A Different Kind of Valentine’s Day Card

Summoning Kim Krans’ The Wild Unknown Tarot, Mallorca-based tarot reader Caitlin McGarry pulls 12 love-infused cards for your consideration…

A Cosmic Tarot Pilates instructor at our recent FP wellness pop-up, Caitlin McGarry is a lifelong tarot reader and wellness coach, and continues to support the mission of the brand as a contributing writer. These Love Tarotscopes were written for the week of February 14th — read your Sun and your Rising sign and use them as intentions. And now here, to help guide you through your Valentine’s Day courtesy of The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck, here’s Caitlin:


Two of Pentacles 
This will be a week of juggling in the love department, Aries. The Two of Pentacles is all about balance and how to achieve it. If you have been working long hours or started a new job recently, take some time this week to reconnect with your heart and perform some self-care.  If you are single and looking for love, think about how you can shake things up a bit and get out of your routine to meet new people. Sign up for a salsa class and break a sweat in the hopes of meeting a new dance partner. If you are in a relationship, there may be a need to bring it new life — by taking a day trip together or having a sexy role-play date night.  Find a way to surprise your lover and restore your passionate dynamic. Finding harmony between your fiery and adventurous self and your practical needs will leave you feeling golden.


Ace of Swords 
This week will see you shining bright, thanks to a new level of fierceness and mental clarity. You know exactly what you want and how to get it. You have been gifted an extra bit of strength from the Universe to cut loose anything that no longer serves you, and rather focus on your true goals and desires. When the Ace is present you are being guided to a relationship that truly aligns with your spirit. You must listen to your intuition and trust in it — major upgrades are available to you now. The Ace of Swords will also open up a channel of communication with your partner, offering a new lucidity to your connection.  Take this sword, embrace your inner warrior, and SLAY.  


Four of Pentacles 
Your duality is coming into play more than ever this week, Gemini.  Even though you long to hold tight to an idea, feeling, or person, my advice is to LET IT FLOW.  There will be an air of possessiveness that might throw you or your partner off a bit, so try and release the need to control. Be open and receptive. Try not to cling to the idea of your “perfect” partner or you could miss out on a fulfilling encounter. Let someone else take the lead this week if you are prone to making plans. Let yourself be soft in your relationships and wear your emotions on your sleeve.    


The Fool 
A new cycle or chapter is about to open for you, Moon Child. Although safety is usually your go-to, this week encourages you to do the scary or risky thing instead.  Embrace the free spirit that has been lying dormant in you, and dive into uncharted waters.  Take yourself out of your comfortable nest and go play. If you do, you will find nothing but magical connections. Believe it and the universe will meet you halfway. Let yourself be carefree and spontaneous, take your bae on a spicy food excursion or take a couples’ acro yoga class. Try out a speed dating event or strike up a conversation with the one you always see on the train. Trust that your spirit team has your back and take a leap into the unknown!  


Father of Wands 
With the Father of Wands in your realm, you’re bound to be in your element, fully peacock-ing and completely on fire! You will be oozing with charisma this week, so let yourself be seen and heard. There is a strong possibility you could meet someone with longterm potential so be bold in your interactions. Your social media game is on point, too, so reach out to your IG crush. This Father brings with him a strong sense of self and is quite visionary, so you or your partner could be on the forefront of something grand. Expect nothing but heat in the bedroom and let your quixotic side out to play.


Nine of Cups 
Manifestation is your superpower this week, Virgo.  In Tarot, the Nine of Cups is known as the ‘wish card,’ carrying the message that your dreams and desires can be fulfilled. The energy of this card equals the green light to indulge, so book yourself a luscious spa day or spend an evening in the tub filled with rose petals, rose quartz, wine or tea, your favorite face mask, and a vibey playlist. With this watery cups energy present, you will feel a sense of unity with your friends, so reach out to your nearest and dearest to host a dinner party and share your abundance. If you are ready to find a partner, use the energy of this card to call in a love who aligns with your core values. Be careful what you wish for, however — here lies the magic of manifestation. If you are in a relationship, expect to be showered with affection and possibly experience a sexual awakening.


Daughter of Cups 
La bella figura (the Italian term for “dressing to impress”) is both your strength and your mantra this week. You love a great makeover, but you might need to focus on revamping your heart space a bit. Is it time to revisit your dating apps? You are feeling a bit sensitive and nostalgic for past lovers, but try not to get too caught up. Going back to your ex is like reheating McDonald’s french fries — you just don’t do it. Use this card’s dreamy energy to start up a new creative project or hobby. You will be the center of attention thanks to that flawless style and infectious smile of yours, so grab your favorite outfit and go dancing. This Daughter serves to remind us that everything we need is already within us, and we are fierce, beautiful creatures with unlimited potential. If you’re in a relationship, you might be feeling extra connected to your partner during this time, and no one loves love more than Libra. Be open with your feelings and you may find yourself in a deeper union.  


Ace of Cups

Intuition is your superpower, and this week you will be divinely guided to a tranquil heart space. A new opportunity is rising for you, Scorpio, and it is up to you to embrace it, be open and nurture the cup that is given to you. When you give love, you receive love, and the energy that you put out in the universe will be mirrored back.  You will feel a sense of emotional freedom which will also link you to your watery creative expression — try taking a watercolor painting class or visit a bathhouse to meditate. Take a chance and ask your work crush out, or say yes to a social invitation even though you would rather stay at home and binge-watch “Siempre Bruja.”  Expect a deeper level of commitment to arise within your relationship. You both are willing to dive deeper into a passionate love bubble. Say yes to divine love and compassion.



Daughter of Swords 
Your curiosity is peaking with this feminine swords energy at play. Your inner truth seeker wants to break free and taste all the flavors of the Universe. Is it time for a solo excursion to a faraway place? You may decide to just hop in your car for the day and see where the road leads you. Take advantage of this itch to explore in your daily and romantic life. Freedom and love go hand in hand — your ideal mate will know this part of you. If you are in a relationship, your independence must be recognized. Try doing something adventurous and educational to reconnect with each other — look into partnered tantric yoga classes. This is a time of transformation — you are ready to make positive changes in your life.  


The Chariot
Your game is ON, stronger than ever, and you possess the drive to make anything happen. You also know that you do not need a partner to make you happy — you feel very self-assured. This is a card of movement and warrior-type energy, so embrace your fierceness in your everyday life. It also carries a hint of success alluding to travel, so put away your laptop if you are flying this week — you might meet someone on the plane or in a subway station. If you are in a relationship, give your partner more of your time. They might be feeling a bit neglected, even if they understand that your major goals are taking precedence. Plan a trip together and set an intention for a better work-life balance.  


Ten of Cups
Even though you like to play it cool, Aquarius, this is your week for love and fulfillment. If you are single, you will feel a certain buzz of dreamy fate-filled energy around you, so say yes to date invites. Your eccentric qualities will be seen and appreciated with the Ten of Cups in play as this is the card of true emotional abundance. You will also notice a strong sense of personal balance and contentment within your day to day. If you are in a relationship, expect to be showered with love — your partner is vibing you more than ever. Let your cups runneth over, sweet water bearer!  


The Lovers 
Your dreamy Neptunian watery soul craves a twin flame connection, and this card is all about soul mates and values. You are ready to find a partnership that aligns with your mind, body, and spirit. Make the choice to strip yourself of non-meaningful hookups in order to clear the path for the ones who are right for you. If you feel that you are doing most of the work in your partnerships, take a step back and consider the balance of give and take in your current situation. With the Lovers present, there is a strong chance you will make a lifelong connection in the coming days. You could also feel bound to your partner and ready to make the next step towards commitment or creating a family. This is usually a welcomed card and an encouragement to choose relationships that are on par with your highest self.      
Caitlin is available for phone and video sessions.
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Ooh, I love this! Sounds like there are exciting things in store for me, haha! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

3 years ago

ohh yes, really like the information about the valentine day card. thanks