Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of March 4-10

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February 19–March 20

After Mercury in Pisces turns retrograde this week, getting your message across clearly can feel like an uphill battle. Don’t get too hung up on making yourself understood. This phase only lasts a few weeks and it affects everyone, so try to be patient and wait until the smoke clears. Put off making major decisions because your personal judgment will inevitably be off. Instead, use this time to ponder your choices and weigh what you most want to convey to people and how you’ll present yourself. The new moon is also activating your sign, signifying your annual fresh start. This is your chance to reinvent yourself in whatever way you like. New Year, New You! Contemplate your persona, your appearance, the vibe you give off to people. How do others see you? Does that image match your inner identity? Play around with your look, your communication style, your body language — but again, don’t make any big changes until Mercury gets back up to full speed in April. The sun and Neptune are holding their yearly summit — also in Pisces — which could make you feel particularly vulnerable and sensitive. If you get overwhelmed, take a step back from the world and meditate, listen to music or indulge in another healthy escape. Uranus is zinging back into your thinking-and-talking corner, where he’ll be staked out until 2026, so your mentality and communication are due to change. What you always assumed was true will get turned on its head, and you’ll have to view the world from a whole new angle. Radical perceptions can shake up your old mindset, and flexible thinking will help you ride out this potentially anxiety-producing time. You won’t be sure what you can count on and will probably have some nervous energy. Your brain, daily interactions and the environment around you seem to be fast-forwarding. But your intellect will be aroused, leading you to chase after new studies and interests.



March 21–April 19

Mercury will be backtracking through the last house of your chart for the next few weeks — a phenomenon that is sure to turn your attention inward and cause you to be more circumspect. You’re likely to get a lot more information from your dreams, intuitive flashes, half-buried feelings and surfacing memories than you do from the outside world during this period. So go ahead and tune out the noise and tune into the stirrings of your soul. Don’t try to force communication, as it’s bound to be murky for a while. The new moon is also taking place in that house, reminding you to tend to your spirit. You might opt to begin a new spiritual practice, incorporate more downtime into your schedule, download a meditation app, start a dream journal, go on a retreat or begin getting more (or better quality!) sleep. A sun-Neptune meetup in the same spot will amplify your intuition and empathy, but it may also deplete you. Make a point of getting plenty of rest if you’re worn out. With Uranus finally exiting Aries for good and segueing into your worth zone until 2026, get ready for a state of flux with your finances and possessions. Try not to cling too tightly to what you have or to be too uncompromising regarding what you need. Aim for insights into your true values and priorities — and honor the fact that they’re evolving. Ask yourself what you base your self-esteem on. Take a close look at your attitude toward money and things. If your belongings are weighing you down, you might lose some. But if you’re in need of particular resources you lack, they might fall into your lap. With Uranus, you never know! So be prepared to ride out some ups and downs in the coming years and make peace with things dropping in and out of your grasp.



April 20–May 20

Mercury’s U-turn in your network zone ups the potential for crossed wires in your squad and other groups over the next few weeks and can also mess with technology. Back up your devices, put off buying that cool new gadget and steer clear of gossip. And resist the temptation to clap back on social media, as you’re sure to run into more than your share of trolls and bad netiquette! But do get back in touch with long-lost pals and peers and give some thought to who you want on Team Taurus. This week’s new moon in that zone invites you to widen your circle by making new friends and professional contacts or joining an organization. You might also consider get a philanthropic endeavor off the ground now. A sun-Neptune meetup can make you feel naturally connected to a group, but it might blur the boundaries between you and others so you’re super vulnerable to peer pressure. Remember you’re allowed to say no! With Uranus reentering your sign and parking himself there until 2026, prepare for blastoff — or at least some much-needed change! Bulls can be stable to a fault, stubbornly clinging to the status quo. But the planet of progress will insist you throw caution to the wind and rethink the box you’ve put yourself in. It’s your time to shake off an outworn identity and see who else you could be. This period can be exciting or unnerving, depending on how you spin it, so do your best to welcome the revolution. That way, Uranus is less inclined to yank you into the future unexpectedly. Have a say in changes that are already in the air — and liberate yourself from anything that’s limiting your growth. Yes, it’s scary. But that’s sorta the point. As I advised when Uranus first showed up in Taurus last year, feel the fear and do it anyway!



May 21–June 20

With your ruling planet doing a 180 at the top of your chart, communication with authority figures can be fraught with peril in the next few weeks, so watch your tone. You’re better off reviewing your goals than going public with them and might also want to revise a business plan or rethink your career path. Make tweaks to suit who you are today and what circumstances you find yourself in. The new moon in your ambition angle can inspire you to create fresh objectives and revamp your public image if your reputation isn’t what you’d like it to be—and a new chapter in your career or your life path may be in the works. The sun and Neptune are coming together in the same part of your chart, suggesting that if you’re unsure about where you’re headed in your profession or your overall life, you may become disoriented by those doubts now. On the other hand, a higher truth about your spiritual purpose could seep in, so tune into your inklings. Now that radical Uranus is sneaking back into your release corner, where he’ll be camped out until 2026, you can expect some shockwaves in your subconscious. Out-of-the-blue disclosures and events might ultimately be traced to your own subliminal signals and motives. You’d be smart to examine what you’ve kept hidden away from yourself and others, because it’s apt to surface during this period. All that repressed stuff and past actions can come back to bite you, so it’s a good idea to gain insight into your unconscious mind; that way, it won’t have the same power to disrupt your life. Forewarned is forearmed, and self-awareness can protect you against self-sabotage. Any surprises that come your way are worth looking at for potential root causes. Ignorance isn’t bliss under these circumstances; you’re much better off keeping an eye on what’s percolating beneath the surface.



June 21–July 22

After Mercury begins to backtrack in your expansion corner this week, travel and education could see more than their share of glitches, so practice patience when you’re trying to cover ground literally or in your head. You might want to stay off the soapbox for a few weeks, since preaching your POV can easily get you into debates where everyone’s talking at cross-purposes. But this is the perfect period for taking a close look at your personal opinions and beliefs, weeding out the prejudices and going in search of fresh perspective. The new moon in that corner is also coaxing you to refresh the page on your worldview, exploring different philosophies and ways of life to widen your aperture. This lunation’s intrepid spirit can inspire you to be more adventurous and entrepreneurial, and you might decide to book a trip, sign up for a class or seek out some other experience that broadens your horizons. With the sun and Neptune convening in that part of your chart, you’re tempted to identify very strongly with a cause, principle or dogma — to an extent where you’ll be quite easily influenced. Try to get comfortable with not knowing everything. Allow yourself to connect with a wide range of people whom you might be able to help in some way. With Uranus darting back into your humanity house for a lengthy tour (which lasts until 2026!), your assorted ties to others are due to change. You’re sure to meet plenty of fresh faces and you might gravitate to an entirely different squad. In the process of becoming more of an individual — with an evolving array of hopes, ideals and interests — you’ll begin to identify with a different set of people. Peer pressure can push you in another direction as well. People may be rather unpredictable, compelling you to accommodate their quirks and foibles and find a good balance of camaraderie and independence.



July 23–August 22

When Mercury turns retrograde in your depth-and-sharing zone this week, communication in a close relationship can become particularly dicey. Misunderstandings that occur over the course of the next few weeks are likely to come down to trust and loyalty. Be sure to protect any information you want to keep private and be careful with other people’s secrets as well. You may find yourself reminiscing about a past lover or mulling over a loss or wound during this period. Probing your psyche for insights into yourself will be worth it, and you could have success resuming an investigation or research project. The new moon in this zone prompts you to pay off — or collect on — a debt; seek outside resources such as a loan, grant or tax refund; turn the page after an emotional blow or crisis; and be open to new sexual partners and experiences. A sun-Neptune confab in the same spot lures you to merge with another individual and tune into your own psychological undercurrents. Under this influence, boundaries are blurry and everything feels intense and complex, so ground yourself by keeping it simple. Uranus is climbing back up to the peak of your chart, where he’ll be hovering until 2026, bringing new career opportunities and twists and turns in your professional or life path. You might get into a totally different industry and should be receptive to alternative routes to success. An impulse to rebel against authority (and maybe even quit your job) might eat away at you if you feel fenced in by higher-ups or your role. If you’re not expressing who you truly are in your vocation, think about what you want to contribute to the world as a unique individual. You need freedom to progress and to pursue your real calling. If your work isn’t stimulating you, you might wind up starting from scratch to find a better fit.



August 23–September 22

Your ruler is going off the grid in your interpersonal angle, scrambling the signals between you and other individuals. Do your best not to jump to conclusions in the next few weeks; give people the benefit of the doubt. If you find yourself dredging up old issues and having the same argument you’ve had over and over again, stop rehashing! It probably won’t get you to a place of mutual understanding. Reevaluate key relationships and your agreements with others (spoken and unspoken) to make the most of Mercury retrograde. This week’s new moon rises in the same angle, hinting that a new partnership — romantic, creative, business or some other kind — may be in the pipeline. Is it time to redefine one of your bonds or take it to the next level? Are your close relationships thriving? Are they based on mutual respect and support? The sun and Neptune are convening, making it more challenging for you to comprehend your role in a relationship and see yourself from the other person’s point of view. It’s possible you’re giving up too much to stay in it and you’re losing sight of your identity. If someone is eclipsing or exhausting you, see if you can get some distance in order to find your bearings and regain your vitality and individuality. Now that Uranus is blasting back into your expansion corner, where he’ll be waking you up for the next several years, your belief system is on the brink of being challenged. If you can try not to overidentify with your own views, this can be an exciting period of expanding awareness. You’ll be exposed to new ways of looking at the world and will gain perspective — at times, in leaps and bounds. Maintain a fluid outlook, but don’t assume you’ve been wrong about everything. Travels, studies and new people and experiences will open your eyes — and your evolving consciousness will alter your vision of the future and fuel your personal growth.



September 23–October 22

You might overlook details and need to go back later to fill in the gaps after Mercury goes retrograde in your efficiency corner this week and continues to backtrack until March 28. Be careful what you say at work because crossed wires on the job are quite common during this phase. On a more positive note, this might be the perfect time to reapply for a job, rethink your routine, research a health issue, revise your work, relearn a skill or rewrite your résumé. This week’s new moon happens to fall in the same part of your chart, extending the focus on these areas of life. In the coming weeks, you could be launching a job search, streamlining your schedule, making medical appointments, organizing your workspace, tweaking your diet or exercise regimen and attacking a problem from a different angle. It’s an appropriate time for developing a new habit that enhances your productivity or wellbeing. The sun and Neptune are coalescing in that corner, implying you’re prepared to sacrifice so you can be of service. Demanding work may be spiritually satisfying, but don’t forget to take care of your body so you don’t burn out! With Uranus reentering your depth-and-merging zone and setting up shop there for the next several years, outside resources can become somewhat erratic. Maybe you’ll get an unexpected grant or loan, or your partner’s income will be less steady. You can’t count on totally consistent support from others and might grow impatient with sharing. Perhaps you’ll get close to an unusual or unreliable person and struggle to maintain control. You’ll feel freer to experiment in bed, and new lovers may enter and exit your life more quickly than usual. Look for psychological revelations that have the power to liberate you from past patterns, fears and hurts. Insight into yourself can help you make better choices when it comes to intimacy, so pay attention to those inklings.


October 23–November 21

A creative block could strike or you might feel tongue-tied when trying to speak from the heart after Mercury pivots retrograde in your joy sector this week. Use the next few weeks to reread something for pleasure, revise a piece of creative writing, rediscover a previous source of pleasure and rethink what fulfills you. You could catch yourself reminiscing about an ex and might have an impulse to rekindle the flame. But a new moon in that same sector implies new romance could very well be right around the corner, or you might be on the brink of a fruitful creative period. This lunation wants to inspire you to seek untrodden paths to love and happiness, especially if you need a nudge to stop settling for anything less than a fulfilling, well-rounded life. Thanks to a sun-Neptune meetup there, you’re susceptible to escapist fun now and might overdo it. Plus the illusion of healing someone with your love or being saved by an ideal lover is hard to resist, and merging with someone you’re drawn to has an addictive appeal. But it’s important to keep your own separate identity, even all you want is to get lost in a feeling. Uranus is crossing your one-on-one angle again and will be hanging there until 2026, and during that time, a questionable relationship can break up, while even a strong one will surely change. You’ll cross paths with eccentric individuals and may get involved with someone exciting and unpredictable. Unconventional and unstable bonds are common during this transit, but there’s also a good chance you’ll break out of an old relationship pattern. You could learn to be more independent and to accept that someone needs you to give them space — especially if you’re a Scorpio who merges intensely with people. Ask yourself what changes you can make that will match the changes you’re seeing in your relationships.



November 22–December 21

With Mercury beginning to backtrack across the base of your chart, you could start drifting down memory lane. You might stick to reminiscing privately or choose to reconnect with a family member or someone from childhood. Communication on the home front will get a bit tricky, and you may find yourself rethinking your living situation. If you’re in the mood to talk about your feelings, there’s a chance you’ll feel misunderstood, so introspection, journaling and speaking to a healing professional like a psychotherapist could be safer bets. The new moon rises in that angle this week, suggesting a change in your living situation might be on the horizon after all. Although renovating, redecorating or relocating could be in the cards, postpone making big decisions about your home life until April, when the thinker planet will be charging full steam ahead. It’s possible you’ll get a new roomie (or family member!) soon. In the meantime, it’s a good idea to establish a new self-care ritual, since this lunation has to do with comfort and ease. A sun-Neptune conference can once again draw you down into private memories and emotions, and you might view them through rose-colored glasses. Alone time will help ground you. As Uranus moves back into your efficiency corner and prepares for a lengthy stay, your wellness and work are about to see some changes. Maybe you’ll go freelance or jump from job to job in the coming years. Seek out new challenges if you’re in a rut and learn more about tech if you’re not super savvy. A health problem or other shifting circumstances might alter your daily life, and the best preemptive strategy is to embrace the spirit of revolution Uranus espouses — liberating yourself from stale routine before he does. You might explore alternative health options and experiment with your diet and workouts. Keep playing with the systems that get you through the day; they’re due for a shakeup, and you’ll probably want to get out in front of it!



December 22–January 19

Since Mercury is turning retrograde for the next three and half weeks, communication and travel are going to suffer from snafus, and the best policy is to keep your sense of humor at all times. Mercury is a trickster planet, and many of his pranks are more of a nuisance than a catastrophe. Hold off on signing paperwork like contracts and if you can help it, don’t have important convos until April, when Merc will be back up to speed. The same goes for big decisions! Everyone’s judgment is iffy now, and you may end up walking something back if you make a significant statement or choice now. The new moon in your cognition-communication-and-community sector suggests a development related to your siblings or neighborhood might be on the way, or you might start to gather intel and assemble the pieces in your head. A hunger for learning can lead you to ask questions, embark on a new course of study or crack open a fresh stack of books. If you’re restless, remember Mercury’s making it a little hard to get around, but a daytrip will be easier to pull off than a lengthy sojourn — and it can scratch that mental itch! With the sun and Neptune meshing there, you might get confused or feel gullible, but you could also read someone’s mind and discover spiritual truths. Unconventional Uranus is charging back into your joy zone, where he’ll be camped out until 2026, daring you to think outside the box. Sample unusual pastimes and interests. Be quirkily creative. Date unexpected people. Surprise yourself by saying yes to off-the-wall fun. Romances may come and go relatively quickly, or maybe you’ll be attracted to more avant-garde types. Don’t overthink it when it comes to your personal fulfillment. But DO put plenty of thought into birth control if you’re not trying to conceive — because this part of the chart rules creation, recreation and procreation. And Uranus loves a good plot twist!



January 20–February 18

You can’t really trust your financial judgment after mental Mercury goes rogue in your worth house this week and proceeds to backpedal there until March 28. Postpone major splurges (unless money’s no object!) and go over your budget with a fine-toothed comb, looking for areas that need revising. Postpone negotiations until April, when you’ll be able to better assess your needs and your bottom line. With this week’s new moon activating the same house, it’s possible that a fresh source of income is on the way, and it would be a good idea to start thinking about how you earn money and how you might improve your finances. The sun’s summit with Neptune in that part of your chart can bring out your fears of not having enough, not being enough, and losing what you have. You’re in danger here of blending your identity with your belongings and your financial status and assuming your material and monetary worth define you. Don’t lose sight of higher values — and don’t take unnecessary risks. Losing yourself in nature will be a welcome treat for your senses, so get outside and wander! With your ruling planet, Uranus, diving back down to your foundation angle until 2026, it’s important to find different ways to soothe yourself. You might move all of a sudden or several times in the coming years, and your family or home life could also undergo unexpected changes. Maybe roomies will come and go, or you’ll cohabitate with someone who makes life more exciting — and/or more unstable. Mood swings are almost a given during this period, since your feelings are bound to get zapped with Uranus’s electric energy. You’re in the process of growing beyond your childhood — possibly in fits and starts — and severing ties with parts of the past. It’s a period of liberating yourself from emotional baggage and getting out of old patterns, shirking off the not-so-great aspects of your legacy.


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Definitely need more downtime for the coming week! Thanks for the horoscope! ✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

5 years ago

You’re ALWAYS right and spot on every single week. It’s absolutely crazy and I love you for it. You reassure me on decisions I need to make and you mostly confirm my thoughts, worries and intuition. THANK YOU!