Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of February 11-17

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January 20–February 18

Mobilizing Mars and your zany ruling planet are on a collision course in your thinking-and-talking corner this week, steering your thoughts and convos in an unexpected direction. You could change your mind on a dime or land in an argument before you’ve decided if it’s worth it. What’s the best use of this meetup? Concoct cutting-edge strategies and confidently sell people on your brilliant plans. You’re actively thinking outside the box and can get other innovators onboard now. Believe it or not, it’s the last time in your life these two planets will get together in this part of your chart, so if you need to say something that’s really bold and out-there, go for it! Then on Valentine’s Day, Mars dips down to your foundation angle for a six-week sojourn, where he’ll be keeping you busy on the home front and possibly triggering disagreements there as well. Perfect time to take on a daunting domestic project—but clear any big changes with roomies to minimize friction. The sun in Aquarius syncs with Uranus late in the week, keeping boredom at bay and possibly producing a surprise (or at the very least, interesting) encounter. An impromptu daytrip isn’t out of the question either!



February 19–March 20

It’s incredibly tempting to splurge on a whim when just-do-it Mars gets together with irreverent Uranus in your worth house this week. But it’s the last time in the 21st century that they’ll convene here, so you might do something radical that’s been a long time coming. You could finally tackle a possession purge, getting rid of a ton of stuff you don’t need and freeing yourself from the weight of clutter. Or you might leap into budgeting mode and liberate yourself from bad financial habits. And there’s a possibility that actions you take now will have a positive influence on your self-esteem, especially if the gauge has been stuck on low for ages. Watch out for disputes over money and belongings, though, since this planetary pair can explode out of nowhere. Mars arrives in your thinking-and-talking corner on Valentine’s Day, nudging you to speak up and assert your ideas. You’re bound to get busy with local travel, daily interactions and learning as you go. Let your curiosity lead you to new experiences, places, people and knowledge. Venus in your humanity zone is vibing with Neptune in Pisces, so also make time for creative collaboration and fun with friends — both will stir your soul.



March 21–April 19

You almost can’t help but spring into action when Mars teams up with Uranus in Aries this week — a meeting that won’t repeat during your lifetime. You want to break the rules, burn the game plan and do something NOW to shake up your life. Uranus, the Great Awakener, has been waking you up in fits and starts for several years. As a result, your identity has changed drastically. But life probably hasn’t kept up with your internal evolution. Here’s an opportunity to spur that process and move forward in the spirit of liberation. Keep anarchy in check, though, so you don’t inadvertently throw the baby out with the bathwater. Rash behavior could boomerang back on you, making it important to take action that’s ultimately true to who you know yourself to be. Your ruler charges into your worth zone on Valentine’s Day, launching a six-week period when you’ll become more focused on making good use of your resources. You might get busy earning money, shopping for what you need or dealing proactively with possessions. Since the sun is dovetailing with Uranus at the moment, socializing with people who get you will also keep you on your toes and fuel excitement for what’s to come.



April 20–May 20

Mars runs into Uranus in your release corner this week, and that won’t happen again in this lifetime. It may be hard to resist an urge to act against your own best interests, and you’ll need to stay on top of subliminal impulses if you’re going to avoid self-inflicted wounds. When life takes an unexpected (and presumably unwelcome) turn, ask yourself if you’re the one who got the ball rolling. Channel this subversive energy into working behind the scenes to change something in the world, and don’t hold for applause—your efforts aren’t meant to draw attention. If you can identify a self-defeating pattern or escapist habit, this is an amazing opportunity to free yourself. Any clean break from something that’s not serving your spirit (and maybe even holding you hostage) will make this a potentially life-changing week. Mars marches into the sign of Taurus on Valentine’s Day, his first visit since the spring of 2017, giving you some serious mojo for the next six weeks. You’ll have the drive to knock out pet projects and execute your own agenda during this period. Work your magic, but keep anger in check and don’t mow anybody down in your race to accomplish your goals!



May 21–June 20

It may seem like when you zig they zag, thanks to a Mars-Uranus mashup in your humanity house this week. You’re trying to be a team player, but since everyone has a unique contribution to make, you might not be in perfect harmony. As long as you don’t have a full-out mutiny (which would be destructive), you can give each other space to be individuals who have come together for a common purpose. Stop to question your motives if you’re tempted to rebel. It’s one thing to say no to groupthink so you don’t become one of the sheeple marching blindly in lockstep. But it’s another to revolt just because you’re feeling extra antsy and nonconformist. Significant change is at hand if you can harness this group energy. Once Mars sneaks into the last house of your chart on Valentine’s Day, you’re in for six weeks of operating off the grid. It’s time to keep a lower profile, work quietly to tie up loose ends and face the stuff you’ve been pushing aside. Watch out for self-sabotage and other old behavior patterns because you’re sort of on automatic pilot now. Try to be more conscious of your actions and confront difficult feelings so they’ll stop pestering you.



June 21–July 22

If you don’t already have a problem with authority, you could develop one when feisty Mars bumps into impertinent Uranus in your ambition angle! This meetup won’t occur again in your lifetime, and it might point to a sharp turn in your career path. Crabs are security-conscious, but this volatile combo could get you to quit a dead-end job with nothing else lined up. You might set off in a whole new direction, possibly working for yourself. Impulsive behavior could draw unwanted attention, so tread lightly. But don’t hesitate to take an unorthodox approach to achieving your objectives or to launch an exciting professional endeavor. Mars segues into your network sector on Valentine’s Day for a month-and-a-half long stay, encouraging you to shift your energy from solo projects to collaborations between now and the end of March. It’s time to be a team player — so first, find people with common goals and ideals. Then join forces to make things happen. Sometimes it’s challenging to meld Martian drive and team spirit, making it all the more essential that you seek out others who are aiming in the same direction as you. And if you encounter tension, destress with your squad via physical activities like group sports.



July 23–August 22

Mars crosses paths with Uranus in your expansion corner this week for the last time in your life, daring you to take a leap of faith — with or without a net. You’re ready to burst out of your comfort zone, and that could very well be a good thing. Just be mindful of temptations to take unreasonable risks and embrace radical views. This is an ideal chance to fight for a humanitarian cause related to liberation and the rights of individuals. It’s also the perfect time to boldly pursue a path to greater consciousness, awareness, knowledge — even enlightenment. And if you need to stand up for what you believe in, you’re liable to jump into the fray and speak your truth. This planetary configuration can also prompt you to set off on a crazy adventure or launch an indie entrepreneurial endeavor. On Valentine’s Day, Mars makes his way to the peak of your chart, where he’ll be hovering until the end of March, revving up your ambition. Keep your eyes on the prize, and go after your goals with determination, sticking to a game plan. Try to work solo whenever possible, since you’ll be in no mood to answer to anyone!



August 23–September 22

When Mars and Uranus align in your depth-and-merging zone this week, brewing sexual chemistry could suddenly ignite, or grenades might be lobbed in a close relationship. Emotions are bound to be intense and combustible, so you might need to take a timeout and retreat to your corners to cool things down. Passionate sparks can lead to fun, but they might be a flash in the pan, given Uranus’s shoot-from-the-hip reputation. Since these two planets won’t meet up again in this part of your chart until the 22nd century, you can make their encounter count by freeing yourself from a fear or other psychological barrier or courageously moving on from a loss, wound or crisis. This is a fantastic opportunity to break the emotional chains that bind you once and for all. Then Mars blasts into your exploration corner on Valentine’s Day, the beginning of a six-week period that will ramp up your wanderlust and embolden you to push the envelope and try new things. It’s time to take some risks in the interest of learning and growing, so don’t be too cautious, Virgo. Explore uncharted territory, get on the frontlines fighting for a worthy cause — do something that scares you a little!



September 23–October 22

This week’s close encounter between Mars and Uranus in your interpersonal angle could spell a quick burst of action that changes a relationship. You might simply get into an argument — but since these planets aren’t going to meet up again here during your lifetime, there may be more to it than that. If you’ve been in a holding pattern with someone for quite a while, this combo will push you out of it, since it demands progress. Maybe you’ll finally call it quits if a connection has gone as far as it can go. Or perhaps it will dawn on you at last what needs to happen in order for you to maintain a partnership with another individual. Uranus is a big proponent of independence, so you might break a codependent pattern now. On Valentine’s Day, Mars dives into your depth-and-merging sector and burrows in for a six-week visit, prompting you to delve deeper into an important personal bond, passion project or emotional issue. Your libido may go into overdrive, as you focus intently on having what it feels like you can’t live without. Emotions will run hot, but you’re not meant to be calm, cool and collected during this transit.


October 23–November 21

You could feel stifled by your job, bored with everyday life or weighed down by duties when Mars and Uranus align in your efficiency corner, daring you to break out of your routine. These two planets won’t get together again in the same part of your chart until next century, so you may spot a unique opportunity to effect change that will make you more productive going forward. Try thinking in terms of tech solutions, since Uranus rules technology; there are endless lifehacking options out there, just ripe for the picking! It’s possible that you’ll get into a fight at work or have an urge to quit, but throwing yourself into stimulating tasks and adopting a fresh modus operandi will probably prove more useful. Unless of course you’re in a dead-end job that’s limiting your potential. After Mars crosses your interpersonal angle on Valentine’s Day, he’ll activate your one-on-one relationships through the end of March. This is a phase for getting grievances out in the open and addressing them directly. Look for chances to engage in activities with other individuals. Pairing up will be much more fruitful than flying solo, so work out with a companion or recruit a partner in crime for your next adventure!



November 22–December 21

For the last time in your life, Mars and Uranus are rendezvousing in your joy zone, firing you up to take a risk for the sake of love, happiness or creative fulfillment. You could jump into a romance or jet off on a thrilling adventure without overthinking it. You might also get out of a love affair if you need more space. You’re inclined to put your personal stamp on whatever you do now and don’t care much about the fallout. Get in the driver’s seat and enjoy the sensation of going wherever you choose, like a true freedom-loving Sag! Once Mars segues into your efficiency corner on Valentine’s Day, you’ll be ready to get back to work. For the next six weeks, you can zero in on essential tasks and cruise through your to-do list. Productivity and health are top priorities during this period, so you’ll be busy at your job, working out and generally making yourself useful. You’re more interested in getting stuff done than making a name for yourself while the doer planet is in this service-oriented part of the chart, but you might get competitive with a coworker or take on too much and stress yourself out. The antidote: Share the workload.



December 22–January 19

You may feel like defying tradition when Mars encounters Uranus in your foundation angle this week (for the last time this century, FYI). Here’s a chance to cut the ties that bind you and uproot yourself from soil that isn’t nourishing you. You can confront the past, old patterns and childhood hurts and liberate yourself from emotional baggage once and for all. You’re on the verge of releasing pent-up anger but might do it in the form of an outburst. If there’s conflict, a roomie or relative will probably be involved. Try to stay conscious of your rapidly changing mood and resist lashing out defensively. Fortunately, Venus in Capricorn is gelling with Neptune, smoothing your relations and helping you to show your soft side. It’s possible to ease into a more pleasant frame of mind without much effort. And with Mars rocketing into your joy house on Valentine’s Day, life is about to get way more fun! Between now and March 31, you’ll feel like getting out and playing rather than staying in and getting stuff done. It’s your turn to pursue what you desire — whether that means romance, good times with your squad, creative fulfillment, or pleasurable activities like hobbies.


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Sounds like just what I had in mind for the next week! Power through! Thank you for the horoscope, as always!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

5 years ago

Love the horoscopes, but Arie’s isn’t complete ;(

5 years ago
Reply to  Candice

So sorry for the oversight, Candice. Aries now appears in full. Thank you for the heads-up. xo

5 years ago

Thanks for the horoscopes for Aquarius, Valentines day happens to be my birthday – I look forwards to my interesting encounter that you predict!

5 years ago

Worried that Sagittarius starts with ‘for the last time in your life…’ is death on the cards this month?!