The Good Patch Captures Hemp’s Natural Benefits in Body Sticker Form

Chill out in the time it takes to apply a Band-Aid…

Whether our elders are ready to embrace it or not, CBD is the new power player in the beauty biz. And at this point, why waste any more time pretending good things don’t work?

We wanted to create a product around hemp due to the extensive health benefits associated with it, including combating anxiety and pain relief,” explain David Nicholson and Betsy Scanlan, founders of LA’s just-launched wellness brand, The Good Patch by La Mend. The pair teamed up after Nicholson had spent almost two decades running a natural day spa and was stunned by the natural powers of hemp, noting that in all his years he had never seen an ingredient so effective, yet free of side effects. Combined with the straightforward delivery system of transdermal patches (which let ingredients seep into skin through specially infused adhesive) and Scanlan’s ingredient knowledge, The Good Patch was born.

Stick On, CHILL OUT.


How does it work, though? “Many research studies have proven that Hemp CBD is highly effective at reducing inflammation to help alleviate pain — it interacts with receptors in the brain that help to reduce pain and anxious feelings,” says Nicholson of the science behind the discreet body stickers. These benefits inspired Be Calm, the menthol-spiked patch designed to help people relax under stress-provoking circumstances. Nite Nite, a hemp and melatonin combo soon followed, and support for the brand “went zero to a hundred over night!”

Part of the obsession is its simplicity — choose your preferred patch, peel off the white paper backing, apply to your wrist (or stomach if you prefer) like a Band-Aid, and soak up the soothing formula for up to 24-hours — that’s it. Peel, stick, and relief.


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How interesting – stick on hemp seed supplements! It’s the first time I’ve heard of it! ✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog


As a proponent of Medical marijuana and knowing terpenes distillates, I want to know what the terpene content is, as there are several and percent of each terpene in their CBD. Adding all the other stuff to it ruins the terpenes depending upon how they combine the ingredients.

Hi Bonnie – thanks for your inquiry. After reviewing La Mend’s website, it appears that there are 15 mg of hemp extract per patch, with less than .03% THC in each.


Hemp extracts really don’t tell anyone anything…there are products out there that are filled with hemp extracts. It is only terpenes that help. And if the company can’t supply what different terpenes are used in each of the patches…it is a waste of money..

Thanks for the update, Bonnie. I can contact La Mend and see if that information exists anywhere? Keep you posted.

Hi again!
According to La Mend, “we use an Isolate that contains 99+% of CBD- No THC. Limonene was a terpene that was included in our COA (Certificate of Analysis).”
Hope this info is helpful!


Hi Carrie, thank you for your research, however, Limonene is a terpene but is duriveved from citrus peels and has nothing to do with CBD. Fyi, it is used cancer, bronchitis, and used as a flavoring for food products. I don’t know if the company really understands CBD products; as a regular patient of thc/cbd products I find it disappointing they can not give you more information. If they were real concerned they would know what ie. Humulene which comes from strains of cannabis and is an appetite suppressant. There are over 200 different terpenes that are found in medical… Read more »


Hi Arden. Great idea! The body stickers are very ease of use. This is my first time to hear about them. I think it can be a great natural day spa. I’ll try them. However, I really love spa and skincare. I usually use some of face mask in daily as well to take care of my skin and spa on my face at the same time and I get a positive result by using If I use both body sticker and face mask, it must be great.