Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of April 1-6

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March 21–April 19

You’re inclined to keep your feelings to yourself early in the week, with the moon hiding out in your subliminal sector. A Mercury-Neptune meeting nearby allows you to pick up on subtleties and put yourself in someone else’s shoes. You can delve into a deep well of imagination, but taken too far, delusion will cloud your thinking. Communication is also murky, so postpone important convos. Once the moon zings into Aries and aligns with the sun (forming your annual new moon), a burst of initiative generates a fresh start. What do you want out of the next twelve months? How can you reinvent yourself so you’re putting your best foot forward and making the impression you’d like to make? An outer makeover can help you confidently express the real inner you. You might set a bold personal goal or embark on a brave new course in your life. Move into your new year with gusto, Rams!



April 20–May 20

While the moon moves through your humanity house, you feel a need to be with your friends and relate on an emotional level. A Mercury-Neptune rendezvous in that house can put you on the same wavelength with a group and enable you to convey that sense of natural connection. But this planetary combo might also confuse communication, sending us right back into Mercury retrograde territory where everyone’s playing a maddening game of telephone. Steer clear of gossip, online rumors and the like. After the moon ducks into your retreat corner midweek, you’ll crave more alone time — and Friday’s new moon invites you to make peaceful solitude a bigger priority in the next month. You could begin a new spiritual practice, start a journal or institute some other ritual that facilitates reflection. The moon shows up in Taurus on Saturday, making you more sensitive and sympathetic. Voice your needs rather than acting out.



May 21–June 20

With the moon hovering at the pinnacle of your chart and a Mercury-Neptune summit following suit, you’re in a goal-oriented mood. Ambition and emotion are intertwined, and you may gain some insight into where you’re headed. Don’t try to spell out your objectives to others — especially your superiors — as words can get twisted now. Use your imagination in envisioning a career path, but don’t gloss over the steps it will take to progress along it. After the moon segues into your network zone midweek and joins up with the sun, that new moon can give you the incentive to make new friends and professional contacts, join a group, grow the circle of people in your life and perhaps launch a philanthropic endeavor. Finally, your ruling planet syncs with Saturn at the end of the week, encouraging you to reach out to a potential business partner or career advisor.



June 21–July 22

As the week begins, your ruler, the moon, is gliding through your expansion sector, bringing an urge to get away from it all. Mercury and Neptune are also convening in that part of your chart, adding to your restlessness and luring you to at least indulge in a mental escape. You have the capacity to conceive an inspired vision of your future under this influence, although it’s not the best time for detailed plans, since you’re painting in broad strokes. An encounter with someone or something outside your bailiwick can transport you and fire up your imagination. But stay off the soapbox; debates are sure to go nowhere fast! Next, the moon climbs to your achievement angle, and the subsequent new moon jumpstarts your ambition — coaxing you to craft fresh goals, begin a new chapter in your career, present a new-and-improved public image or develop a business plan over the next six months.



July 23–August 22

A gathering of planets in your depth zone early in the week can narrow your focus to an important relationship or something in your psyche. You may yearn to get closer to someone by having a deep conversation and baring your souls. That’s one possibility, but be careful not to interpret words too literally, because nebulous Neptune is in the mix. Introspection can also be either incredibly revealing or rather mystifying. There’s plenty of potential for healing now, and a sincere intention to move in that direction should put you on the right path. A new moon in your expansion corner brings a fresh outlook and inspires you to be more adventurous. So in the coming months, you might take a bucket-list trip, launch an entrepreneurial venture, embark on a new course of study or take an exciting leap of faith. It’s time to push the envelope in the name of growth.



August 23–September 22

Your ruler’s meetup with Neptune in your one-on-one angle adds another layer to the moon’s presence there, making it extra likely that your interactions will be colored by emotions early this week. Communication is super subjective and can either feel free-flowing and organic or meandering and baffling. Don’t get into an important negotiation, as deception might be a problem and you won’t necessarily understand what you’re agreeing to. Someone’s words can really cast a spell now! Friday’s new moon lands in your sharing sector, suggesting that a new lover or an outside resource (like a loan, grant or refund) could be on the horizon. This lunation also offers a great excuse to make a fresh start in your psyche and move past a loss, wound or crisis. After the moon segues into your expansion corner, an impulse to broaden your horizons can spur you to break out of your routine over the weekend.



September 23–October 22

You may be able to do highly imaginative intellectual work, thanks to a Mercury-Neptune get-together in your productivity corner early in the week, so make a point of tackling creative tasks that require some brainpower. But you won’t have a firm grasp of details under this influence and may need to correct something later. You might also have luck exploring alternative health, holistic healing and the like, as long as you recognize that you’re not gathering hard evidence. After the moon crosses your interpersonal angle midweek, you’ll tend to express yourself in an emotional manner for a few days, and your close relationships will feel even more important than usual. A new moon hints that a new partnership (business, creative, romantic or otherwise) might be in the works — or you could soon take an existing connection to the next level, deciding you’re in it for the long haul.


October 23–November 21

With the moon dancing through your joy sector and Mercury and Neptune aligning there too, the beginning of your week could be full of creativity, fun and passion. Your speech and writing will have an artistic flair — to such a degree you might feel like you’re channeling from a higher place. You’re in a romantic, playful mood and could be moved to share what’s in your heart. But it’s very easy to view someone through Neptune’s idealistic haze and wind up disillusioned, so when your head is in the sky, remember to keep your feet planted on terra firma. Friday’s new moon in your efficiency corner prompts you to improve your health, everyday routine, diet, fitness, time management and productivity level in the next six months. This lunation represents your annual incentive to get organized and do everything you can to enhance the quality of your daily life and maintain wellness of mind and body.



November 22–December 21

A conglomerate of planets at the base of your chart early in the week can put you in a quiet, contemplative mood and might make you prefer chilling at home over going out to play. You could become sentimental and nostalgic, given that the emo moon and sensitive Neptune are involved. And since chatty Mercury is also on the scene, you might opt to write about your feelings or confide in someone who knows you well. Your perceptions aren’t objective now, and you could take something personally that wasn’t intended to hit so close to home. Once the moon sails into your joy sector on Wednesday, your mood will lighten and you’ll be much more tempted to get out and see people. Friday’s new moon implies a new romantic connection, creative outlet or other source of pleasure may enter your life soon. Find fresh ways of having fun — a new hobby might be just the ticket!



December 22–January 19

When Mercury and Neptune coalesce in your thinking-and-talking corner towards the beginning of the week, you’ll have the ability to convey enormous compassion and creativity and might feel very connected during a conversation. You could meet someone in your community or through your inner circle and feel an easy vibe between you, as if you’ve known each other forever. But Neptune can also cast a haze over communication, causing you to misunderstand or be misunderstood. So pursue spiritual and artistic routes, but save literal interpretation for Sunday, when Merc clicks with Saturn. Home is your happy place after the moon dips down to your foundation angle on Wednesday, and when it turns into a new moon on Friday, that’s your cue to step up your self-care game and ponder your living situation. A change (like a different roomie) might be on the way — or you might redecorate, renovate or relocate in the next six months.



January 20–February 18

The moon’s appearance in your resources house on Monday makes you more attached to your possessions, and you could feel a strong pull to buy something you feel you need. When Mercury and Neptune get in on the act the next day, your judgment is further clouded by emotion and illusion. Facts and figures aren’t anyone’s strong suit under this influence, so don’t fight the fog! Just wait until later in the week (Sunday’s good!) before you have important convos about money, belongings or values or make major purchases. After the moon segues into your cognition-and-communication corner on Wednesday, you might give more thought to your feelings and decide to voice them. Friday’s new moon hints that you could be on the brink of a decision — possibly connected with an ending. It’s a good time to gather intel, learn something new, improve your community, take a day trip and get in touch with people.



February 19–March 20

With the moon twirling into your sign on Monday, sensitive Fishes could get extra emo. You’ll be in tune with your own feelings and those of people around you, and your nurturing side is apt to come out. Tuesday’s Mercury-Neptune encounter in Pisces makes communication rather challenging for everyone, and you might find it especially hard to send out crystal-clear signals. So don’t try! Milk this combo by doing creative brainstorming, reading something that fascinates you or studying a spiritual subject. After the moon exits Pisces midweek, you’ll be more concerned with material needs and could turn to retail therapy for an emotional release. The new moon on Friday beckons you to set financial goals, craft a budget and tap into a fresh stream of income in the next several months. On Sunday, Mercury’s vibe with Saturn can help you connect with a group or plot your path to a new dream.


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Thanks for this week’s horoscope! ❤️

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Nice previsions for future! Thanks!

4 years ago

This horoscope is one of my favorite!