Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of February 18-24

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February 19–March 20

Early in the week, a Venus-Saturn get-together in your humanity house can prompt you to officially join a group or do something tangible to help a friend. If you’re having issues in your squad — or a particular friendship is on the rocks — this is an opportune time to work on the problems and try to get relations back on track. When Venus lines up with Pluto later in the week, jealousy could rear its ugly head. Get to the bottom of things instead of trying to gloss over them. A platonic bond might turn sexual, a friendship might grow deeper, or you might become attracted to someone you meet through technology (like a dating app). The sun’s arrival in Pisces will infuse you with energy and mark the beginning of your birthday season. This is no time to be a selfless Fish; it’s all about you now! Put your own agenda first and focus on what you want out of the year ahead. Your newfound vitality and confidence will help you make a strong impression on others. However, Mercury wanders into Neptune’s fog this week, which can muddle your messaging somewhat and cause you to be misunderstood — or feel misunderstood. But your intuition is likely to be heightened, so listen to it and don’t get hung up on clarifying your position. Find a creative outlet for expressing what’s inside you. Merc’s tangle with Jupiter will lead to sky-high aspirations, and you should be careful not to omit essential details from your big plans. An authority figure may see you as presumptuous if you share your ambitious vision, but on the flip side, you should be pretty good at promoting yourself now. The full moon in your interpersonal angle compels you to give others the spotlight for a sec, even though it’s Pisces Time. A partnership could blow up — for better or worse — and whatever happens, Mars will empower you to advocate for what you think is best. Happy solar return!



March 21–April 19

You’re enjoying a good rapport with higher-ups while Venus dances across the top of your chart, and her rendezvous with Saturn at the beginning of the week can prompt you to be more strategic when it comes to schmoozing your superiors and polishing your public image. Be mindful of the possibility that you might put people off with an authoritative air, though, as this pairing can be a bit imperious. Singles may opt to create a plan in your mind for attaining the relationship you desire, while couples may craft common goals and make sure they’re on the same page. A Venus-Pluto combo later in the week can allow you to secure a powerful mentor, take on a high-profile role or do impressive creative work. Try not to step on toes, since Pluto tends to be quite the power player. With the sun plunging into the last house of your chart for a monthlong slumber, your energy will be more low-key for a while as your year draws to a close. It’s the season for resting and reflecting, so don’t feel guilty about setting aside time for yourself. You need quiet to look back over the past, make peace with where you are and recharge your battery in preparation for your birthday. A coalition between Mercury and Neptune in that house can make you wistful and lure you into rumination and if-onlys. Forgive yourself for mistakes and recognize that your emotions are coloring your imaginings. Merc’s battle with Jupiter will make you restless, and a mental getaway like a movie or book will offer a welcome break from reality. The full moon is lighting up your productivity corner, so a health or work crisis might grab your attention and bring you to a turning point. It could be time to drop something from your schedule, clean up your diet, complete a work project or break a bad habit.



April 20–May 20

You’re wandering out of your comfort zone to sample unfamiliar pleasures while Venus cruises through your expansion corner — and your ruling planet’s rendezvous with Saturn early in the week points to the possibility that such a whim will provide lasting satisfaction. So keep exploring new territory! Venus’s date with Pluto late in the week can intensify experiences even further, giving you extra incentive to say yes to something (or someone) different. The sun’s arrival in your humanity zone reminds you that you’re not alone. Whether you’re chasing after a new dream, aiming to grow your brand via social media or trying to meet professional contacts, networking is the name of the game. You’re stronger as part of a team in the month ahead and should put some energy into collaborative endeavors. Plus you’ll feel most like yourself when you’re around your squad, so set aside time for friends. A Mercury-Neptune meetup in that zone might lead to crossed wires in a group, but it also helps you pick up on people’s unspoken signals and get on the same wavelength. Trust your gut rather than taking words too literally. And be careful not to break a confidence when Merc clashes with Jupiter in your sharing sector. It’s way too easy to overshare when the planet of excess is in the mix; stop and think whether you should be divulging this — and to whom. When a full moon lights up your fulfillment house, you may have an urge to shine your own light. Positive attention could come your way thanks to a creative achievement or heartfelt display of emotion. A romance might sizzle or fizzle, and since Mars in Taurus is reinforcing this moon, you’ll be in the driver’s seat. If you’ve been waiting for an excuse to get out and enjoy life to the hilt or make a move on your crush, there’s no time like the present!



May 21–June 20

You’re primed for a deep dive into closeness, and when Venus runs into mature Saturn at the beginning of the week, relationships are bound to feel like a big deal — not always a good thing in your book! Flirting comes more naturally to you than committing, but this alliance highlights the appeal of investing in another human being. If you’re not fully in it though, this may be the time to reassess and possibly sever a connection. Since Venus meets up with profound Pluto days later, a relationship or emotional matter could start to feel even more urgent, and you might enjoy a powerful sexual attraction. Jealousy, mistrust, control and obsession can become problematic, in which case you’ll either care enough to try to turn a corner here or you’ll get a little overwhelmed with the intensity. With the sun ascending to your ambition angle, some of your attention pivots to your career path, public image or personal aspirations, and you’ll keep a higher profile in the next month. Contemplate the direction you’re headed in and the targets you want to hit, then keep your eyes on the prize. You might find yourself in the limelight, so be ready to prove what you’re capable of. Mercury is coalescing with Neptune, which can make it harder to spell out your goals and communicate with authority figures. But the upside is your imagination might kick in, giving you a more creative vision of your higher purpose. Merc’s run-in with Jupiter sets up high expectations and can give you an imperious tone with your equals, but see if you can use this energy to make exciting plans with another person. When a full moon lands at the base of your chart, watch out for family drama or a moody roomie. Everyone could use some extra TLC now, including you! Step up your self-care game and nurture your loved ones.



June 21–July 22

A Venus-Saturn coalition lends a serious tone to one-on-one relations early in the week, and this might feel like a commit-or-quit turning point. Are you ready to make things more official? If so, you could decide to move in with your S.O., put a ring on it or seal the deal in a biz partnership. But if a close connection just isn’t working, Saturn can compel you to call it a day. Days later, Pluto gets in on the act, bringing a more intense emo energy — and possibly a powerful encounter or person. Maybe you’ll meet someone who has a profound effect on you, or an existing bond will change when your role in it changes. With the sun soaring into your journeys corner, you’re due for a month of spreading your wings and exploring new territory. Travel will revive your spirits, but if you can’t get out of town, broadening your mind by exposing yourself to different ideas, beliefs and cultures will feed the same need. Seek out unfamiliar people and adventures, and transcend your routine whenever possible. If you identify with a cause now, you’re likely to channel a lot of energy into it. Mercury is melding with Neptune at the moment, hinting at a spiritual awakening, and although mystical meaning can permeate your perception, you might get disoriented and have a hard time separating truth from fiction. You have a shot at becoming more conscious if you can avoid embracing iffy views and assuming you’re wiser than others. A Mercury-Jupiter tussle might also make you preachy, especially if you have a strong opinion about the right way of doing things. Direct your enthusiasm toward a plan that combines broad strokes and important details; resist the temptation to boss people around. The full moon might bring news, information overload, a flurry of busyness or drama with neighbors and siblings. Don’t be afraid to voice your feelings and enlist the support of others.



July 23–August 22

The annual summit between Venus and Saturn takes place at the beginning of the week in your efficiency corner, and it could get you thinking about the work you need to put into a relationship or your health. Whether you’re trying to improve your own wellbeing, your job satisfaction or an important connection, it’s time to recommit to putting in the effort. You might analyze the problems you’ve having with someone or analyze where your self-care is falling short. This planetary combo also nudges you to help out colleagues and others you often cross paths with. Venus will meet up with Pluto later in the week, which may cause you to obsess over details or become a bit of a control freak on the job, particularly where creativity is concerned. Curb a desire to criticize and micromanage, and concentrate on deepening the pleasure you get out of your work or daily life. After your ruler, the sun, plunges into your psyche-and-sharing zone for a monthlong stay, you’ll home in on a significant bond, passion project or emotional issue and focus intently rather than scattering your attention. Privacy, loyalty, personal power and the inner workings of relationships gain importance, and everything feels a little more intense and profound. Mercury and Neptune are meshing in that zone, increasing self-understanding and compassion for someone close to you. Forgiveness and soulful connection have the power to heal, but words can get twisted under this influence. Merc’s discord with Jupiter might spur you to pour out your heart in an intimate dialogue or swell your confidence and conviction. And this week’s full moon in your worth house can also lead to an uptick in self-esteem — or spending. The urge to fill an emotional need may drive you to indulge in retail therapy. Fortunately, Mars in your ambition angle comes to the rescue, implying that striving to get ahead in your career can increase your earnings.



August 23–September 22

When Venus lines up with staid Saturn early in the week, a casual love affair could take a more serious turn. You might have a heart-to-heart about where things are headed and finally define the relationship or go your separate ways. Those of you who are single may see the appeal of commitment and decide to focus on dating prospects with LTR potential. And if you’re involved in a creative project or a new hobby, you may start to treat it as more than just passing fun. Venus’s encounter with Pluto later in the week turns up the heat on all of the above, intensifying romance, artistic pursuits and play. There’s more passion involved now, and you could become rather obsessed — perhaps even jealous or controlling. With the sun crossing your interpersonal angle and hanging out there for the next month, your one-to-one connections move front and center. You’ll draw energy from companionship and should seek out other individuals often rather than going it alone. Give some thought to your relationship dynamics and strive to maintain equality, balance and mutual respect. Form partnerships and recruit a buddy for your next adventure. Mercury is also in that angle, facilitating dialogues, but it’s a bit lost in Neptune’s fog at the moment. Given the mystical overtones, you could read someone’s mind and pick up on their feelings or become totally bewildered by them. Aim for a spiritual connection, and don’t try to interpret anyone too literally. Merc’s run-in with Jupiter can prompt you to talk freely about a family matter, your living situation or plans to settle down. You should be able to find the words to ask for the support you need. And since Virgo is playing host to this week’s full moon, your needs are of the utmost importance! It’s appropriate to put yourself first for the time being and show your feelings. You have the courage to make your position clear and release anything unhealthy from your life.



September 23–October 22

Your ruling planet has her yearly meetup with Saturn scheduled for the beginning of the week, and it’s due to take place at the base of your chart. You could get nostalgic or maybe a bit blue and should make self-care top priority now. You’re in the mood to nestle down in your comfort zone and spend time with people you feel totally secure with. Your craving for security might extend to a desire for romantic commitment, in which case your thoughts may turn to living together, having kids — the whole shebang. You could also be focused on relationships with roomies and what it will take to make your living situation work well. Venus encounters Pluto later in the week, intensifying your mood and generating a desire to change the aesthetics of your space and shift the energy. After the sun enters your productivity corner for a monthlong visit, you’ll have the strength to stay on top of your job responsibilities, to-do list, workout routine and various daily duties. You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work! Focus on doing everything to the best of your abilities and improving your quality of life with a healthy diet and exercise regimen and efficient time management. A Mercury-Neptune mashup in that corner can muddle communication on the job, so have patience with crossed wires. You’ll need to rely on your instincts regarding the best way to tackle a problem. Merc’s clash with Jupiter might lead to overly critical words, but if you make a concerted effort, you can combine detail-oriented thinking with optimism. You might get the info — or meet the contact — you need to get something done. A full moon at the end of your chart could bring a secret to light or push something from your subconscious onto your radar. Pay attention to your dreams and inklings for clues, and balance out your busyness with plenty of rest and reflection.


October 23–November 21

When Venus and Saturn get together in your thinking-and-talking corner early in the week, your mind will turn to weightier matters, and you might secure a key contact or meet an appealing older person. If you’re due for a Big Talk with someone close to you, this combo nudges you to lay your cards on the table and discuss where the relationship stands. It’s also a good time to solicit friendly advice or organize a community event. Venus gets entangled with your ruler a few days later, which might push you into an obsessive loop. If you can’t stop thinking about someone, you might try immersing yourself in another process that helps you redirect your intense mental energy. Creative work, journaling or a brief sojourn to a pretty place could do the trick. After the sun zips into your joy sector for its annual monthlong visit, you’ll be more inclined to get out of the house and have some fun. It’s the season to freely express your creativity, your romantic side and your personality. Do what makes you happy and savor the feeling of showing your authentic self. With Mercury and Neptune coalescing in that sector, heartfelt words and beautiful writing will flow out of you, but you might not see the object of your affection very clearly. Merc’s spat with Jupiter can pose a problem if you’re focused on pleasure-seeking and overestimate the worth of something. You could easily convince yourself to splurge under this influence. A full moon in your humanity house can trigger squad drama and persuade you to be there for a friend in need. You might decide you’ve outgrown a particular group or pal and opt to move on. A need to be around people could land you in a large gathering and result in an epic night out. The moon’s chemistry with doer Mars hints that a collab could easily flower now, so remember there’s power in numbers!



November 22–December 21

You could become more serious about a plan to get what you want when Venus and Saturn mesh in your resources zone early in the week. You’re craving stability and security more than usual and are prepared to focus on practical steps. Get your priorities in order and surround yourself with reliable people. A dose of nature can offer instant gratification, so go outside and indulge your senses. Venus’s meeting with Pluto days later can intensify material desires and might lead you to fixate on a particular one. Possessiveness can be an issue now, and you should try to zero in on your true needs; it’s a good week for drilling down to your deepest values. After the sun descends to your foundation angle and settles in for a monthlong stay, you’ll be more interested in nesting. Your preference during this period is to get comfortable in familiar surroundings—either relaxing solo or hanging with people you’ve known forever, like family. Wanderlust will take a backseat to hibernation, as you center yourself at home base and catch up on sleep or your favorite shows. Mercury and Neptune are conferring in that angle, which might trigger disappointment or a misunderstanding with a roomie or parent. But you’ll have the ability to tune into emotional undercurrents and express how much you care. Then when Merc spars with Jupiter in Sagittarius, a convo with a roomie or parent could lift your spirits, boost your confidence and inspire you to throw caution to the wind. This week’s full moon will light up the peak of your chart, calling for you to strike a good balance between your outer and inner lives. A goal may come to fruition, or you might decide to drop one that’s no longer relevant to you. A crisis with your boss could pull you out of hibernation mode, or an achievement of yours could gain notice, pushing you onto center stage. Be ready to perform at your best!



December 22–January 19

Venus and Saturn put their heads together in Capricorn at the beginning of the week, which could put you in a more serious mood and make you more selective about whom you spend time with. You’re exuding warmth and drawing others to you while the love planet flits through your sign, but it makes sense to narrow down your options. You might start a long-term relationship under this influence or cut someone loose if the commitment’s really not there. You want to be with people who are right for you—or else be by yourself. Venus connects with Pluto a few days later, sending your charisma skyrocketing and giving you a lot of power, and you should try to use it for good. You’re full of passion and sex appeal now and can wrap people around your finger all too easily. After the sun rockets into your cognition-and-communication house, the tempo of your thoughts, interactions and daily life will pick up. You can put a lot of yourself into everything you say and write in the coming month, and your restlessness and curiosity will keep you on the go. Your ideas carry an added charge, so don’t hesitate to share them. Mercury and Neptune are entwined in that house, though, making thoughts and conversations much more subjective. You could get your wires crossed with someone, but you could also have a creative breakthrough, read the room intuitively and convey compassion through kind words. A Mercury-Jupiter run-in suggests a convo or piece of information will feed your private hopes and increase self-awareness, so keep trying to connect with people — and be an attentive listener. When a full moon activates your expansion corner, you may have an impulse to take a leap of faith and chase after a big adventure. This is the best lunation of the year for banishing a limiting personal belief from your mind once and for all.



January 20–February 18

You’re in retreat mode, with social Venus tucked away in the last house of your chart, and when she encounters Saturn early this week, you might feel a little lonely or melancholy. But if you’ve gotten lost in fantasyland, this combo can help you snap out of it. Plus it helps you put up firm boundaries with people who drain the energy out of you. Venus meets with potent Pluto later in the week, and that matchup could intensify a private connection like a secret crush or behind-closed-doors affair. Pain or jealousy might arise from deep within you, and forgiveness will have a cathartic effect. It’s possible to transform your own relationship to the past under this influence. As the sun leaves Aquarius and segues into your worth zone, the focus shifts from who you are to what you have and what you need. It’s time to take stock of your resources, ponder your personal values, look at your finances, organize your belongings, define your priorities and examine your self-esteem. Mercury and Neptune are circling each other in that same zone, clouding your financial judgment. Watch your spending if you’re unable to distinguish between requiring and desiring. Listen to your gut, even if you don’t like what it’s telling you! Merc squares off with Jupiter in your network sector next, which might motivate you to make a generous donation that benefits others. You could also ascertain how to use resources to help a team endeavor flourish. Just be mindful of the fact that your thinking about money and possessions differs from group expectations for the time being. The full moon in your sharing house pushes you to master the intricate dance of give-and-take. This lunation will bring out all the feels in a sexual relationship, and you might grow closer or decide you’re done. It’s a good time to settle a debt, lend support (financial or otherwise) and move beyond a crisis, loss or wound.


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I’m definitely going to set time aside for myself this week. Thanks again for the horoscope!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

3 years ago

February is my month, such a good post got to know a-lot about myself.