Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of February 25 – March 3

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February 19–March 20

The Pisces sun pairs up with go-getter Mars this week, giving you even more vitality and drive. This is your time to put yourself out there, promote your brainchild and be your best ally. You’re a force of nature all on your own, but if you want to partner with anyone, look no further than siblings and neighbors — they’re likely to have your back. Venus in your network sector is at odds with Uranus in your worth zone, so it’s possible that your personal values will differ from group interests and make it difficult for you to be a team player. Or your confidence and finances could be shaky, in which case you’ll find it challenging to go along with the crowd and have a good time. If you need to do your own thing, try to break off from the pack without hurting anyone’s feelings. Once Venus sneaks into your subliminal corner, you’ll probably need more alone time, even if you’re supposed to be out celebrating your birthday season. Don’t feel guilty about enjoying a slice of solitude when you need it!



March 21–April 19

Your ruler, Mars, is giving the sun reinforcement this week; that may be your cue to use your resources to wrap up old business left over from last year. In an effort to get things squared away before your birthday season begins, is there a matter related to finances, possessions, self-worth or personal values that you could be handling? Bonus question: Are you undermining yourself by not milking all your talents for everything they’re worth? Venus in your ambition angle is quarreling with Uranus in Aries, so you’re in the process of pleasing higher-ups (and perhaps producing creative work), but your independent streak might tempt you to rebel against authority or bureaucracy. You want to do things your own way and shouldn’t smother the very uniqueness that will help you stand out. But see if you can pull off being both original and cooperative, working within the system to accomplish something with flair. After Venus prances into your humanity house, you’ll be in the mood to socialize and do some networking, so say yes to group gatherings — where you’re bound to thrive.



April 20–May 20

With mobilizing Mars plowing through your sign, you’re on your grind and operating somewhat independently in order to further your own interests. But the sun in your network zone is forming a coalition with Mars, generating productive synergy between teamwork and solo efforts this week. Your drive will bolster group endeavors, and conversely, other people can lend an assist when you need a little backup. Win-win! Venus in your exploration house is sparring with Uranus in your subliminal corner, so your desire for unfamiliar pleasures might inspire you to do something slyly subversive. A radical turn of events can likely be traced back to your urge to try new things. Don’t sneak back into your comfort zone; own your appetite for adventure! There’s an exception, though: If you’re in a great relationship, be sure you’re not sabotaging it out of boredom. Next, your ruling planet climbs to the peak of your chart, coaxing you to do creative work, charm your superiors and polish your public image over the course of the next few weeks.



May 21–June 20

When the sun syncs with Mars this week, your work behind the scenes will help you shine. You might be toiling away on a creative project or something that benefits others, and in any case, your low-key efforts should meet with success. Your personal life gets hit with a plot twist when Venus skirmishes with independent Uranus, and a rebellious streak might lead you to flirt with someone in your circle — potentially fun if you’re single, potentially problematic if you’re not. If jealousy pops up, you should know that intimacy and friendship are a tricky mix under this planetary map. Maybe you just need to take a breather from something intense and hang with your squad. After Venus breezes into your expansion corner, you’re free to take the blinders off and explore a wider variety of pleasures. Date someone you’d normally overlook, enjoy a vacay fling (and perhaps consider giving long-distance romance a shot), socialize with people who are very different from you. Relationships benefit from a spirit of adventure in the next few weeks, so stay away from the same old same old.



June 21–July 22

A coalition between the sun in your expansion corner and Mars in your humanity house this week encourages you to team up with others and pursue learning experiences. A group trip would be ideal, but if you can’t swing that just now, you might opt to sign up for a class or participate in a rally. Stay out of your routine whenever possible and work for something you believe in. Venus in your interpersonal angle is needling Uranus in your ambition zone, which could cause an important relationship to go in an unexpected direction. If you’re seriously involved with someone, it won’t be easy to agree on your goals as a couple, and one of you may be itching for more autonomy. Regardless of your relationship status, a little flexibility will go a long way. After Venus slips into your sharing sector, you’ll start to crave deeper closeness with other individuals, and sex is likely to be extra intense. Sharing the real you with someone you trust can help you overcome fear in the next few weeks.



July 23–August 22

Your ruling planet is in sync with Mars in your ambition angle now, prompting you to keep zeroing in on a passion project, partnership or psychological concern, as you’re bound to make some headway. Intense concentration is more fruitful than multitasking during this transit, and if you need support, don’t hesitate to ask. Try to identify the goal that matters most and plug away at it for a while without coming up for air. Venus in your efficiency house is squaring off with Uranus in your journeys corner, so you will get distracted late in the week and crave an escape from your workload. You might become more creative and learn something new from trying a fresh approach. If you’re working closely with colleagues, you could lose them if you shoot off on a tangent. After Venus crosses your interpersonal angle, the next few weeks will be even more relationship-oriented. You can easily find common ground with — and enjoy the company of — other individuals, so make plenty of one-on-one plans. If you’re ready to make peace with someone, extend the olive branch.



August 23–September 22

An alliance between the sun and Mars links your interpersonal and exploration houses, nudging you to find a partner in crime and do something that’s out of the ordinary for you. An adventure can add a little excitement to a relationship or enliven you, so get out there and make some new memories! Since Venus is at odds with Uranus in your sharing zone, it’s best if you enjoy life in the moment without getting too hooked on a specific reaction you want to elicit from someone. Do what makes you happy, and if another person shares your feelings, great. But remember their feelings are never going to be exactly the same as yours, because you’re each individuals. A compulsion to control the whole equation doesn’t leave room in life for pleasant surprises. Let people be who they’re going to be, and give them a chance to love you for who you are. Once Venus arrives in your efficiency corner, you’ll be more inclined to work and shouldn’t have much trouble getting into a pleasantly productive flow.



September 23–October 22

Thanks to this week’s sun-Mars conference, you might be most productive when working with a partner. If you can find an appropriate endeavor to pair up on, go for it. If not, throwing yourself into a passion project with single-minded determination or delving into research or an investigation of sorts will be equally successful. Venus is challenging unpredictable Uranus in your one-on-one angle, hinting that an unreliable person might disrupt your peaceful mood or your home life. It’s easy to get annoyed when another person throws a curveball at you, and no matter how non-confrontational you are, there are times when you need to acknowledge everything’s not okay. Just check in with your own emotional state before you call someone out. It’s always possible that you’re projecting your own feelings onto others — and best to find that out first. After your ruler dances into your joy zone, you’ll be in the mood to get out of the house and live it up for a few weeks. Schedule dates and GNOs. Express your creative side. Wear your heart on your sleeve!


October 23–November 21

Being yourself and joining forces with another individual can dovetail nicely this week when the sun in your self-expression sector gels with Mars in your interpersonal angle. You’re up for having a good time and should grab a partner to double the fun. Both of these planets possess yang energy, and there’s a chance they’ll give you the courage to make a move on your crush or push for what you want. Venus is quibbling with Uranus, so work, health or everyday circumstances might affect your pleasant mindset and compel you to shift gears. Don’t stress when things fail to unfold according to plan. Leave wiggle room in your schedule for variables. This transit can throw a wrench into communication, especially if it involves colleagues and/or technology. Talk in person if you can, and stick to the script to avoid miscues. Venus dips down to your foundation angle next, reminding you that there’s no place like home. Soon you may feel like cocooning, redecorating, entertaining, hanging with family and relishing good food and drink. Enjoy the domestic goddess life for a few weeks!



November 22–December 21

Working from home — and/or working on your home — is your best bet this week when the sun in your domestic angle aligns with Mars in your productivity corner. You’re motivated to get tons done and less interested than usual in going out into the world. So go ahead and stay put, tackling tasks in comfy surroundings. Venus and Uranus are rocking the boat, which might tempt you to choose temporary pleasure over long-term security. Your desires are pretty concrete at the moment, and the urge to grab what you want might come back to haunt you. Be clear on your dealbreakers, and think twice before you gamble on something (or someone) that’s far from a sure bet. Look for small rebellions that will keep life interesting and satisfy your whims — without breaking the bank or violating your values. When Venus segues into your thinking-and-talking corner, your attitude brightens and your social life picks up. Noticing the warmth in your interactions and the beauty in your environment will keep your spirits high over the next few weeks.



December 22–January 19

Look for an opportunity to show some swagger this week when the sun jibes with Mars in your self-expression zone, inspiring confident assertiveness. You’re prepared to make it clear where you stand and to compete for what you want. Walk your talk, and you stand a good chance of coming out ahead. With Venus in Capricorn battling Uranus, a mood swing or domestic disruption might come out of nowhere and make it harder for you to relate to people and project a pleasant vibe. You want peace, but there’s a private part of you that doesn’t feel settled and secure. Plus a parent or housemate might throw you for a loop — in which case you may need to address the problem before you can get back to enjoying life. After Venus moves into your worth house, both your desire for nice things and your ability to earn what you need can increase, making money “easy come, easy go” for a few weeks. Keep your eyes peeled for financial opportunities and try to match your taste to your budget if you’re worried about extravagance.



January 20–February 18

When the sun in your resources house and Mars in your domestic angle collaborate this week, it’s worth your while to attempt a project involving your possessions and home life. You might decide to get a jump on spring cleaning, rearrange the furniture or pull stuff from the back of your closet to sell online. But since Venus in your subliminal corner is fighting your ruler, you’re liable to change your mind at some point. You’re not feeling super social but might suddenly get a hankering for a change of scene. Someone’s bluntness could yank you out of the peaceful place you’ve drifted to in your head, but don’t take the bait. Venus’s next move is to show up in Aquarius for a three-and-a-half-week stay, and you’re likely to make a quick transition from hermit to social butterfly. Others will be drawn to your lovely aura, so be sure to hang with your fave people — and potential mates if you’re single and looking for love (or just a bedroom buddy). You’ll feel like your most attractive, charming self during this period, so take advantage!


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Hmm… seems like a great time to get my finances in check indeed! Thanks for the advice for the coming week!

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