Mask Moment: These Party Masks Are Better Than Makeup

If makeup is becoming skincare, why not turn skincare into makeup? @ardenparty shows us how this Truly Organic mask is the best of both worlds…

The concept of makeup doubling as skincare has become an industry norm over the past few seasons, and it makes perfect sense. Why not ensure that the products you put on your face every day are doing double duty? Skin-perfecting options like lilah b.’s rosehip seed oil-infused Marvelous Matte Foundation and Kosas radiance-boosting Tinted Face Oil are an easy swap for chemical-rich options that do more harm than good. Even highlighters got the memo, with RMS Beauty Grande Dame Luminizing Powder sporting a moisturizing recipe, and NOTO’s Color and Glow Stick Trio delivering a dose of vitamin E in every swipe.

So why does the idea of skincare doubling as party makeup seem so incredibly novel?


At first glance, Truly Organic’s Unicorn Jelly Mask looks like a jar of glitter gel. In reality, the rainbow iridescent stars and teeny flecks of sparkle are suspended in a super-hydrating formula of complexion-protecting ferulic acid, vitamin B, and nourishing collagen. After scanning the list of cruelty-free ingredients like aloe vera and castor oil, the blend sounded safer than the recipe for popular face glitters (filled with preservatives like phenoxyethanol and irritants like sodium hydroxide). Plus, as the brand name transparently implies, this glass tub of Unicorn Jelly Mask is organic, and the glitter itself is plant-based and fully biodegradable.

But does it look the part?

Dipping a clean brush into the formula (though a pointer finger could have done the same job), I swept from cheekbone to cheekbone, crossing the bridge of my nose with twinkling coverage, to surprising success. Like a scattering of metallic freckles, the multicolored stars shined as brightly as my traditional holographic cosmetics and left behind the kind of dewy finish that usually requires an application of face gloss. Hours later, the stars were still perfectly intact, and the skin beneath was bouncy, glowing — the word “quenched” even came to mind.


What else does this heaven-sent brand offer? As if to deliver the adorable spot solution of my dreams, their clever Acne Patches are tiny, heart-shaped, and pink. Masking an imperfection with a miniature colorful band-aid, once the stuff of fantasies, is now a complexion-positive substitute for full-coverage cosmetics.

The hydrocolloid science pulls bacteria and debris out of your skin overnight — which means a few hours out on the town can work in your favor. Simply peeling the little love patch off of the plastic and placing it on top of a spot is as complicated as it gets. Plus, it brings a level of pride to the same imperfection that once wielded the power to keep even the most confident superbabe indoors and out of sight for a beat or two. What could be better than a cute-as-a-button heart sticker as a breakout coverage alternative? Two heart stickers — no, three! Really, the more the merrier.


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How cute! I love how playful these masks are! ❤️❤️

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Very nice information for me………..thank you for sharing