Share your BFF Story! We’ve Extended Our Deadline!!!!

Tell us all about your sweet, sweet affection for your BFF before February 10th…and receive a gift card if your story is chosen!

Wouldn’t it be cool for you and your BFF to be featured right here on Valentine’s Day? And wouldn’t it be even cooler to go shopping together with a Free People Gift Card??

Due to popular demand, we have extended the deadline to submit your own BFF Story! 

All you need to do is write a short and sweet story about your friendship:

How long ago did you meet? What brought you together? What do you love most about your BFF?

Include a photo of you and your BFF/s (preferably horizontal in format, and minimum pixel width of 800), and choose an item from our site that you’d love to gift each other for Valentine’s Day. Send your write-up and pictures to and write “BFF Story” in the subject line! The new deadline is February 10th. (Open to residents of the US only).

In the meantime, here are two more of our own friendship stories, from the Free People office to you! 


“We met in the summer of 2006, at another retailer in Pittsburgh and I was Bree’s first boss. Over the next few years we became great work friends, eventually became roommates and lived together for three years. I introduced Bree to her husband and even got my minister license to officially marry them. We now live only a few miles apart with our own families in our own houses. We often vacation together, and even our dogs are best friends!”

For Valentine’s Day, Andy would gift Bree the Mixin’ It Up Maxi Dress for her summer vacation. Bree would gift him the Free People X Found Denim Dog Bed because Watson can never have enough comfy beds!



Lindsey’s Story:

How did we first meet and what were our first impressions of each other?

Anna started about a week after I came back for an internship, so I was really intimidated at first, especially being the same age.
I thought she was a little quiet at first, which is expected starting at any job.

When did we realize we were friends and not just coworkers?

I’m really not sure when we got comfortable talking to each other outside of work, Anna probably sent a funny text one day and I was like, yup, we’re friends.
One night we decided to get Shake Shack and discuss old embarrassing Instagram photos, a common action taken when agreeing to start a friendship.

What’s our favorite thing to do together?

I guarantee you Anna brought up our mutual love for Mark West’s wine, but our new favorite thing is hosting dinner parties (wine included).
Hopefully, it becomes something we can keep up, but last time Anna made homemade hummus for an appetizer, so I don’t know how we’re going to top that.
We also have a mutual love of sending each other memes, which is a major key to our communication.”

For the holiday, Lindsey would gift Anna the Prime Pants because “we have discussed them a lot,” the Be Free Tunic “literally in every color,” and “all the barrettes, but to be specific” the Enamel Slide Set

Anna’s Story:

How did we first meet and what were our first impressions of each other?

We met on my first day at FP and she definitely scared me. Linds has these NY street style vibes, perfect skin (her skin is literally an office topic) and she knew everyone here. I totally thought she hated me for two weeks, but at some point I think we just decided we were basically the same person/soulmates and friendship was inevitable. Also we’re the only two assistants on the Creative Marketing Team, and we definitely bonded over that.

When did we realize we were friends and not just coworkers?

For me there were two things. 1) My grandpa died and I found out at work, then the next day there was a note and a huge Kit Kat from Lindsey on my desk. 2) When we went to Shake Shack after work and shared a chocolate malt. There was also a wine night in there somewhere after a busy day at work.

What’s our favorite thing to do together?

Hmm. Buying things we don’t need, wine nights, 3 PM snacks, creating Google Slide presentations about major decisions we’re about to make in our life (dying our hair, buying a bed frame), and sometimes we go to barre3 and struggle through planking together. “

Anna would get Lindsey the Sandrine Rose Janis Jeans because “she’s been on the hunt for a good pair of black jeans,”  and the Go Dash Dot Crossbody because “she loves belt bags but won’t admit it.”


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I love these friendship stories! Just wish the contest was open internationally…

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