Think Self-Care for Your Sort-Of Valentine’s Day

Here’s a sample schedule of how I plan to spend my V-Day for those of you who want to follow along….

It’s that time of year again, when everything seems to be swathed in shades of pink and red. When every shop window is plastered with cutout hearts and cupids, and a dozen roses suddenly cost more than a week’s worth of lunches. When it’s impossible to get a dinner reservation that isn’t for a romantic prix fixe menu and subpar candy is suddenly considered a fantastic gift as long as it comes wrapped in red cellophane and/or a heart-shaped box.

That’s right, folks…it’s almost Valentine’s Day!

Listen, I’m all for superfluous holidays an excuse to eat candy. But Valentine’s Day is just that: a superfluous “holiday” and an excuse to eat candy. There is absolutely no need to make a big deal out of the day, regardless of whether or not you’re attached. Or do make a big deal out of it! But do so because you want to, not because you feel like you have to.

Lucky for you, self-care doesn’t ascribe to the holiday calendar. Whether you’re in the Valentine’s-Day-is-literally-just-another-day-in-February camp or the Valentine’s-Day-is-my-favorite-day-of-the-year! crew, take some time on the 14th to show yourself some love. If you want to invite someone else to join in the celebration, by all means. And while pink-hued and rose-based products aren’t a necessity, getting a little thematic could be cute, no? Here’s a sample schedule of how I plan to spend my V-Day for those of you who want to follow along…

8am: Wake up and hit snooze a few times before dragging myself to the bathroom to wash my face with Daily Skin’s One Step Oil Cleansing Stick. Not only is it pink, it’s a super-refreshing morning cleanser packed with mango seed butter, argan oil, and lightweight sunflower oil, all of which rehydrate my just-risen-from-the-dead skin. Plus — fun and important fact — it begins working its magic in balm form, but turns into a milky cleanser when mixed with water. Follow it up with Earthling Beauty’s Morning Facial Serum LOVE Potion No. 1 for some extra nourishment and a subtle glow that will be mistaken far and wide as the flush of new love.

8:30am—7:30pm.: Eat breakfast, go to work, do some other stuff, eat heart-shaped candy a coworker has undoubtedly brought in, do some other stuff, eat more candy, go home, eat dinner, eat more candy. 

8pm: Decide I absolutely must take a bath. Then slather on the Purifying Pink Australian Clay Mask from Generation Clay. Yeah, it’s pink, but it does a hell of a job deep cleaning my pores, fighting blemishes and brightening my skin thanks to bentonite clay, aloe vera and kakadu plum. Dump a healthy serving of Lux Aestiva’s Elysian Boheme Crystals into the tub because 1) its dried botanicals make me feel like the queen that I am and 2) the Himalayan and Epsom salts help ease the muscle strain I’ve endured lifting chocolate to my mouth all day.

8:30/9pm: (What, like you’ve never spent a full hour in the tub?!) Finally deem the water too cold to be enjoyable anymore and rise from the tub like a phoenix reborn. Gently remove the still-cute pink mask before rehydrating my face with Kopari Beauty’s Coconut Body Oil. Not only does this stuff make my face smell like I’m constantly gliding on a coconut cloud in a silk nightgown, it soothes, smoothes and hydrates like nobody’s business. 

 9:30—11pm.: Primetime couch sitting/TV bingeing/probably eating more candy.

11pm: Decide to be an adult and head to bed before it’s tomorrow. Finish my day with a few spritzes of Biocol Labs’ Something for Dreaming for a gentle punch of the melatonin I’ll definitely need to sleep tonight after all that sugar. Sweet dreams, beautiful people!


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Sounds like a great routine! I’m not going out this Valentine’s Day (my boyfriend and I are celebrating later on) so a self-care day is ON!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Well valentine”s day is also for love on our selves not just for others. We should love our self first in order for us to love others truthfully and faithfully.

Nice one. On Valentine day I was home, with a couple of errands to run and later went to church for service.

Thank you for the article. That’s right, we really have to start loving ourselves first.