For a good-fit wet suit that wears comfortably while moving, looks incredible WITH the added bonus of eco-friendly construction, look no further. 

Launched only last month, the California-based SISSTREVOLUTION is here to  – pardon the pun – revolutionize the way we think of surf gear. What’s behind the name? Some quick digging actually led to multiple meanings: SISTER (as in all the women who love to surf but it is also the literal sister brand of Vissla), EVOLUTION (moving forward), REVOLUTION (not only moving forward but changing the game) and even the word LOVE spelled backwards (no explanation needed there). 

I connected with Gina, their marketing head, to find out more about this exciting new line. 

Tell us about you: your role and what brought you there. 

As SISSTR’s Marketing Director I get to dream up stories and strategies that appeal to like-minded female surfers and beach-obsessed women. When women look to the ocean they see play, release, admiration, and aren’t just inspired — they want to help protect the well-being of the sea.

How did SISSTR get started? 

SISSTR actually came by request. Paul Naude owns and runs a few brands in the surf and beach lifestyle space. Not only did the owner see a demand in the market, he also had buyers asking. On a more personal note, he is a surfboard shaper and resin artist, surfed competitively on the tour in the 70s and is a big supporter of women’s professional surfing and this industry. Surf brand-building you could say, is one of his passions.

You use environmentally friendly, recycled materials for some of your suits. Can you tell us more about that?

Our wet suits are 100% super stretch limestone-based neoprene, which is all natural, lighter, warmer.

We use a doped dyed fabric — a softer, eco-friendly, anti-fade stretch jersey made by Bluesign approved mills. 

The brand directive continues to look for ways to be more sustainable across as many categories as possible.

How has this impacted the brand and where do you see it going in the future? (Do you think it is something that will eventually spread to other brands?)

It’s already happening. Every step and decision made in a positive direction for the planet by fashion industry leaders and the consumer is a good one and should be celebrated.

What does sisterhood mean to you?

On a broad level, it represents a bond I share with females everywhere. On a personal level, it helps me find my people. The women in my corner, the women I look to build up and support. Equally important are the sisters that love what I love so we can make our best memories together doing those things.

What is SISSTR’s mantra?

We are a band of Sisstrs; creators, swell followers and adventure seekers united by our obsession with the sea. She guides our travels, influences or creative and promises us the ride of our lives. We take what she gives in gratitude and give back to sustain her future. Welcome to your Sisstrevolution.

Where is your favorite place to surf and why?

 Both Mexico and Australia have offered up some of my best surf camping trips ever.

Though right here at home (in California) isn’t all that bad either. I most love to surf at the start or end of the day; and if the conditions are clean, empty and inviting, life’s rotating at a much better swing.


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Love their suits! They look so cute and are so well-made.

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

6 months ago

Thought you would like to know…4 of your shirts with tags still attached were found unharmed (except for a few ashes) in the ashes of Lahaina. Someone retrieved them, & was moved by the name of your company. They are on their way to auction, & the proceeds will go to those in need in Lahaina.