Healing Inside and Out: Part One

Life is really, really crazy. Sometimes it can chew you up and spit you out. Let’s band together and heal ourselves through 2019.

Hi friends, Madisyn here.

I took a break these past six months from all things creative because of some personal challenges. 2018 was a rollercoaster — a very, very bumpy one, that is. I spent six months being a caretaker in a cancer treatment hospital, watching my boyfriend fight for his life (he won!). It’s kind of crazy how life completely changes when someone you love gets sick. You instantly drop everything. The silly things in life finally become unimportant. My work got pushed aside, and I focused all of my energy into helping him heal and staying positive through chemotherapy. I chopped off all of my hair when he began losing his, (I’m a sucker for a pixie cut). My boyfriend grew healthier in the summer, and then I lost a dear friend in the fall. That’s when my body just decided that it had enough. I kind of shut down. I grieved. I hid my anxiety from friends and family. I ate terribly. I didn’t sleep. I procrastinated. I talked poorly about myself. But I did all of that with a smile, trying to stay strong for the people surrounding me. I felt completely drained by December 31st.

Fast forward to February. I’m here. I feel a bit brighter. I took the last month to reflect on what the heck just happened in the last year and really began working through things. Last year was chaos. This year I hope to heal, from the inside out.

This series will be a little different than my others, but hopefully relatable to my cyber friends out there. Life is really, really crazy. It can chew you up and spit you out. It can be a light breeze or a dark place. It’s really easy to slip in between the two. Let’s band together and heal ourselves through 2019.

Each month I am going to make a list of three ways to heal my physical strength, mental wellness, and lifestyle balance. Let’s dive in:


Physical Healing: Water Intake.

Easy enough, right? More water! Let’s get in the habit of sipping more H20 through out the month. To help this process run a bit smoother, I recently bought a reusable water bottle to bring everywhere with me. I opted for a glass bottle so that I could scribble lines on it with dry-erase markers; that way, I can create daily intake goals. Earlier I mentioned not eating well and not taking care of my body. When times get a little rushed, it’s easy for me to toss simple things aside like drinking enough water. Can anyone else relate? By the end of the day, sometimes I find myself completely dehydrated and realize I have barely had any. This year, I’m working on that. My body NEEDS it. Let’s work on hydrating ourselves and creating a fresh habit with H20. Our skin will be hydrated, and our body will be cheering us on a little more. Time to flush out the bad and sip the good.

Mental Healing: Mood Journal.

Each day I am going to jot down some feelings about my mood. I think this could help me better process and reflect how I’m feeling. Sometimes when I’m in a funk, I just let it sink and stew inside instead of getting it out. Last year it seems that I would have greatly benefitted from journaling. There were days that I didn’t want to talk to anyone, but still should’ve “vented” somehow. So starting this month, I’m going to mood journal — as little as one word and up to a full paragraph. Date each entry so that you can revisit how you were feeling at the time, and monitor the time in which you experienced your up’s and downs. Let’s turn to pen and paper and get these thoughts somewhere else besides your head. 

Lifestyle Healing: Routine.

Gosh, it’s so hard. After a year of complete madness, my routine went out the window. I turned off alarms, forgot to write in my planner, and procrastinated on just about everything. Time to start small and reclaim it. I’m going to slowly introduce my routine back into this month by setting my alarm an hour earlier to give myself some time to sip on tea and make daily goals. I’m going to cut my phone time off at 10PM each night to the avoid late night scrolling that wrecks my energy the next day. Light meal prep Monday-Friday will also help my eating routine get back on track as well. Last year I just floated through, waiting for something negative to happen or a blast of worry to hit. By working my way back into a routine, hopefully I can wake up feeling prepared and motivated to move forward instead of staying put.


So that’s it for this month. I plan on being completely raw and honest, using these posts as an open journal. I curled up into a ball last year with my problems and didn’t take time for myself to heal. That’s what inspired me to create this series, and I hope this helps anyone who is feeling overwhelmed like I was.

Sometimes it’s hard to put yourself first. It takes courage. I know I used to feel selfish working on myself. But little self-care goes a long way. We’ve got this!

Say hello in the comments and tell me one thing you love about yourself! I hope you have a great month and follow along.

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2 years ago

Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us. My boyfriend passed away in 2015. And boy was I a wreck… I didn’t know what it meant to heal so I used alcohol to push the pain away (which made it worse). I wanted to feel better again so badly that I kept pushing the healing process on myself and that’s not how it works. Allowing yourself to feel is when you really start to heal. I had to go through the worst in order to move on and begin again. I started going to a personal trainer and my health/fitness became my main focus. It helped a lot! Everyday I grow more and more into loving myself again but I also think its important to accept that sometimes even in our glory we go dark. But with darkness comes the light.

This is great! I love that you’ve listed three types of healing. I think we could all do with more positivity in 2019! ❤️

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

2 years ago

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I can’t wait to join you on a journey towards healing. I’m starting all of these tips this week.

2 years ago

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I had a tough year last year as well and heard many others that have said the same thing. Appreciate your honesty. It’s refreshing to see one here! Can’t wait for more. Xx,

Brianna Winfrey
2 years ago

I loved this and I love everything madisyn writes. I want to write for blogs like this myself, so she is forsure someone I am always following and reading what she writes. Thanks madisyn, you rock and you’ve got this. RIP Malcolm. Loved by everyone and missed every single day.

Claire R
2 years ago

So nice to see Madisyn back, and sorry for such a hard year but know that you are inspiring to us all. I believe this series will be helpful for a range of issues people are dealing with and love the thought. Can’t wait to follow along and thank you for putting yourself out there. Sending light.

Hailey B
2 years ago

This is both sad and heartwarming. Thanks for sharing. Love following along with you and appreciate your vulnerability. Hope to heal with you this year as well. Will be on the look out for the next one!

2 years ago

I wish you (and everyone else) all the best; and above all health! Carry on and be strong!

2 years ago

this really resonates. i think we forget that sometimes overwhelm is a part of it, and that healing can come later. it doesn’t mean we’ve done anything wrong. i, too, went through a lot of loss last year + a lot of what you said resonates. it can still be hard to see the way out / accept the new normal. thanks for being so candid + look forward to reading more. sending you light in your journey to heal.