your network zone. A dispute over money or possessions could turn ugly, so steer clear of competition and instead, try to use everything at your disposal to bring about change in the world. Whether you’re met with conflict or cooperation depends in part on how you conduct yourself, so tread carefully. Luckily, Venus in your ambition angle is vibing with Uranus in your worth house the next day, which could help your stock to soar. Show off something unique that you bring to the table, and others are likely to take notice. Winning favor with your superiors, playing nice with colleagues and doing solid creative work can improve your financial outlook and boost your confidence. After Venus sashays into your humanity sector on Sunday, promoting yourself won’t seem as important as seeing your squad. In the coming month, you’ll feel good when you’re around a lot of people, so make plenty of group plans. Girls’ nights out, parties, networking events, club meetings — in general, big gatherings are a go. But here’s the caveat: Since the sun and Mercury are still hiding out in your spirit zone, you may not be super chatty and will probably need downtime here and there to recharge your battery.



March 21–April 19

Throughout 2019, Saturn in your ambition angle will be convening with Neptune in your release corner, and the first of their three summits occurs this week (the next two take place in June and November). You’re striving to live up to your potential and make something of yourself in the world, and your quest to leave your mark will help fill the existential void that sometimes causes you to wonder what we’re all doing here. Keep up the good fight, proving yourself and earning your place at the table. In doing so, you’ll gradually alleviate private concerns and gain some inner peace. If you’re worried you’ve somehow failed and your life isn’t everything you’d hoped it would be, rest assured that putting one foot in front of the other and aiming to accomplish what you can is a winning strategy. It’s not too late, no matter how old you are! With Mars in Aries needling Pluto on Friday, you’ve got more than enough drive to make significant progress, but having to answer to a boss or work within a bureaucracy can be aggravating. Proceed with caution around authority figures, yet if you see a way to reform the system, you have the power to bring about change. You’re frustrated by the slooow evolution of your career path, and the actions you take now could finally move the needle. Plus Venus in your exploration corner is in cahoots with Uranus in Aries one last time, giving you permission to indulge in idiosyncratic pleasures. Any experiences that shatter conventional boundaries and expand your awareness will assuage your restlessness. Discovering new delights might bring new discoveries about yourself. After Venus climbs to your ambition angle, you’ll feel capable of doing creative work and schmoozing superiors to increase your odds of success. Keep a high profile because it’s easy to make a favorable impression in the month to come.



April 20–May 20

Tuesday’s sun-Mercury meetup takes place at the top of your chart, so if you’ve been waiting for the right moment to step into the spotlight and make a big impression, it looks like you’re ready for your closeup! Whether you want to pitch a project to your boss, make your case for taking on a bigger role or dazzle an audience with your talents, don’t be shy. A couple of days later, Saturn in your expansion corner clicks with Neptune in your humanity house — the first of their three meetings in 2019. Here’s what they’re discussing: When you roll up your sleeves and get to work learning what you need to know in order to get places in life, your hopes and dreams will be within reach. And as you become a wiser, more conscious, more seasoned human being, you’ll naturally gravitate to groups of people who are a good fit for you. This could be a big year for dedicating yourself to a cause you believe in and doing what you can to make the world a better place — so consider joining a movement and committing to helping others. Friday’s Mars-Pluto battle can lead to self-sabotage, and the more aware you are of your own possible hidden motives, the easier it will be to avoid shooting yourself in the foot. If you’re willing to work quietly (and maybe thanklessly) behind the scenes, however, this can be a chance to make a difference in the world. With Venus sidling up to Uranus on Saturday, feeling close to someone — or at peace with yourself — will liberate you from the past. Remember self-love is a must for true intimacy! After your ruler changes signs the next day, the appeal of difference will grow. You might find yourself swiping right on someone who usually gets a hard pass or finding beauty in unexpected places and forms. Explore fresh terrain and discover unfamiliar pleasures!



May 21–June 20

This week’s Saturn-Neptune conference is the first of three that will take place in 2019. These mover-and-shaker planets will meet up again in June and November, reiterating a theme in your life until it sinks in. Investing in partnerships may be the key during this period to manifesting an aspiration that’s eluded you thus far. You may need to work to gain access to outside resources like loans and grants in order to make your dream a reality. Learning to merge your assets, needs, talents, values and priorities with someone else’s can point you in the right direction at last. And coming to terms with a loss — or rebuilding after a crisis — will test your strength and your faith in what you can achieve. With Mars in your network zone doing battle with Pluto on Friday, collaborations may prove difficult for now, and you should try not to get into a power struggle. But if you’re prepared to face challenges head-on, you can join forces with others to transform a sticky situation. It’s possible you’ll have to take one for the team in the process. Thankfully, Venus in your interpersonal angle is making music with Uranus, enabling you to strike a good balance when it comes to personal space. You should be able to get along with others and enjoy stimulating interactions, especially if you play things by ear and let everyone be themselves. Hoping to make a romantic connection? Use technology and the circle of people in your life to meet fresh prospects! After the love planet segues into your depth-and-sharing sector, casual won’t cut it, which might seem out of character for breezy Twins. In the month to come, you’ll be craving closeness that feels real, loyal, intense and soulful. Even if you’re by yourself or hanging with a good friend, your emotional temp is hotter than usual and you’re in no mood to skim the surface.



June 21–July 22

This week — and again in June and November — Saturn in your interpersonal angle will sync up with Neptune in your expansion zone. These powerful planets are setting the stage for relationship work that can reveal higher truths. A significant connection might be put to the test, and the lessons you learn from strengthening it or ending it may take a spiritual or philosophical turn, leading you to muse about life. The effort that it takes to build and maintain solid bonds could make you question how real the distinctions between you and others are and whether we’re as separate as we often believe ourselves to be. The relationships and interactions that feel hard may end up being your most valuable teachers. When Mars squares off with Pluto on Friday, your determination to achieve a goal could cause you to railroad someone, so bear in mind that not everyone shares your agenda. You may have success pushing for positive change in a relationship, though, if your methods are above board. Your drive can win over a powerful ally or provoke a formidable nemesis, depending on how you conduct yourself. Venus’s mashup with Uranus in your ambition angle the next day means enjoying what you’re doing will be a win-win, as you’re likely to make some headway while you’re having fun. Creative work and work that serves a useful purpose (like helping others) are especially favored. And you won’t have any trouble gelling with people working alongside you. So maybe you should say yes to that volunteer project you were worried about sacrificing your weekend downtime for — it won’t feel like a chore! Once Venus crosses your interpersonal angle on Sunday, she’ll set up camp there for the next four weeks, putting you in the mood to hang out one-on-one and keep relationships running smoothly with peaceful compromises and plenty of affection.



July 23–August 22

Your ruling planet aligns with Mercury on Tuesday, breathing new life into your dialogues and negotiations. If you need to get your point across, this is a great chance to lay your cards on the table. Be a good listener as well — the sun naturally tends toward egocentricity, and when it’s paired with chatty Merc, it can talk up a storm. Saturn forms a coalition with Neptune a couple of days later, and this is just the first of three such meetings in 2019. What’s on the docket? Mind-body wellness. Productivity that helps you stand on your own two feet. Doing the work that makes real closeness possible. Your physical health and psychological wellbeing go hand in hand this year; knowing that you’re doing all you can to take care of yourself will allow you to breathe easier. And if you have the sense that you’re getting your act together and contributing something useful, it seems possible to share your life with someone and not feel dependent or needy. What makes intimacy work can be a bit of a mystery, but with this planetary pairing, there are concrete steps to take. When Mars clashes with Pluto on Friday, as much as you want to chase after new experiences, your job, daily duties or health issues might get in your way. Maybe you’re pushing yourself too hard and the universe will force you to slow down. The good news is you might blaze a fresh trail to improving your health or your work (for instance, by being super proactive about seeking out cutting-edge medical info or learning new skills). But steer clear of radical views and outlandish risks. A Venus-Uranus tango the next day coaxes you not to look for lovers who check all the boxes. Broaden your horizons and let yourself be drawn to unexpected attractions. This is the perfect time for a creative gamble, romantic trip or life-changing adventure!



August 23–September 22

Saturn in your joy house and Neptune in your interpersonal angle will hold a series of meetings this week, and the first one takes place this week. (They’ll put their heads together again on June 18 and November 8). These two planets seem to be signaling that the work you’re doing to become a more well-rounded human can enhance your connections with other individuals. If you’re consciously striving to find personal fulfillment and be the best you that you can be, that could naturally put you on a higher wavelength and help you form healthy bonds. And if you’re making a concerted effort to find love, the universe is apt to take notice. Yes, there’s a bit of magic involved, but you can certainly help things along by turning the dating game into a serious mission. Complicating matters in the short run, though, is a fight between Mars and Pluto on Friday — it could point to an explosive moment that does collateral damage. You might risk a lot to feel close to someone and should probably resist the urge to force matters. But a powerful new attraction or sexy sparks in an existing relationship may be just the shakeup your love life needs. Venus’s chemistry with Uranus the next day alludes to that liberating feeling of being totally at home with someone or in your own skin. So relax and enjoy impromptu bonding with family or someone you can let your hair down with. Or unwind solo at Chez Virgo and perhaps discover something new about yourself in the process of reflecting. After Venus shows up in your joy house for a monthlong stay on Sunday, you won’t be in any mood to stay in! It’s all about romance, fun, creative pursuits, hobbies and anything else that puts a smile on your face, so go ahead and play to your heart’s content.



September 23–October 22

With the sun and Mercury coalescing in your joy zone on Tuesday, you may find the courage to express your personality more freely, divulge what’s in your heart or share your creativity. You’re likely to be generous with praise and inclined to spread warmth — and it will feel good to make others feel good! When Saturn in your foundation angle links with Neptune in your productivity corner for the first time this year (they’re getting together again in June and November), unpacking emotional baggage and coming to terms with the past can feed into physical wellness and allow you to organize your life around a sense of higher purpose. It’s likely that you’ll be working from home or working on your home, and your spirit of service will keep you going. You could assume a parental role, taking care of someone who’s ill — possibly a family member. You might be doing the hard work of growing up and separating from your family of origin so you can establish yourself as an individual and figure out what you’re meant to do in the world. Mars and Pluto are at odds, so conflict may be hard to avoid this week. An interaction could bring out powerful emotions in you, and ignoring inner turbulence will make matters worse. Libras sometimes sweep stuff under the rug to keep the peace and end up projecting their own issues onto others instead of facing them squarely. Try your best not to overreact if someone provokes you. Fortunately, your ruling planet is harmonizing with Uranus in your interpersonal angle, reminding you to see the unique beauty in everyone and welcome love however it shows up in your life. Chance encounters and spontaneous expressions of feeling will keep life interesting and fun. After Venus slips down to the base of your chart for a four-week visit, the pleasures of home and family gain added appeal.


October 23–November 21

You’re tuned into your innermost thoughts and feelings with the sun and Mercury lining up at the bottom of your chart on Tuesday, and talking about — or writing about — them may help you to process what’s going on inside you. Saturn in your thinking-and-talking corner will huddle with Neptune in your joy sector this week, the first of their three 2019 meetings (the next two are on June 18 and November 8). Your mind is on serious matters, and you’re even examining the way your mind itself works. Your default modes of thinking have a major impact on your perception of reality; working on changing your habitual thought patterns can bring your elusive ideals of love and happiness within reach. You can actualize what you yearn for by developing new ways of processing info, looking at the world and expressing yourself. A writing project may capture a great deal of your attention this year, and in general, you want your creative contributions to matter. Your co-ruling planets, Mars and Pluto, are fighting with each other on Friday, so watch your critical tone, as it can do more damage than you intend. Coworkers, siblings, neighbors and other people in your everyday life are likely to be on the receiving end. On the other hand, you’re motivated to change something for the better, and your community is apt to benefit from your efforts. Venus and Uranus gel the next day, encouraging you to find original ways to use what you have going for you. A creative talent could help you to do unique work, while a positive self-image will allow you to think of yourself as someone who’s able to put her own stamp on everything she does. Venus changes signs on Sunday, nudging you to notice the love and beauty all around you and tell people how you feel.



November 22–December 21

Starting this week, Saturn in your worth house will hold conferences with Neptune in your foundation angle (the next ones are in June and November), and for Sag, these get-togethers are all about security. Working hard to become more self-reliant will gradually build up your sense of material and financial security and show you that you can survive in the world as an adult. Wealth — and even solvency — won’t happen overnight, with the taskmaster planet putting you through your paces. You’ll need to earn a living fair and square, and in the meantime, those subtle feelings of ease, comfort, wellbeing and peace you’ve been longing for should slowly fall into place. Chances are you haven’t felt very grounded, and by the end of this year you’ll hopefully feel more safe and secure, like the universe wants you to thrive. With Mars and Pluto skirmishing on Friday, however, any desire to play it safe could go straight out the window when an impulsive risk threatens your bottom line. Consider your core values and priorities before taking a leap to get what you think you want. Still, this might be an opportune moment to transform a hobby into a moneymaking venture! Can you get an activity you enjoy to pay for itself and even bring in steady income? Venus in Sagittarius is in cahoots with Uranus in your fulfillment zone, hinting that your greatest pleasures may lie off the beaten path. You’re drawn to love, fun and creativity that has some surprises in store — nothing too tried and true. Shake things up so life keeps you guessing, whether that entails an unorthodox attraction, an artistic risk or an out-of-the-blue adventure. With Venus exiting your sign on Sunday and entering your worth house, shopping could be more appealing than socializing, as your desires become more pronounced. Lucky for you, money should flow in as easily as it flows out.



December 22–January 19

On Tuesday, Saturn in Capricorn holds his first summit with Neptune, and they have two follow-up meetings scheduled for June 18 and November 8. While your serious ruling planet treks through your sign, you can’t help but isolate yourself to some degree so you can focus on the challenging process of defining your identity and reorienting your relationship to the world accordingly. You’re experiencing growing pains and may feel cut off from others, who probably seem to have it easier than you. But this week’s Saturn-Neptune combo brings you out of your shell, allowing you to connect with people in an organic way. You’re getting to know yourself better and can find your natural tribe more easily, thanks to this self-knowledge. Your interactions will have a kind, compassionate tone that melts any icy reserve you may be protecting yourself with. Since Mars is throwing darts at Pluto in Cap on Friday, domestic strife could get out of hand, and your first instinct may be to tighten your grip. Try to remember that control is an illusion and acting like a control freak is a stressful strategy — for you and for those around you. Even if you feel provoked, you can direct this potent energy in a positive direction. Face your feelings, let go of stuck anger and confront the past if necessary. Deep personal change is possible if you’re willing to deal directly with these highly charged emotions. Thankfully, Venus is playing nice with Uranus, giving you a chance to release old feelings and free yourself from the grip of your personal history. And when Venus dances into your sign on Sunday, that’s how Cap gets her groove back! In the coming month, you’ll light up a room with your beauty and charisma, and people will be drawn to the glow you’re giving off. Go ahead and use that magnetism to get what (and whom!) you desire.


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Sounds like I’ve gotta shoot for my goals this year! Thank you for the horoscope!

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