Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of February 4-10

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January 20–February 18

Aquarius is hosting this month’s new moon, sending a crystal-clear signal that it’s time to reinvent yourself. This opportunity only rolls around once a year, so get ready to turn the page! If you’ve been rocking the same signature look for more years than you can count, consider changing things up with a beauty counter makeover, an edgier haircut or radical updates to your wardrobe. For once, NONE of the planets are retrograde, so you can trust your judgment! Still feeling iffy about big aesthetic choices? Consult your crew. The moon is chatting with Jupiter in your group zone, so second opinions will keep you from second guessing. But this new you needn’t be all about optics. You can also tweak your image by expressing yourself in a whole new way. What do your body language and communication style say about you? Are the messages you’re sending working for or against you? Luckily, your relations with others should be smooth as silk this week, thanks to the sun and Mercury in your sign vibing with three other planets. Get out and connect with people and don’t be shy about chiming in — your brain is on fire, and it won’t be hard to win everyone over.



February 19–March 20

This week’s new moon falls in the last house of your chart, laying the groundwork for next month’s new moon in Pisces. This lunation has a built-in contradiction: New moons are generally about beginnings, but the last house has to do with endings. Think in terms of what you can start to let go of, in preparation for the fresh start that your birthday season always brings. Where do you need closure, forgiveness, healing or peace? Since this house rules the spirit and the subconscious, consider this a nudge to begin a new spiritual practice, start a dream journal, carry out a selfless endeavor or make a point of getting more rest. The sun is in cahoots with Jupiter in your ambition angle, suggesting that putting your ego aside and being willing to sacrifice is going to fuel your success. Ironically, not needing to shine could help you to shine in this instance. You might also get props for your imagination and intuition, which are second nature to Fishes. And with mental Mercury zipping into your sign on Sunday, your mind and speech will be firing on all cylinders for a while, so seize opportunities to brainstorm and make yourself heard.



March 21–April 19

Mars in Aries will dovetail with the new moon in your network zone this week, allowing you to back up your intentions with action. This is the ideal time to join an organization; do some professional networking; make new friends; ponder your hopes and dreams and create a bucket list; connect with your squad; go to large gatherings like parties and conferences; get a philanthropic effort off the ground; and contemplate your role in the lives of others. If you’ve developed new goals and interests lately, it’s natural to gravitate to new groups of people now. The sun in that zone is gelling with Jupiter, underscoring the fact that extending your circle can lead to learning and growth. Plus you might find a chance to travel with friends! Seeing yourself in the context of a group — and not as an autonomous Ram — will help you envision your future, so don’t isolate yourself in your quest. Mercury is also in your network zone, and it’s linked with Mars and Uranus in Aries at the moment, prompting you to put your heads together in order to get something done. Your pals and peers can motivate you, inspire you, surprise you and maybe even blow your mind.



April 20–May 20

With a new moon activating the peak of your chart early in the week, the universe is cajoling you to set new goals. Use this period of renewal to jumpstart your ambition and create a business plan, aim for a promotion or chart a new course in your life. You might start researching careers, talk to your boss about your responsibilities or take on a high-profile role that increases your exposure. It’s a good time to consider your public image and/or professional reputation. What can you do to improve your PR and your status? And since the sun and moon are connected with Jupiter, doing your homework — and maybe taking on a partner — will up your odds of success. The point is there’s more you need to learn in order to shine, and doing a deep dive or joining forces will get you there. A passion project could also help you stand out! Mercury in your ambition angle is meshing with Mars and Uranus, pointing to another direction you might take. See if you can combine promoting yourself to people in power and working quietly behind the scenes. Clear, confident words and humble off-the-radar action can allow you to pull off a coup.



May 21–June 20

When a new moon lands in your expansion corner this week, an appetite for adventure could lead you to take a leap of faith and launch an entrepreneurial undertaking, book a big trip or jump into an exciting, unfamiliar experience that stimulates your mind. You might embark on a new course of study soon or explore a different belief system. This lunation gives you the impetus to break free from the boundaries of your everyday routine and broaden your horizons. Channel your natural restlessness by chasing after learning experiences! Jupiter in your interpersonal angle will also get in on the act, pointing to the benefits of having a partner in crime riding shotgun on your adventures. Twins already subscribe to the credo that two is more fun than one and often choose to have a buddy by their side. As extra incentive, given Jupiter’s influence, companionship will no doubt have an amplifying effect on your quest to spread your wings. Plus your ruling planet, Mercury, is in sync with Mars and Uranus in your group zone at the moment, pushing you to consult your crew and team up for maximum impact. You’ll feed off people’s energy, and enthusiasm is bound to be contagious.



June 21–July 22

A new sexual connection could be just around the corner when a new moon hits your depth-and-merging house this week. Already in a relationship? It’s due to heat up — just as the temps outside are plummeting! Not only will intimacy be next level after this lunation, but you might also tap fresh outside resources like a loan, grant, refund or line of credit. A new research endeavor or passion project could grab your attention, too, as this part of the chart encourages laser-focused deep dives. And if you’re on the mend from a loss, crisis or emotional wound, you’ll finally feel ready to turn a major corner in your psyche. The sun and Mercury are forming coalitions with Jupiter, Mars and Uranus in your work and ambition zones, giving you more reasons to form partnerships and concentrate intently on one thing at a time. Doing so will enhance your skillset and enable you to make progress toward a goal. Merc moves into your exploration corner next, taking the blinders off and allowing you to view the big picture through a wide-angle lens. Your curiosity could lead you to study new topics, travel and meet a variety of people in the coming weeks.



July 23–August 22

After a new moon rises in your one-on-one angle at the start of the week, a committed relationship could be on the horizon, and it may or may not involve romance. A business partnership or creative collaboration might also be in the cards. If you already have a significant other, the two of you could move to the next level soon by swapping house keys, moving in together, getting engaged or taking some other important step. There’s also a possibility that you’ll redefine an existing connection, for instance by talking things through with a close friend and getting off on the right foot. And if you’ve been waiting to go public with something you’ve been working on, this moon can nudge you to share what you have to offer and solicit feedback. Your ruler, the sun, is in sync with Jupiter in your joy sector, implying that you’ll bask in the pleasure of romantic, creative or personal fulfillment, and another individual is apt to bring out the best in you. And since Mercury in your interpersonal angle is dovetailing with Mars and Uranus, a dialogue could open your eyes to new possibilities and psyche you up to try something new!



August 23–September 22

Good news! This week’s new moon happens to activate the part of your chart that’s associated with Virgo-ruled matters like efficiency and health, so following its instructions should be a cinch for you. In the coming weeks, the universe recommends that you choose some options from this list: Start a new diet or fitness regimen. Launch a job search. Get onto a better schedule. Introduce a positive habit to your regular routine. Organize your workspace. Learn a skill. Book medical appointments. Improve your time management. Adopt a pet. Get a work project underway. Take on different duties. Create fresh to-do lists. In other words, beginnings that relate to your productivity and wellness get the green light! And since the sun is harmonizing with Jupiter in your foundation angle, the more effort you put in, the better your underlying mood will be. This combo also supports work that enhances your living space, so you might tackle a domestic project for the win. Your ruler is jibing with Mars and Uranus later in the week, alluding to highly focused mental work that can lead to substantial breakthroughs. So remember to add some Virgoan intellectual superpower to all that elbow grease for maximum payoff.



September 23–October 22

You could become involved in a new love affair, creative endeavor, hobby or other source of self-expression and pleasure after a new moon buzzes through your joy sector at the beginning of the week. This lunation gets your juices flowing and inspires you to enjoy life and share your true self with others. Get out and have fun. Wear your heart on your sleeve. Hog the spotlight for a minute, show off a little and be unapologetically you. The sun and moon are gelling with Jupiter in your thinking-and-talking corner, hinting that keeping an open mind and sharing your thoughts freely will increase your chances of finding love and happiness. If you’re dating, remember it’s a numbers game and cast a wide net. Being extra choosy can narrow down your options to the point where you overlook a keeper. Mercury is clicking with Mars and Uranus late in the week, promoting creative collabs and bold heartfelt confessions. You could have a revelation about a relationship and generate change if you get up the courage to speak your truth. After Merc zings into your productivity corner, you’ll be somewhat more focused on intellectual tasks, and your attention to detail will be a boon.


October 23–November 21

A new moon at the base of your chart suggests a change in your living situation may be on the horizon. You might move or enhance your current space — or there might be a new addition to your household. If home improvements are called for, you’ll get busy redecorating, decluttering, cleaning or throwing yourself into another domestic project. Maybe you’ll renew a familial bond or reach a new accord with a parent. Or you’ll institute a new self-care practice, especially if it boosts your mood and entails relaxing at home. This is the right lunation for contemplating your comfort level. How safe and secure do you feel? What can you do that will help you feel more at ease? Jupiter in your worth house is in the mix, so your self-esteem, finances and material possessions are bound to be tied in with positive changes affecting your home life and emotional state. Plus Mercury is teaming up with Mars and Uranus in your efficiency corner, motivating you to think in terms of what you can do to improve the quality of your daily life. You’re in touch with your feelings and shouldn’t have trouble dreaming up tweaks that will get you on track!



November 22–December 21

If you’ve been feeling like you need an attitude adjustment, the new moon in your cognition-and-communication house this week could be just the ticket. You can use this energy to hit restart in your brain and move forward with a more positive, can-do mindset. An inquisitive mood could propel you to gather info, explore an unfamiliar neighborhood, meet new people, start a course of study or take on a mentally challenging project. You might also make an important decision, get involved in community improvement or experience a new development with a sibling. With Jupiter in Sagittarius contacting the sun and moon, your supercharged mentality and your hunger for newness and variety will boost your confidence and joie de vivre. You’re open to sampling more of what life has to offer and motivated to go after what you want. Mercury is linked with Mars and Uranus in your joy sector, giving you the go-ahead to contribute your creative ideas, share your feelings, connect with people you have fun with and use your mind in ways that please, amuse or entertain you. If you figure out what you can do that will make you happy, you’ll have the momentum to act on it!



December 22–January 19

When a new moon lands in your worth house at the beginning of the week, that’s your cue to devise a fresh financial strategy; create a budget; open up a new stream of income; work on improving your self-esteem; get your priorities in order; buy something you truly need; and deal with your belongings. This house also rules the five senses; you might indulge yours by getting out in nature and appreciating the physical world. The sun and moon are synced up with Jupiter, suggesting that inner wisdom will point the way to what’s really most valuable. The lunar influence can cause your emotions, desires and needs to get jumbled together so you’re not sure if you require something or merely want it momentarily. But your intuition can be counted on now to keep you honest. Mercury is also hanging out in your worth house, and its alliances with Mars and Uranus will help you apply that solid judgment to domestic and family matters. Plus you might have an a-ha! moment linking your self-confidence and a childhood memory. If you’re trying to figure out what to do with possessions in your home, these transits can inspire you to go full Kondo!


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Spot on! Large gatherings are definitely taking place next week since it’s Chinese New Year here!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

5 years ago

Looks like I’ll be having an interesting month.

5 years ago

Sounds like it will be a good week for me, I hope so!