How to Take a Bath If You’re a Morning OR Night Person

Curating the perfect tub experience for yourself is about what you add to the water — and when you do it.

You have different skincare routines for morning versus night, so why not for baths, too? Your body has different needs in the a.m. and p.m. and you can really maximize the restorative benefits of a soak depending on when you hop into the tub. In the morning, you want to focus on clearing away dull skin, waking up your limbs, and absorbing antioxidants that will prepare you for the daily exposure to free radicals, pollutions and environmental stress. In the evening, it’s all about winding down your body, calming inflammation that builds during the day, easing tension in your muscles and sealing in long-lasting moisture. Here, a simple guide to perfecting your bathing practice, no matter when you hop in.

In the Morning: Get Energized!

Start with the right essential oils. Mary’s Nutritional Calm Bomb combines naturally exfoliating Epsom salts with citrus essences, witch hazel, lemongrass and hemp extracts for a fizzy, wake-you-up experience. Toss one of these pretty orbs in the tub to soften your skin and clear your head for the day.

Lather up with CBD. Cannuka’s CBD Cleansing Body Bar is infused with protective antioxidants along with the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of honey to gently clean your skin without stripping away the good, healthy oils you need to stay balanced. Plus, 50 grams of CBD can calm itchy, reactive skin that’s prone to eczema and psoriasis flare-ups. Rub this bar from head to toe.

Add in extra moisture. Yuzu Bath Orange Fizz is like a bath balm in powdered form — so you can dole out exactly as much as you want. Add a scoop of this citrus and coconut-oil-based fizz when your skin needs a tad more moisture. Soak for a few minutes, towel off, apply a body cream of your choice, and you’re done.

In the Evening: Unwind and Sleep Better

Change your energy. Lux Aestiva Elysian Bohème bath crystals contain dream-worthy ingredients, like pink Himalayan sea salt to balance your pH levels, energetically cleansing essential oils and hibiscus powder to tone and improve your skin’s elasticity. Pour a handful under running water, stir to dissolve and set your intention.

Detox all over. Kaia Naturals’ The Sleep Detox recreates the traditional Japanese onsen hot spring experience, with a mineral-based formula that minimizes aches, pains and puffiness while also promoting better sleep with stress-easing mint. It’s best to add these salts to hot water and sit for at least 15 to 30 minutes so you can fully sweat out toxins and absorb the beneficial minerals.

Meditate in the water. If your mind is still racing, try adding a scoop of Cuccio Yogahhh Detox Bath: its blend of natural eucalyptus oil, Greek mastiha, sea salts and goji berry extract is specifically designed to help you reset your mind, release stress and find a deeper connection within yourself. Try sitting still in the water for a few minutes before toweling dry, slathering on body cream and drifting off…

+ What else do you love to add to the bath? Tell us below!


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I don’t have a bathtub at home, so I’m neither a day nor night bath person, haha! That said, I do prefer showering at night – I think it helps me unwind better. I’d hate to shower in a rush in the morning!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog